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  1. Six Flags policy says that Skull Mountain stays open during thunderstorms.
  2. Then why did you ask, Just sayin'. Choosing to ride an SLC is like me thinking "hmm do I like not having a headache today?" No worries bro. I forgot the law of the internet that is when I reply to a post of yours with politeness answering what you asked, it's just as polite for the OP to turn around and be a jerk.
  3. Yep, I was not going to pass up on 10 for $10 Klondike bars. Has anybody else tried to get a child's ticket from a movie theater even though they weren't a child?
  4. Designing purposes. Parks have pictures drawn up and photoshopped together so that prospective investors can get an idea of what to expect if and when the park opens. So the picture may show an SLC, but it's just an idea. They could replace it with an actual B&M invert.
  5. If I may disagree, Dave wrote and played the drums for the first album and for all but a few tracks from The Colour and the Shape and even past that, he also writes and records himself on the drums for newer albums but I believe those are just drum trackings and allow for Hawkins to skim over and do his own thing with Dave's plan. As with any "Greatest/Top/Best/other generic accolade" list is that it's extremely commercialized. Regardless of who chooses them, they tend to be the best selling even without regard to who they're choosing or why other than who sells the best and is the most visible. The Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Guitarists List is a crystal clear example of this. Kurt Cobain is number 12. A man who innovated nothing to guitar playing is 58 places above one of the most innovative guitarists of all time, EVH. He beats out guitarists that are notably better than him like John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani? Guitarists, who if you ask someone who has listened to ANY of their songs can undeniably say are more skilled than Kurt Cobain, are not on that list. The only reason they're not on the list is because their music doesn't sell as well as Kurt Cobain's music. It's sad but it's how the music industry works.
  6. My friends and I are doing a "one last hoorah" kinda week and one of our activities is to go to a theme park for a day, and GADV is our choice. I did some research and NJ Transit has a route that runs from Philly to Camden and then to GADV but the problem is it only runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the only we day we can plan it is on Wednesday, does anyone know another way to use public transportation and get to GADV?
  7. Consider IQ like a waiting list. Where do the people at Walmart get their clothes?
  8. Idk how legal it is but my friend and her family knew how to get into River Country USA right by Fort Wilderness, it was pretty cool/freaky to see the remains of a destroyed waterpark.
  9. FUNSTRUCTION! and more can be seen on Six Flags Great Adventure facebook fan page along with news and updates.
  10. You know them giant swings they have at boardwalks and some theme parks? Think of that but about 10 times bigger. Search "Starflyer" which I believe is just another "brand" of the ride. It looks pretty freakin crazy.
  11. Yea, before I got my PS3, when my Xbox would break, my only other system would be a Sega Genesis. Sonic 2 ftw. Speaking of nostalgia, anyone else watch the "I love the (Insert decade)" show in hilarious shame?
  12. I'd be all for a cross-resort monorail endeavor. Each park and it's surrounding resorts could each get it's on monorail, and then have them all cycle through the TTC. I think this suggestion is the exact opposite of what he was looking for. Considering that monorail costs could be $25 million per mile or more, this could easily be in the billion dollar range to connect every piece of property that disney has at Walt Disney World. I'm pretty sure Disney has money.
  13. I'd be all for a cross-resort monorail endeavor. Each park and it's surrounding resorts could each get it's on monorail, and then have them all cycle through the TTC.
  14. I would've said going to a park like "Hersheypark" but I'm not sure how kosher that'd be. As a child, Comet and SooperDooperLooper were two of my favorite rides before they added Lightning Racers but a lot of the rides seem to have grown with my generation because I don't think Stormrunner or Great Bear, which are some of more intense rides at the park, are the best recommendations. I would say unless the kid you're introducing to roller coasters is younger than about 4.5-6, stick with the rides that go around in circles, and get them on rides that will accompany them with speed and forces like Scramblers, Pirate Ships, and Zippers (when they're ready for them ofc), and maybe even the log flume (which seem like relatively family friendly rides). Then around 7-9, start taking them on coasters that will even further prepare themselves with Gs and height, namely wooden roller coasters like Comet (at HP), Rolling Thunder (at SFGAdv) along with steel coasters like Skull Mountain (at SFGAdv) and Space Mountain (at MK), and Wild Mouses. At 10-14, this is the time when they're probably ready for the taller and more intense rides, rides like Apollo's Chariot (at BGW), Corkscrew (at CP), and possibly Millennium Force (at CP). 15+, is probably ready for whatever they can handle.
  15. I feel as thought Disney gets a bad rap for the stupid crap that other people do. Just sayin.
  16. What would be the closest thing to an Immelmann? Would it be a corkscrew into a half loop or a inline twist?
  17. So I'm trying to find some enjoyment in RCT3. I don't know if anyone remembers or knows, there's a Playstation 2 game called "Theme Park World" I think, or whatever, it's made by Bullfrog and EA. It's basically the Sims, meets RCT. I'm comparing them and other than obvious technology and what not, they're the same game. Besides that, the two problems I have with RCT3 still pop-up with ride designing and I didn't realize this, it's freakin hard as shit to make footpaths if you don't know what you're doin.
  18. It bothers me that a lot of people confuse conformity with originality.
  19. No offense, it's a good ideal, but I don't think it's necessarily a valid point. I feel as though a lot of the people who watch Glee and see that message think "Oh ok well I'll be what I want" and then they start conforming and still have it in their mind that "Oh I'm being who I want to be I don't care what other people think" but it's just a cycle of flawed logic. However, that is in my own life and may be user specific. Similar too, if not worse, than . It's not like every stereotype doesn't already describe people who actually exist. I'm not saying the show has no merits but I feel there's a bit of backstage motives.
  20. If I may, offer an opinion about "Glee". I don't like "Glee". It's not as much a problem with the music but more a problem with the fans that I have to deal with, the commercialism, and stereotypes. For some reason, thanks to Glee, it's a lot harder to come out to people.
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