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  1. So I lost my immaculate Great Adventure save after the virus, and I've ended up doing some different things. I replaced Rolling Thunder with a dueling launch track hyper-twister, that takes them 510 ft in the air at a speed of 145 mph. The problem... is that it has a ridiculously low capacity. So I thought if I lift up the surrounding heartline, lower the lift speed to 5, then add 4 block brake sections, it would give me 3 trains and only brake the flow when loading/launching. However everytime I do it, I end up with an error trapper, any helps/suggestions?
  2. Yea, I just made a quick one real fast in RCT1. My laptop got a virus last week, had to reformat, so I lost all of my Nolimits tracks. But what I did here was, I built the ride in RCT1, imported it into Nolimits, then smooth it out by breaking the turns into segments and editing it by hand. The only problem is the turn before the break run which goes from 30 to 0, it isn't terrible but it isn't all that realistic. But it took me maybe all of 5 minutes to do this. Test Track.nltrack
  3. I still don't think you guys understand what I mean. I would like a more noob-friendly approach to building coasters. I have been designing the track in RCT1, and then importing it through NoLimits, and breaking up the segments so I can get more flexibility out of them. It's not as much as the overall process needs to be entirely like RCT.
  4. It doesn't have to be "pre-built" I'd like it to be a blueprint of sorts "Yes you can do this, and you can also do this, and turn this, and then bank this, etc" Like I've actually been designing the base of rides in RCT1, then importing the tracks, and working out the kinks, and I've gotten some designs I'm relatively pleased with. Why can't I do that on a relatively realistic level?
  5. From what I hear, 8 Cars works to an extremely minimal degree without compatibility modes active in Windows 7 64-bit. That being said, use "XP Service Pack 2" and when you re-open the game, the screen may invert colours for a bit, but it's normal. EDIT: I've been trying to install Time Twisters for the past couple weeks but when I install it and try to open a scenario that requires the expansion it says "Time Twisters Add-On required" Can anyone help me?
  6. Yea and even watching the tutorials on YouTube still suck because he explains very little of what certain features do and how to create relatively simple things.
  7. The development team has mentioned a *slightly* easier way to hand-build (vertices controlling the heartline instead of the track). However, there will never be an "RCT3 meets real-life"...RCT is easy because it is very limiting and unrealistic. Designing real coasters isn't easy, so NoLimits isn't exactly easy (but of course WAY easier than making a real ride). There are other ways to build in NoLimits like Newton2 though... I feel like the whole process could be easier. Not just "Flat to Lift Hill" but more of a "Flat to lift hill" transition where you can change the angle, length, roll, whatever you want. I like the depth that NL grants me but just building the coaster is more strenuous than actually putting it all together. Sure Newton does good but I have a very little idea as to what any of the details mean.
  8. Open up RCT2, alt + tab, open up any version of 8 cars, use ad nauseam.
  9. I GOT TRAINERS WORKING FOR WINDOWS 7!!!!!! Change RCT2 compatibility to Windows XP (Service Pack 2) and do the same for the trainers.
  10. I know it seems silly, but I would like to see a bit more noob friendly approach to building the actual coaster. More of a RCT meets close to real life kinda deal.
  11. Yes, but not 8 cars it seems like. Is that for all of them or just a specific version?
  12. I just did a search for this but couldn't find anything substantial... does RCT2 work in Windows 7? My laptop just crashed/internet std, and now I have to upgrade to Windows 7.
  13. My local park... is an actual park. I have like 3-4 (maybe) parks in my general area but I don't know which to call "local"
  14. Actually, I experienced a bit of neck-chopping on Storm Runner. Not sure why, when I read about other people's rides on it. I think our respective heights might have something to do with that.
  15. This park looks barren in both people and rides... But you have a Disk'O, an Octopus, and a fence, therefore I'm instantly jealous.
  16. I've only ever been on two extremely comfortable OTSRs actually. Kingda Ka and Stormrunner, the design is just brilliant...
  17. I feel like they ridiculously restrict movement when they're aren't necessary. I love putting my hands up and letting the g's take me but on Arrow-type loopers, more Gs seem to come from the restraint itself than the ride.
  18. Ok NOW it worked. Everytime I tried it would give me an error trapper.
  19. I'm just testing out the whole heartline "cage" thing and for some reason, the track refuses to lower. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I don't know. If I were just wanted to lower the track of the heartline onto the track of the other ride, how would I do that?
  20. I definitely think Def Leppard and Kiss had a huge impact on my orientation. That being said, I'm into the whole dude thing.
  21. Mondays seem to be the least crowded in my experience. However, the last time I went to Hershey on a Friday, the lines were rather short except at Fahrenheit.
  22. Well that explains why I've never seen it before. It's been about 10 years since the last time I was at Universal.
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