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  1. But on Roller Coaster Database, it says that it is still under construction, and that it is opening sometime in 2011. http://www.rcdb.com/9140.htm
  2. If this thread already exsists, please delete my post or merge it with that thread. I just wanted to ask if anyone knows when the Extreme Rusher is going to open at Happy Valley in Beijing? It's a massive S&S Power coaster that hits almost 200ft and reaches speeds of over 80mph. Doest anyone know when it will open? Soon? Here is the coaster's RCDB page: http://www.rcdb.com/9140.htm
  3. Did you really? I thought that changing the layout of the coaster would stop people from blacking out.
  4. Is the Starry Sky Ripper at World Joyland open yet? If not, when does it open?
  5. - El Toro ( Six Flags Great Adventure ) - Griffon ( Busch Gardens Williamsburg ) - Intimidator 305 ( Kings Dominion ) - Bizarro ( Six Flags New England ) - Lightning Racer ( Hersheypark ) Name Of Park - Awesome Park!
  6. Batman The Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure, was a real let down. I was so excited to ride it, but then I ended up hating it afterwards.
  7. Best food I ate at a park was at Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  8. I have a tie of the 3 roughest coasters I have ever been on. - Rolling Thunder ( Six Flags Great Adventure ) - Cyclone ( Six Flags New England ) - Wildcat ( Hersheypark )
  9. That show looks amazing! It looks better the one at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, in my opinion.
  10. I would love to ride it. Are you guys doing a trip to Knight Valley when it opens. If you are, I would love to join you guys. The coaster looks amazing.
  11. Are you guys going to go there and ride it. I would love to join you guys on that trip.
  12. Why so late? I guess thats when the park's grand opening is. Is the park opening this summer? Or is it opening sooner?
  13. That late? The POV is already up on YouTube and there is a video of it testing. Why so late? Is that when the park opens up?
  14. When is the GCII wooden coaster ( Mountain Flyer ) at Knight Valley going to open? There is a POV of it on YouTube and tests, but on RCDB is says it's under construction. When will it open? Is there a set date it is going to open? I could not find a Knight Valley discussion thread, but I found the coaster's thread. Can someone please merge this with a Knight Valley Thread.
  15. Does anyone know the Height, Drop, and Speed statistics for the Starry Sky Ripper at World Joyland?
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