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  1. Are they going to relocate this coaster. They should, it had great air time. I wish they could have saved it. R.I.P. Dania Beach Hurricane.
  2. When are you going to this park? I would love to join you on that trip Also, when you go, are you going to film a proffesional mounted POV like you do at most parks?
  3. This coaster looks absoulutely amazing! IMO, it's the best looking B&M flying coaster I've ever seen. That first drop sure is steep. Love the elements too.
  4. NTAG looks amazing! I have always wanted to go to Six Flags Over Texas. Hopefully I will get to go soon. This coaster looks amazing!
  5. Isn't Behemoth steeper by one degree? Diamondback and Intimidator are 74 degrees and Behemoth is 75 degrees? Nitro, Silver Star, and Apollo's Chariot are all around 68 degrees. Right?
  6. I have a question. I know that Behemoth is 230 ft tall, because it says it on Roller Coaster Databse, and it has a drop angle of 75 degrees, and hits 77 mph. But Roller Coaster Database does not state how big the drop is. Is it 215 ft like Diamondback and Nitro? Or is it more or less? Does anyone know? Also, how tall is the second hill ( first air time hill / largest hill besides first drop )?
  7. If this thread already exsists, please delete this for I did not know about it. This is a real life POV of the GCI wooden coaster at Knight Valley that was built in 2011. It's called mountain flyer. If this exists, delete it. If not, ENJOY.
  8. Nemesis deffinately looks awesome. That downward helix looks incredible and very forcful and that upward steep curve out of the tunnel coming out of the loop looks great too. Not to mention that final corkscrew. Even the first corkscrew looks great too. Is Nemesis a smooth ride? It was built in 1994, is it still, a smooth ride or very smooth? What about Nemesis Inferno? Is that a smooth ride too? I want to ride Dueling Dragons. Fire's downward helix after the second immelmann looks great. Not to mention the loops.
  9. This ride looks like it's going to be amazing. Those over banked turns look incredible.
  10. I have only been to one Busch Gardens park, and that was the one in Virginia. I love it so much. It's such a beautiful park and although it only has only a few coasters, each coaster is awesome. Can't wait to get down to the Tampa park one day and take a ride on Cheetah Hunt, it looks brilliant. Not to mention Kumba, Montu, and Sheikra.
  11. This looks like a really awesome ship, and the water coaster looks incredible.
  12. For some weird reason, it's always the B&M Inverted Coaster models that seem to rank as some of the most intense and possibly the most best B&M coasters around. Batman The Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure was deffinately the most intense B&M I have ever ridden. I love B&M's mega coasters and Superman Ultimate Flight's pretzel loop was intense, but nothing comes close to Batman. I grayed/blacked out on both loops and got a numbing and sort of hurting feeling in my feet. Too intense for me, but, I can understand how many people love them. I would love to get on Nemesis, Nemesis Inferno, Black Mamba, and Flight Deck. They look really awesome.
  13. I noticed the lady giving the finger too. It took me a while, but I noticed it too.
  14. Yeah, they put the actual stats on facebook the other day. First one is 103, second 105, third 114. WHHATTT? Really? Banked turns of up to 114 degrees? 114 degree banked turn? That is much more then just flat on you're side. A turn like that puts Voyage and Hades to shame, and all other Gravity Group and GCI Coasters turns. But I can't ever put those coaster down. Gravity Group and GCI make some of the best wooden coasters in the world. My favorite wooden coaster companys - Custom Coasters - Great Coasters - Intamin - Gravity Group Those wooden coasters rock my world. But seriously, a banked turn of 114 degrees? You sure about that? I only heard that it was going to be a 95 degree banked turn. I know for sure the drop is 79 degrees and they are incresing the lift hill by 10 feet, and of course, it's steel. LOL.
  15. That drop, or incline, what ever it is, looks mad steep. How steep is it in degrees?
  16. From all of the photos that I have seen, it looks like the new Texas Giant, will have 90 degree banked turns, or am I wrong. Don't the turns look a lot steeper like 90 degrees? The drop looks sick. This ride looks like it will kick some serious ass.
  17. Hello, I did a number of searches and could not find the Silver Dollar City discussion thread. If there is one, please add this post into it and lock the original. My question is, what did Powder Keg originally do before it was Powder Keg. I mean, what was Buzzsaw Falls? What is the difference between when it was Buzzsaw Falls, and now, as Powder Keg? Any small or big differences? Was the launch still there? When was Buzzaw Falls Built and when did it become Powder Keg? I am confused on which was built when and what opened when. If someone can explain it to me that would be awesome. Please.
  18. I purchased Roller Coasters In The Raw Volume 5 and just recieved it today and watched most of both discs. May I just say, this series, ( Roller Coaster In The Raw ), keeps on getting better and better. All the DVD's in the series are great and this DVD is awesome and amazing too. Theme Park Review rocks my world. Keep up the outstanding and awesome work Robb. You are the best roller coaster filmer in the entire world. You rock!
  19. Awesome update! I want to ride Formula Rossa so bad. It looks really fast and so much fun.
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