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  1. So far: STEEL - Intimidator 305 WOOD - El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  2. It really depends on the coaster, but for my favorite wooden coaster (SFGadv's El Toro), hands down, 100%, without a doubt, the very back seat. AMAZING!
  3. Best American B&M inverted coaster I've ridden so far?...it would have to be Alpengeist. But I haven't been on too many B&M inverts.
  4. I personally love the view you get on the lift hill of i305. It may only be for a few short seconds due to how freaking fast that thing is, but you can get a great view of the Virginia forest. At the top, if you look out, you can see a beautiful landscape of forests and wilderness, but it's literally only for just half a second before the 300 ft plummet back to Earth.
  5. I recently visited Hersheypark, and I got a headache after a single ride on Wildcat. Probably Wildcat at Hershey and Rolling Thunder at Gadv for me. Thank god Rolling Thunder is getting torn down.
  6. Ok. Blizzard Beach looks amazing. Typhoon Lagoon also looks really awesome. I've never been to a Disney waterpark, but I would love to, because they all look really awesome.
  7. Does White Water West manufacture all of the slides at Disney's Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon water parks too? Or is that another company?
  8. Yes, it is a body slide. It's a 50 ft near vertical drop in pitch black and it is AMAZING! I can understand the confusion you had between The Abyss body slide at Atlantis in the Bahamas, and the model slide Abyss by White Water West. Have you ever ridden The Abyss at Atlantis? It's inredible, the theming is amazing, and it's a lot of fun.
  9. The Abyss is the only body slide in the Power Tower. The other 3 slides in the Power Tower (The Drop, The Falls, & The Surge) are all water coasters. The Mayan Temple however, is more focused on body slides, EX. Leap of Faith, Challenger Slides, & Jungle Slide. If you look on the Atlantis Bahamas website, you will find a description of The Abyss. It DOES exist, and it IS a body slide.
  10. I know. It's an amazing slide. The attention to detail in the theming of the slide is incredible. I was a little nervous the first time I did The Abyss, because the entrance of the slide looks like a coffin like box. I didn't expect a 50 ft almost vertical drop in pitch black, and the small bunny dip at the end caught be off guard too, The Abyss is definately a one of a kind body slide.
  11. There IS a slide called The Abyss in the Bahamas property and it is a body slide. There are even videos of it on YouTube. Atlantis posted different pictures of different slides on their website. Not all of the photos on the website are of the correct slide. The Surge, The Falls, and The Drop are the water coasters, and the Abyss is the body slide. If you read the describtion of The Abyss on the Atlantis Bahamas website , it will tell you. The Abyss body slide starts from the very top level of the Power Tower, where The Surge slide starts. The entrance to the slide is in a coffin like looking box in the middle of the top level. It falls 50 ft in the dark, comes out under a bridge, and then dips down again underground. To exit the slide, you have to walk back up to pool level. If the entire Atlantis Bahamas and Dubai is White Water West, then I am assuming that The Abyss is too, and it's an amazing slide.
  12. When you say "Entirely", does that include the slides not mentioned on White Water West's website? Like Abyss at the Bahamas and all of the water coasters in both the Bahamas and Dubai. Every slide that is at both locations is manufactured by White Water West. White Water West heavily markets its Master Blaster water coasters and their implementation at both Atlantis locations. Basically, if it is at Atlantis, it came from White Water, which is a shame, because I am a major ProSlide fanboy. What about The Abyss body slide in the Power Tower in the Bahamas property? It is a 50 ft near vertical drop in the dark from the top of the Power Tower. Is that White Water West too? I love that slide.
  13. When you say "Entirely", does that include the slides not mentioned on White Water West's website? Like Abyss at the Bahamas and all of the water coasters in both the Bahamas and Dubai. Also, I agree the the Dubai hotel is extremely nice, but the Cove and Reef towers in the Bahams are amazing.
  14. Does anyone know what company manufactures the waterslides for the Atlantis Resort Paradise Island, Bahamas & Atlantis The Palm Dubai? Whitewater features the Mayan Temple's Leap of Faith and Challenger Slides on their website, but that was it. The Mayan Temple still has two other slides (Jungle Slide & Serpent Slide). There is also another newer slide building called the Power Tower. It consists of 2 water coasters (The Surge, The Falls, and The Drop). It also has a high speed freefall body slide called The Abyss, which is a 50 ft almost verticle drop in pitch black, followed by a smalled bunny drop, into an underground pool in a cavern. I was also curious who manufactured the slides at the Dubai property, including: - Leap of Faith - Shark Attack - Shamal - Zinger - The Plunge - The Surge Does anyone know about those? Also, if anyone has visited both Atlantis Resort's, which water park do you prefer better, Bahamas, or Dubai and why? Last question: Is the Leap of Faith in Dubai taller then the one in the Bahamas? I've heard rumors it is. If anyone can answer these questions, I will be really happy, because I have always wondered if those were ProSlide or WhiteWater.
  15. Can someone answer this for me please: Is Verbolten going to have a free fall drop, like Thirteen at Alton Towers? Not like, a coaster drop. I mean like an elevator free fall track like on Thirteen at Alton Towers.
  16. Did you guys film a POV of Jurassic Park The Ride at Universal Studios Japan?
  17. What does it mean in the PARK INDEX that Cheetah Hunt is closed? It says that it is no longer in operation. This can't be true. What does that mean?
  18. I still consider you lucky. I live all the way up in New York and I really want to ride Cheetah Hunt. I don't know when I will be going to Florida. But I really want to ride it.
  19. Is Cheetah Hunt considered an Intamin Blitz Coaster just like Maverick and ispeed?
  20. From the POV I just watched, Cheetah Hunt looks amazing! I would love to ride it someday.
  21. Cheetah Hunt looks incredible. Can't wait to ride it when I get down to Florida soon. Looks like it's going to be a great coaster.
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