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  1. Actually, I am not that interested in the Harry Potter Section because I am not a Harry Potter fan. I will just go ride both sides of Dragons Challenge and thats in for that section. Is Dragons Challenge rough? You said that Rockit may be a little rough, it's not that rought that it hurts right? I am going to call the park to maybe plan my trip in advance. How far are you away from Sea World Orlando Florida. I am not going to Disney because their rides are a bit to small for me
  2. Hi Everyone, I might be going to Universal Studios Orlando Florida over the summer with my grandparents. If we do go, it will either be in the months of June or July. I have a lot of questions that I would like answered, so I know before I go. There are a lot of questions so I am sorry if this message is long. Here Are All Of My Questions : 1. My grandpa is 80 years old and has arthritis, this gives him intense back pains, and he has a lot of pain when he walks. Do both Universal Parks, both Universal Florida, and Islands Of Adventure Park give out wheelchairs? 2. Many of the rides (Like Coasters) for example, my grandparents will not be riding. Are there shaded areas near some of the major rides where they can wait comfortably in shade? 3. How long are the wait times for major rides in the months of June and July? My main concerns are (Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, Revenge Of The Mummy, Incredible Hulk, Dueling Dragons, Jurassic Park, and Dudly Do Right? How long are waits for all of those rides in the months of June and July? 4. How long does it take to complete each park? Do I need a full day for each park? 5. Are the parks good? 6. Is the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, Dueling Dragons, Hulk, and Mummy all very smooth coasters? Are any rides rough, or hurt? 7. Is there a fast pass type thing for both parks? How do they work, and how much money are they each to cut the lines? 8. How long will it take to go on all major thill rides at each park? 1 day? 2 Days? How long will it take? If you have any other tips on how to make my trip enjoyable, please tell me. Remember, my grandparents are like both 80 or so. Please give me some advice It would mean so much to me I need this information Please help me out
  3. This is an extremely random discussion board about the Six Flags mascot, Mr. Six (The Old Grandpa Man). If you think that the is the man, then just feel free to start posting comments and talking about him here. I did a search to see if there was another board like this on Theme Park Review Site, and there was not, if there is, please delete this one and kindly direct me to it. Enjoy talking about him Mr. Six is awesome
  4. I just purchased it like 4 or so days ago, I am so freakin excited. You're videos and DVDs are amazing Robb, keep up the fantastic work.
  5. Hi, I might be visiting Six Flags Great Adventure again, for the 3rd time this season in 2010. I have ridden every coaster in Six Flags Great Adventure except the Great American Scream Machine, Kingda Ka, and that piece of crap blue mump of crap in Wiggles World Six Flags calls a roller coaster. I have not ridden the Great American Scream Machine yet because I havn't heard of too many great things about it, the blue garbage coaster in Wiggles World because it is not even a coaster, and Kingda Ka because I am scared ********less. I have always wanted to conquer Kingda Ka, but half of me says to do it and the other half of me always stops me and I chicken out. This may sound weird, and opposite of why most people would probably be scared of Kingda Ka, but the 456ft tall tower would not bother me so much, it gives me the willies a bit, but the thing that scares me the most is the acceleration. Can you all give me some advice about the launch and even the drop. The fastest launch coaster I have ever ridden was Storm Runner at Hershey Park and I loved it. Storm Runner at Hershey Park is awesome. That goes 0 - 72 mph in 2 seconds. Kingda Ka goes from 0 - 128 mph in 3.5 seconds. I have never experienced an acceleration like that in my entire life. Even in an airplane, an airplane takes like 20 seconds to hit 100 mph or so, but 128 mph in 3.5 seconds, can someone please tell me what the launch on Kingda Ka feels like? When I rode Storm Runner, the launch pushed me back into my seat and I was glued there, and it literally took my breath away, it was so freakin fast, very fast, BUT I LOVED IT!!!! If I rode Storm Runner, can I ride Kingda Ka. Storm Runner was as smooth as silk, is Kingda Ka smooth as silk because I heard that it is shaky. Top Thrill Dragster I hear is much smoother then Kingda Ka. I heard that Top Thrill Dragster is smooth and Kingda Ka is a bit shaky. Does it hurt? Does it throw you're head around a lot. Please give me some advice about the entire ride? I really want to ride it, but I keep on getting too scared and too chickened out too ride it, but I have to stop being too scared. Please give me advice
  6. Theres the Black Mamba at Phantasialand Park. I heard that it is intense, not sure how much, but intense, but not sure how much.
  7. I love Hershey Park!!!! My favorite rides are Stormrunner, Fahrenheit, Lightning Racer, and Great Bear.
  8. I will work on that. Thanks dude for the advice Should I try Batman again?? Can I attempt it one more time??
  9. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, a lot of it was answered it those questions. How do you know that B&M is known for it's immaculate safety record? So another words, not to jynx anything but B&M is one of the more on the safer side of coaster manufacturers? Not to jynx it, not to jynx it. I'm not trying to jynx it. lol. I actually felt that weird feeling in my legs on the first turn on Great Bear, right after being released from the lift hill, that very first helix turn before the bigges descent on Great Bear. Is that normal all? Should what I experienced on Batman stop me from riding the other B&M inverted coasters, because I loved Alpengeist and Great Bear, and there are many that I would love to ride that don't look that intense at all, but I could be wrong. They may be less intense and stuff, and much easier to handle and what not stuff. For example, Montu and Katun look amazing!! I have seen many phtotos and videos of them and they look amazing and the loops and inversions are much larger, not small like the Batman clones and other smaller models. Montu and Katun look amazing, and the look like they have larger loops and larger inversion, easier fast paced turns, and easier banked turns. I would assume that those are less intense. Alpengeist was perfect, nothing really bothered me about it at all. What do you mean, Talon is bit intense. Should my experience stop me from riding these types of coasters??
  10. I visited Six Flags Great Adventure in March and rode Batman The Ride. I experienced dimmed vision and a near gray outs (black outs) on BOTH of the the loops. Also, during the turns my feet felt heavy at times and at times felt sort of numb and kind of hurt. When the ride was over, I asked the people next to me if the had experienced the same thing I had and they said no. Then I asked a lot more people and they said no. I have never grayed out or blacked out during BOTH of the loops before, so this was a first for me, and roller coaster banked turns never made my legs feel like this, just on this ride. I have heard that the Batman The Ride collection by B&M at the various Six Flags Theme Parks are among the more intense of B&M's inverted coasters to the high possitive G Forces and tightness of turns. I have never experienced anything like this before. I have ridden Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Virginia and I have ridden Great Bear at Hershey Park. Both Alpengeist and Great Bear were extremely enjoyable and a lot of fun, and I did not experience anything like the intensity on Batman. I went on Batman thinking it would be awesome. I had heard that it was intense, but I did not expect graying out on the loops and losing conciousness or the weird feeling in my feet on the turns. I am not sure if I want to ride Batman again. On the other hand, Alpengeist and Great bear are probably if not deffinately some of the best and most amazing coasters I have ever ridden. I LOVE THOSE COASTERS!!!!!!!!. Alpengeist and Great Bear are out of this world and amazing. I LOVE THOSE COASTERS, THEY ARE SO AWESOME!!!! I do not want the experience I had on Batman to stop me from riding inverted coasters, because I am sure that there are a lot of many B&M inverted coasters that are much less intense regarding possitive G Force and are a lot more enjoyable like Alpengeist and Great Bear. I would assume that coasters such as Dueling Dragons (Islands of Adventure), Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa Florida), Phaethon (Gyeongju World), Patriot (World's Of Fun Park), Silver Bullet (Knott's Berry Famr Park), Talon (Dorney Park), Raptor (Cedar Point), or Katun (Mirabilandia Theme Park Italy), are much less intense and do not have anywhere near the amount of possitive G Forces as on Batman on the ride. I would assume that Dueling Dragons (Islands of Adventure), Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa Florida), Phaethon (Gyeongju World), Patriot (World's Of Fun Park), Silver Bullet (Knott's Berry Famr Park), Talon (Dorney Park), Raptor (Cedar Point), or Katun (Mirabilandia Theme Park Italy) are much less intense B&M inverted coasters due to much taller and longer loops and a more wide spread out coaster ride track layout and ride course to follow. I don't think they have as many possitive G Forces either, someone tell me if I', right. The rides that would worry me a bit and might concern me are Flight Deck (Great America), Nemesis Inverno (Thorpe Park), All Of The Batmans (Six Flags Theme Parks), Diavalo (Himeiji), Vampire (La Ronde), Goliath (Six Flags Fiesta Texas), Nemesis (Alton Towers), and Black Mamba (Phantasialnd Theme Park Germany). These coastes such as Flight Deck (Great America), Nemesis Inverno (Thorpe Park), All Of The Batmans (Six Flags Theme Parks), Diavalo (Himeiji), Vampire (La Ronde), Goliath (Six Flags Fiesta Texas), Nemesis (Alton Towers), and Black Mamba (Phantasialnd Theme Park Germany) all worry me due to there small size and compact and smaller inversions. People due say that there are awesome, but I don't know how intense the might be, but I could be wrong. They look awesome, but they just may not be for me, but don't get me wrong, these smaller inverters due look awesome and amazing too. Anyways, please give me information on what experienced on Bataman, and if it is normal, because this issue now makes me afraid to ride smaller and more compact B&M inverting models and Intimidator 305 due to graying out. Please just give me you're opinions and ideas of my problem. SORRY THAT THIS IS SO LONG, PLEASE UNDERSTAND ABOUT THIS
  11. I'm going to assume they did the same thing that they did to X2 and use a different material on the anit-rollbacks to lessen the noise it makes going up the lift. --Robb What are (anti) rollbacks
  12. I just visited Six Flags Great Adventure this month and I noticed a difference on Nitro's lift hill. The lift hill is now extremely quiet and you can hardly here really any clanking. It used to sound like metal cans rolling down steps, but now it is so quiet, it's like Behemoth and Diamondbacks lift hill. Has anyone who has been there recently, noticed this. The lift hill used to be so lound and clank clank and all that, and now, it's so darn quiet. DId they do something to the chain or rollbacks or something Does anyone know?
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