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  1. I thought Fast Lane included The Beast anyways... in fact, I know it did because I used it. So, I guess it's actually the $35 option that's new, not the PLUS option. PLUS is the old "regular", right? Or, am I just crazy?
  2. Honestly, I've been of the opinion that Hulk is very rough and quite unenjoyable for years now... including my latest visit in November. Given, I'm only at IOA every couple years so it's possible I always catch it on "bad days", but somehow I doubt that's the case. Thanks for the pictures, Robb... makes me wish I was back in Florida right now instead of 21-degree PA!
  3. He probably just meant something along the lines of their "flagship" coaster. The "latest and greatest", you might say. Or, if you're uncomfortable with greatest... how about "shiny new coaster".
  4. ^^ They're steel. I'm thinking it looks like the track will actually be supported by these as it passes through the keyholes.
  5. I fail to see how I was complaining... simply answering DougMJr's question in saying I didn't think it looked all that bad and sharing a recent picture so that he could see for himself. Of course, a fresh coat of paint never hurt anyone.
  6. I really didn't think it looked that bad when I was there in November...
  7. This is nothing more than a rumor that's been spreading around for weeks now. I asked Kennywood's P.R. director about it, and he said that to his knowledge there is no truth to this.
  8. Awesome pictures!! I'm glad you enjoyed your time at the park.
  9. Where exactly is this alleged Springfield expansion going to be located?
  10. I'm guessing it still slows down almost to a full stop? I can't remember for sure from when I was there back in July, but I know it either fully stopped or came pretty darn close to stopping.
  11. Hersheypark posted an update on their Facebook page a few minutes ago regarding Skyrush:
  12. Not that I've ever lived anywhere else, but I have no problems with Pittsburgh. While some of the suburbs may be a little questionable, the city itself is quite nice, at least in my opinion. I have no strong desire to leave or anything like that (and I'm in a suburb). Besides, I'm not sure I could live with Kennywood not being my home park any more. On another note, if you haven't been to Kennywood lately, you should definitely pay the park a visit. If nothing else, a ride or two on Black Widow would likely make it well worth the visit. Just expect up to a two hour wait, depending on the day (or get a VIP Thrill Tour pass for Black Widow).
  13. That's cool, but... it didn't really look like 360 degrees. More like 180. If it was 360 degrees, shouldn't you be able to see the track in front of them?
  14. Not surprising, considering every other park charges $5 for it as well...
  15. ^ Hey, I'm a Pennsylvanian and The Beast is my favorite woodie...
  16. They should have sent a train around once before starting to tear it down, just to see what would happen or how far it would make it... lol
  17. Who uses cash these days, anyways? Just use a credit card... simple enough.
  18. I wouldn't ever believe something Screamscape posts about Kennywood for certain without checking with me or Myself first. Oh yeah, and the Whip won't be moving, either. We're pretty sure that just originated as someones "thought" posted by a KPConnection member for a possible change the park could make.
  19. Yes they have! I don't have a picture of it, but I do know someone who does. I don't think he would mind me sharing his picture. Photo is by Myself (not me, the user with the username Myself )
  20. Not as of Sunday... but it looks really close to being done!
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