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  1. I attribute the fast dispatches at Knoebels to several things: * Good team members who actually care about their job (and are often adults, not teenagers) * Guests who are probably a little more competent than guests in other areas of the country * NO SEAT BELTS! As someone who works on coasters myself, people simply cannot seem to figure out how to fasten seat belts most of the time, or even realize that they exist. Not needing to check seat belts, show people how to use them, or remind them that they actually do exist and need to be fastened is a huge contributing factor that doesn't seem to get mentioned (in my opinion at least)
  2. ^ Magnetic trims, yes... and the transfer table and station brakes are friction brakes.
  3. I can't speak for any Cedar Point rides, but I can say that Phantom's Revenge which I believe still uses the Arrow brakes has no issues running in heavy rain.
  4. Just like everyone else, nothing but a positive reaction from me about Banshee. Restraints are very comfortable as well. Edit: apparently my attachment from tapatalk didn't work properly... sorry about that.
  5. Thanks! Clear your browser's cookies to fix the login issue... PM me if you need further assistance. I don't want to clutter up this thread.
  6. ^^ Looking forward to learning more about it. P.S. We completely redesigned Kennywood Connection a couple months ago and added a lot of new content... we'd appreciate you guys checking it out. Link is in my signature.
  7. ^ Indeed! http://www.kpconnection.com/2014/02/ride-and-slide-season-pass/ I think it's a very nice offer for those who enjoy both parks, and could perhaps even motivate folks who normally only visited one or the other to visit both this year.
  8. My thoughts exactly! That's my favorite food to get in the park.
  9. It may be indoor, but that doesn't change the fact that it's still very cold... and we all know what that means for coasters. The Exterminator building isn't heated, and it would probably be very difficult to do so (at least without a huge investment). And yes, it's in Lost Kennywood which is not open for Holiday Lights. Technically we do have a coaster open... Lil' Phantom (which adults are allowed to ride by the way).
  10. ^ Yup! This is their third year doing it, and I expect it will happen every year going forward. http://www.kennywood.com/holidaylights
  11. ^ Not sure what that site is, but the correct place to purchase them is directly from Kennywood.com. After taxes and fees, it comes out to $44.75. Pretty awesome deal, I'd say. If you purchase now, you can also get into 2013 Holiday Lights which starts tonight!
  12. The same way Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood stopping on the lift and riders needing to walk down became a major two-day news story in Pittsburgh earlier this week.
  13. This should have never even made it to the news... it's not even really a story. A bad case of "slow news day".
  14. Where / when was that track spotted? I don't recall seeing that picture in this thread.
  15. Come on, now... give Blue Streak more credit than that. Yes, when it first reopened the back seat was rather "unfun", but now it's just great! Or, choose the middle seat in the back car if you'd rather a slightly smoother ride... but either way, the back of the train is very much bearable at this point and gives some awesome negative Gs!
  16. ^ Pretty cool video. I especially like the shot with two trains going on TTD at the same time.
  17. It almost seems like they were originally intended to provide shade, but it sure doesn't look like they would provide any to me... decorations?
  18. They had to create some false drama to make the segment interesting. We've been told that once something is done with the Ark, they'd like to make a lot of changes to it at that time... including possibly bringing back the whale mouth entrance. When that will happen is anyone's guess. I'll trust their judgement on prioritizing projects.
  19. At Kings Dominion? As of a couple weeks ago when we were there those two coasters still had seatbelts.
  20. I can generally get off of work whenever, so weekdays are fine with me.
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