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  1. Black Widow has been open every day for PFF, but usually not until a little later in the day due to staffing and it being a lower priority in the morning part of the event.
  2. Daily operations ends on 8/23 and we're not open on the 26th. https://www.kennywood.com/calendar
  3. You may want to check with the park and see if you can use it another day. They just announced a couple days ago that reservations are no longer required, so I'm not sure why it would only be valid one specific day.
  4. Thanks for the feedback... it has been passed along to the crew! We're working extra hard to provide the best guest experience we can this year, and having a blast doing it! This is my 13th year at the park for at least a part of each season, and this year's group has just blown my mind with how motivated and full of energy they are!
  5. ^ How can someone with your profile picture and username possibly suggest getting rid of those wonderful trains!!?
  6. End Zone Cafe did open (and the food was quite good in my opinion!), but not the experience building or games. Even if they do get Steel Curtain open this year, the experience building still won't open due to social distancing restrictions.
  7. That is correct... you will need a partner for Thunderbolt and it must be someone you traveled to the park with. Also of note, if you plan to ride Pittsburg Plunge or Raging Rapids (if it opens) you need to store your mask in a zip-lock bag while you ride and keep it with you... so be sure to bring one to the park with you.
  8. Sadly, CLP will not be opening this year. They just sent this email out and also posted the notice to Facebook.
  9. The event earlier in the day, Happy Hauntings, may not interest you unless you have kids with you. They have things like a hayride, hay maze, a trick-or-treating trail, and a bunch of the kiddie rides open plus a few others like the MGR, Paratrooper, etc. They did have Jack Rabbit open last year... not sure if the coaster selection will differ at all this year.
  10. "Giant Eagle" is the grocery store that sells slightly discounted tickets, while supplies last. There's one right up the hill from the park. https://www.gianteagle.com/stores/pa/west-mifflin/west-mifflin-giant-eagle/29 https://www.kennywood.com/discounts
  11. I'm pretty certain the pricing in the park is the same as online.
  12. 1) There is a preferred parking section for $7 and there is also tons of free parking if you don't mind what's a very short walk / escalator ride compared to the amount of walking around the park you'll do in a day anyways. 2) The chair lift operates on very busy days when the third level parking lot is getting high use, which isn't very often. However, I expect that once Steel Curtain opens it will happen a lot more often. I love the view from that ride!! 3) We still have our rapids ride, minus the big waterfall... but I still think it's quite enjoyable and personally am actually more likely to ride it now that there's no possibility of 1,000 gallons of water dumping directly on my head, lol. We also have Pittsburg Plunge which is your standard, no frills, Shoot the Chute ride. 4) Yes... see here: https://www.kennywood.com/VIPCoasterTours. Also, Phantom's Revenge is in fact unlimited on the unlimited pass, despite what it says there. And I've heard Steel Curtain should be getting added at some point (they did build a dedicated VIP queue line for it). 5) Potato Patch fries, of course!
  13. ^^ You forgot Waldameer's Chaos getting stuck upside-down for a couple minutes as well! ^ I wouldn't count on it by the sounds of it, unfortunately.
  14. Sky Rocket's issue has nothing to do with the wheels. I can't speak for Phobia. Sent from my Galaxy S10+ using Tapatalk
  15. I believe there are two track pieces remaining. I just received word from someone at the park that they are working today, despite some rainy weather! I'm guessing vertical construction should be complete either today or tomorrow.
  16. What design flaw are you suggesting Steel Curtain has?
  17. Progress as of yesterday! Sent from my Galaxy S10+ using Tapatalk
  18. I honestly don't think they know yet... but as you would imagine, they'd want to get it open ASAP. I'm going to KennyKon on July 20th, and they have Steel Curtain ERT on the schedule but with a disclaimer:
  19. Nice! That's good to hear... there were a couple years where Streak wasn't quite ready for opening day/weekend. With this year's trackwork plus the new wheels on the train, it should be running great!
  20. Everything is looking great!! I can't wait to visit this weekend. How's trackwork on Blue Streak coming along?
  21. And let's not forget we'll be going upside down NINE times in those open seats with lapbars including once at 197 feet in the air!!
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