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  1. Holiday Worlds getting a coaster in 2010! 95' Raven 00' Legend 05' Voyage (Delayed until 2006) 10' .....
  2. i thought there was like a banner or something that still needed to be hung... but i haven't really been following this to much.
  3. its 100 hours? i thought it would be so many test runs.... like 1000 or so.
  4. 1- The Boss at SFSTL (before the retracking this season) 2- The Voyage... i sware i was riding a bad train because earlier it was SOOO smooth. its still number one BTW (:
  5. I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me and tell me why B&M does not got over 240 feet for any of their coasters? I wish they would....
  6. Best: http://rcdb.com/ig616.htm?picture=15 <3 <3 <3 Worst: http://rcdb.com/ig124.htm?picture=7
  7. what he said about them being a liar is most likely true. But we will have to wait and see. and thanks for the info on the desiging division.
  8. Gosh. I really dislike posts like that. "My blah works at the park! *gives facts*" and then turns out none of what they say is true. Does Intamin even have a Giga division?
  9. For your information. Indianapolis is not just known for being supportive of gays. Indianapolis is known for MANY things. So saying they shouldn't build a theme park because it will attract gays is just stupid.
  10. *bump* Are you sure that where the garfeild park was suppose to be is where old indiana was?
  11. I don't mean to be rude, but i cannot believe people thought it was going to be a verdical lift.... LOL
  12. GREAT pictures, i hope to make it out to CW sometime
  13. I'm going to Six Flags St. Louis tomorrow afternoon. Gotta ride my boss<3
  14. Interesting... wasn't it first supposed to open June 11th?
  15. The elevator gets stuck occasionaly. That is their biggest problem. If it does not line up it shuts its self down.
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