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  1. I've heard from several sources that Six Flags St. Louis is getting Chang, and it will be re themed and re painted. how long will it be before there is evidence of where it is going?
  2. Nope. Announcment day is Thursday, at 11 CDT, 12 EST, 9 P. But if you follow the park on twitter, your sure to know before...
  3. well i <3 Mr Freeze so i am going to say this coaster should rock,
  4. i can see one of those workers getting hit by one of the cars.... lol
  5. i have too, Black Anaconda at Noah's Ark. I really enjoyed it. Its fun.
  6. I heard the park would be lucky to have it open by Fright Fest....
  7. Splash Island, Plainfeild, Indiana http://www.townofplainfield.com/si/index.php
  8. If SOB was getting new trains why would they cover/ protect the ones they use now?....
  9. I know at my local waterpark, if your under the age of 8, the child and the parent have to wear a braclet that says " WITHIN ARMS REACH " meaning that the parent MUST stay with the child of they would have to leave. Its very effective IMO.
  10. at least they are offering free drinks. besides pepsi is better haha
  11. Hey PKI man, how did you become a diamondback ride op? did you ask for dback or do they just randomly choose?
  12. BUT... megalites are a newer technology. this ride will koch has been planing (and talking about) even longer.
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