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  1. I have to agree with everyone else, Holiday World did an Awesome job handling the situation.
  2. Can anyone say law suit? Just kidding. Holiday world takes GOOD care of people even if they are involved in the smallest incidents. I love Holiday World
  3. Well than there are going to be a bunch of ugly coasters since this is Intamins new track design.
  4. Paramount's filed a lawsuit after the ride was build due to Structural Difficulties. But i do not think a law suit was filed after the accident, since it was a pre-existing condition.
  5. Honestly, does it matter what the track looks like? No. Its what the track does that matters.
  6. About 1 1/2 for Pilgrims Plunge on Sunday. It was jammed packed. and the ride was still in the que. If anyones familiar with Holiday World, the line to P.P. has gone all the way to the Cafe in the section. They were running 5 boats, but they can't dispatch a train until an elevator shaft is at the bottom empty waiting... which for sure slows the process. But the line never stopped moving... which was nice. Suprisingly, the voyage was a walk on ALL day. as were the other coasters. That was so nice.
  7. supercellcoaster: It seemed yesterday it was slowing the train down but not stopping it... and one train was on the T.T... it seemed like something was wrong with it. Oh, and im fixing the pic. Thanks. DBru: When i was riding the Raven i thought that area was fairly smooth, it was obvious re-tracking had took place because of the new looking wood. Where did you sit at?
  8. I really wouldn't make to big of deal about it... they asked you to change or leave. follow their requests.
  9. (FOR THE RECORD: THIS WAS PUT TOGETHER REALLY QUICKLY) I made my annul trip to Holiday World and Splashin' Safari today. And i was not let down. The huge display walking in! The more i look at it the more i love it. The old water tower The park was so crowded you could barely move! (; Nativity scene in the park What's a Christmas section without a Christmas tree? The Christmas section sign THE RAVEN: The Raven was my first roller coaster, so it holds a special place in my heart! <3 The raven was running very fast and also v
  10. Woa! that yellow track it HOT!. haha Surly carowinds wont get a red hyper... i'd prefer the yellow.
  11. The title says it all.... the park is six flags st. louis and i want to make a trip report...
  12. Hey! its asa from sfstl.com anyway it would be awsome to get trains like this for the ninja!
  13. Ugh. this weekend made me mad! We were going to go to the park on saturday, but do to weather we figured that the park would end up closing like it did. Then came sunday, and again we thought we would go, but when we woke up it had snowed and we just said screw it. Ill be going next sunday, which looks like it will be allot better of a day. I'm actually happy i didn't go, only because the boss wasn't open and a vist without the boss would have been horrible! PS- how come the boss is the only coaster that docent run below 40? you would think the eagel would be the same way...
  14. I think the coaster they used for the ad thing was evil kenevil at sfstl. im not for sure tho.
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