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  1. This is a cool system! At Six Flags St. Louis, i remember they were advertising something similar to this, but i cannot remember what they called it....
  2. Glad you and everyone in your apt complex is safe!! And i also agree with everyone who says its weird the fire alarm didn't go off. I'm sure the fire dept. will have their ass if it was broke.
  3. I'm happy to see Six Flags listening and communicating back with us! (they even sent me a reply about their iphone app that is coming out) Give MM some time, I'm sure they will make everyone happy.
  4. A local fair company in central Indiana, (poor jacks amusments) has a ride like this. It is very intense and the lighting is incredible! fun ride and good Capacity.
  5. hahaha!! Got to love the onion. i just loved that movie....
  6. The Screamin' Eagle at Six Flags St. Louis. Don't get me wrong- It is a fun ride, but it is a let down! Looking at the ride, i guess i just thought to much of it. There was no airtime, and the rest of the ride was just a bumpy mess. Even my dad- who also loves coasters- didn't want to go back and ride it, because it was so boring& there were better coasters to spend our time on!
  7. Hi there! In art we are doing a project on sketching, and we needed to chose a photo. i chose to do something related to a roller coaster. I need a picture that is just one element of a coaster. not the whole thing! Such as, a hill, the lift hill, a loop, ect, ect. Any suggestions?
  8. On all three of the flickr photos as a caption it mentions "tunnel"...
  9. Most likely Six Flags St. Louis with The Boss. (lets hope not to have a repeat of opening day at the park last year. Snow and Coasters do not mix.) And then Kings Island with my school in early June!
  10. If this has already been discussed, sorry! Does anyone recall in Feb. of 09 Holiday World released pictures of the construction site of Pilgrims Plunge, and it showed a tunnel? I remember it fairly well and had a few questions about the tunnel. If the park planned a tunnel, and constructed it, how were they able to just fill over it and put the path straight over it? where exactly was the tunnel going to be? Will they ever use the tunnel? Just a few questions i have been wondering. -Asa. Another shot The tunnel, construction.
  11. http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/news/localnews/stories/DN-texasgiant_01met.ART.East.Edition1.4f60d95.html
  12. The Legend runs PTC trains... and actually the boss has been smoothed out alot, it runs a lot better this season.
  13. I would be fairly shocked if Six Flags St. Louis doesn't get Chang. Keep in mind, we will know where Chang is going in a few weeks.... The trains have already left and i'm sure track will follow quickly behind!
  14. I believe the park has 3. I only assume that because of the 3rd bay they have. there is only 2. they built a 3 bay because that is what the ride is meant to have, but KK only bought 2 trains.
  15. the more i read this the more i doubt chang is coming to Six Flags St. Louis from the Six Flags St. Louis Offical Facebook Fanpage
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