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  1. I wonder if Holiday World will get rid of the PTC's on the raven and legend? I always thought the raven would get them first, that way they could see how they really worked. It would be cool if they went all timberliner in a few years!
  2. I'm not familiar with this park, but that looks very promising! I love the under "funstruction" signs! haha!
  3. Holiday World will never get a big steel coaster. I remember watching an interview where the reporter asked Will about building steel coaster and, if i remember correctly, his response was something along the lines of "There is really no way to make a steel coaster unique, and that the park was going to say with wooden coasters." Don't quote me, i may be mistaken
  4. I agree... Kings Island has also been advertising alot more in Indianapolis lately. The Kroger's here sell tickets, and our schools have those little pad things all around the place where you can get a 20 ticket discount. The McDonald's and Dairy Queen's don't even have the drive through window stickers or those discount papers like they all use to. Holiday World also use to lease a billboard right across the street from my house and it isn't there any longer. HW needs to step their advertising up.
  5. The park said they are keeping the 3rd PTC train but do not know what they are doing with it.
  6. I can confirm this, I've rode the legend in a horrid storm. It was so much fun! But then again, two years ago a small storm went through and they went on lighting level. (Where only some rides are open) I guess it all depends on the day and the storm. Its tucked way back in the waterpark!
  7. Still no timberliners?? Today they were suppose to arrive, but i see no mention of it anywhere. (Holiblog, facebook, ect)
  8. Wow! Great Pics! I want to go to worlds of fun someday soon!
  9. The latest blog post says next week! http://www.holidayworld.com/node/3249
  10. I used the app today, even though i know Six Flags St. Louis like the back of my hand... The GPS section worked great and was able to show me exactly where i was...
  11. Six Flags' iPhone/ iPod touch app is now on the app store! Search for "Six Flags" and you should be able to find it! From the looks of it, it seems amazing! I'll test it out tomorrow at Six Flags St. Louis and tell you how i like it! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/six-flags-fun-finder/id363289280?mt=8 ADMIN EDIT: I have updated the title of the thread and I have added a link to the application in the iTunes app store.
  12. ^ They don't have anti-roll backs on steel coasters to my knowledge, and on the few places you find them on wooden coasters you can hear the "click click click" like your going up a hill.
  13. From KI's Facebook: Does anyone know why they have to use water dummies? It seems like sending blank trains would be enough...
  14. The coaster seems so out of date to be built the year the Raven was built and have buzz bars& a control panel that can release the breaks so quick....
  15. My biggest geek out moment would be last summer, at Six Flags St. Louis... It was found out that the Twisted Twin trains were at the park and I was on a hunt to find them, and then on Batman, after an element i saw them under the station and i sat there yelling "TWISTED TWIN TRAINS! TWISTED TWIN TRAINS" It was funny.
  16. This was one of my favorite episodes yet. I learned several things about the company, and instead of boring you with my opinions I'll tell you what i learned About Company -Largest family owned theme park company. -300 million dollar company -22 properties, 9 states -Attendance down -Froze wages -Christian owned About him -Family man -Former Auto industry CEO -Struggled with alcohol problems Changes made/ Ending -talked about expanding duck tour -Help man with flooded house/ 10,000 financial aid -Gave Mercedes raise/ Helping buy things for her house -Gave College mon
  17. YES! I Thought i missed it but it comes on in 9 minutes! Very Excited to watch! I'll take notes and post my thoughts when its over
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