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  1. This is VERY scary! I saw this attraction on i believe something like Most extreme terror rides?. I thought it looked like crazy fun.! I pray the girl is ok. <3
  2. I think they look a lot better with them on. The train just look bare without them.
  3. Forgive me if this was already posted, but did anyone else notice on the last photo Batman: the Ride's wheel covers are missing? All B&M inverts have the wheel covers, why doesn't this one?
  4. I agree that the new Giant will be a steel coaster, but technically even wood coasters run on [flat] steel rails. I agree with your argument, all wooden coasters do have steel tracks.... That makes me almost think the Giant is still a wooden coaster in a way. Hmmmm.?
  5. It sounds like they are just waiting for the second train to arrive& be tested, because they have been testing that one well over a month.
  6. Holiday World posted this video on their facebook last night. I was nearly in tears. Mrs. Koch is so strong
  7. Here is a little news clip from WTHR in Indianapolis. http://www.wthr.com/Global/category.asp?C=136236&clipId=4866439&topVideoCatNo=undefined&autoStart=true This is so sad, Will Koch was a great person& he made Holiday World one of the best parks out there! I would have never guessed opening my texts this morning i would find that message! Incredibly sad, RIP.
  8. I get what your saying Robb. I guess I want to wait and go because i have ridden the current voyage countless times and just wanted to experience the new trains before next season (I usually only got once a year) . But, it is just a coaster train and i might as well enjoy the coaster anyway I'm going sometime in June regardless of the trains.
  9. (This may have already been said, but with all the Holiwood Night talk i don't want to look back) Timberliners could be coming this weekend! From May 31- Granted, they said they would have 1 train on during Holiwood Nights if it passed inspection.- yet they didn't, meaning it may have not passed inspection. I hope the Timberliners are in action this weekend! We're holding off our trip until they are on!
  10. Found this. Forgive me if its already been posted. www.facebook.com/amanduhmerrifield#!/pages/Take-The-New-Trims-Off-Of-Intimidator-305/128246387187818?ref=ts This is too much, a FACEBOOK page is not going to change the parks mind....
  11. I've seen what someone previously mentioned before. The second weekend that Six Flags St. Louis was opened last year they had two trains on the Batman but would only load one. The best thing i could come up with was that there were NO lines, so it would be a lot more work on the ops to open, close the restrains just so 1 person could be on the train, or that the second train was still testing from the winter months. Also, i know that there is some kind of defect on the Boss, that makes it so that the train cannot complete a full course without Valleying unless there are weights in the tra
  12. Wow, that is some serious cash for a dark ride.... I may be a little off but with the current exchange rate it would cost 52.7 Million in the US. WOW....
  13. Wow. I think this just shows how much Holiday World really cares!! Its great that the voyage will have two trains, maybe then they can not feel so rushed about the timberliners! Yay for more trains and less waiting ! The only thing i see wrong is that the voyage only has 3 storage tracks. One is currently being used by timberliner 1, and now two are being used by PTC's. How will they add timberliner 2 when it gets there..? Maybe they will wait until the first timberliner is ready and then run it and one PTC while they test the second timberliner? I know, a bit confusing but its just o
  14. At least the Voyage is still running.... I just don't understand how if the park ordered them last fall how they wouldn't be done by before April which was planned... Anyways, It will be interesting to see how much longer this takes. I support HW 100%!
  15. WOW.! That is something i didn't think would happen, he seemed to be doing good with Six Flags! Anyways, I think it could be a good thing he has left. Weber has great experience (Something Shapiro didn't have) and he led a very successful theme park chain. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, I think it will be for the better! Another thing- Why is he called an Interim CEO? When will they name him the official CEO? PS- I for real don't get the Fluffy Fluffy bunny.... thing.
  16. Forgive me, I have a dumb question. Is ALL of the track being replaced with the new red steel? I thought that only some of the track was being replaced and some of it would still be standard wooden track....
  17. I really like the one at Holiday World, And I also like Six Flags St. Louis's .... I don't really have a least favorite!
  18. Full Timberliner train!!! http://www.facebook.com/SuperBabySamurai?ref=ts#!/photo.php?pid=4031554&id=35385539537 Testing is starting shortly!
  19. New update from facebook: They later said that the trains have to each make 1,000 test laps before they could open. It seems like alot but i think it could be done quickly... On a different note... When the Legend first opened, it had a single Gerstlauer train that was replaced by two PTC trains in 2002. http://rcdb.com/582.htm?p=1637 What park did the original train go to?
  20. Can someone explain why you have to be 18 to ride in the back of that one coaster? I have never heard of such a thing....
  21. From Screamscape: http://www.whas11.com/news/local/Fair-Board-President-aims-to-reopen-Kentucky-Kingdom-in-2011-93004059.html
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