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  1. Six Flags Over Texas (2/14/10) Six Flags Fiesta Texas 5x Six Flags St. Louis
  2. Fiesta Texas does the national anthem before opening, but I think they still do this but I could be wrong.
  3. Valleyfair confirms Planet Snoopy! http://www.valleyfair.com/public/information/planetsnoopy.cfm http://www.valleyfair.com/public/news/index.cfm?story_id=95&mode=story&current_root=12 ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and updated the post to include an additional few photos and to fix a few spacing errors. Thanks for sharing this with us!
  4. http://www.11alive.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=146226&catid=8
  5. I like to see an overview of the park or park map of Six Flags South Carolina.
  6. They are doing another tournament on there Facebook page: Six Flags Facebook Picture from there Tournament of Thills 2 on the Six Flags Facebook
  7. A great show! Sad about the cancelling. I went onto the Facebook page and they have a petition! Link to petiton: http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?47110815&1
  8. Since most of the 2010 additions have been released. Here are some up to date movies coming out in 2011!! More information about the movies, click on site!! http://www.themovieinsider.com/movie-releases/-/2011/
  9. They have been testing the ride. Here is a video of the offical Test Run from there offical Youtube page. ADMIN EDIT: I have updated the link to include an embeddable version of the clip.
  10. Is the park map the 2010 with the new coaster or is it still the 2009 one like there website?
  11. Betty Buckley and John Denver also work at Six Flags Over Texas!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are watching American Idol, one of the Top 24 used to work at Six Flags Over Texas. That person is Todrick Hall and he was in Broadway in the show The Color Purple, he work with Fantasia in the show, that gave him advise about American Idol. Click here to find more information about him!
  12. ^^^ I think it was a preview weekend and they were open to the park!! -------------- ^^ I was going on Crazy Legs and I telling my sister "Look there is a famous dude", because with his sunglasses and he had people around him and they were walking to Johnny Rockets. Then I said "I seen that guy somewhere, and why is he wearing a suit to a theme park?" After that I say that's Mark Shapiro. After the ride on Crazy Legs we went inside the resturante and they had him in a corner with his family. First my mom introduce me to the park president Steve Matindale (they were talking to each other when I was on the ride), and I told him how he was doing and talking how he became president of the park. He became president by working there for a long time and moving up! Then I left to go ride Flash Back and came back and Mark, his kids and Steve was still there. Me, my dad, and my sister was getting ready to go ride Judge Roy Scream (until I found out it was closed). Mark was talking to someone about something near the entrance of Johnny Rockets. My dad interrups the conversation and told Mark "Your the one who brought the weather from New York". Mark starts laughing and we start walking out and he said wait, then we turn around and he ask us were are ya'll from. We said Austin, Texas. Then he says, is that were that new Schliterbhan water park is going to and we said yes! After that he ask us did we buy tickets or a season pass, we go season pass. Then we said good by and we left to Judge Roy Scream. All that was around about 11:50 am! Then we saw Mark exiting Titan with his kids and Steve, and they told us "Are ya'll following us" and we go "no" and we all start laughing and they left and we went to Titan. This was around about when you took your picture!
  13. I left my house at 6:45pm on Saturday night going to are hotel (Marriott: Residence hotel) that is a couple of blocks away from the park. We arrive at the hotel at 11pm and are room had a great view of Mr. Freeze. The Dallas/Fort Worth had snow on the hole day Thursday and Friday morning and they still had lots of snow on the ground. I woke up at 6:30am and eat breakfest at the hotel (fake food) and then got ready to go to Six Flags Over Texas, I got there at 10:20am. I had a great day, because I was like walking and I saw like this famous dude walking into Johnny Rockets by Flashback. Then I go, "I seen that person before". Guess who it was. Ok I will tell you it was freakin Mark Shapiro with his kids and the park president of Six Flags Over Texas Steve Martindale, I met them both at the Johnny Rockets, and talk about the weater outside! The only bad part of the trip was that is was COLD and that the park made everybody leave at 1:30pm because the lack of people. Remember there was Snow everywhere even on some coasters!! -------------------------------------------------- Time: 10:20AM - 1:40PM Weather: Cold, Freezing, and snow melting everywhere. Crowds: Nobody (Probly 10 - 25 cars in the parking lot) Rides: (My family Rode) Daffy Duck's Capitol Tours 1x (My mom and sister Hannah) Mini Mine Train 2x (Me, my dad and sister Morgan) Mine Train 1x (This is the ride that had snow on the train)(Me, my dad and sister Morgan) Batman: The Ride 2x (Me, my dad and sister Morgan) Crazy Legs 1x (Me and sister Morgan) (After this ride is when I saw Mark and Steve) Flashback 1x (Me, my dad and sister Morgan) Runaway Mountain 2x (Me, my dad and sister Morgan) Rodeo 1x (Me, my dad and sister Morgan) Titan 1x(My dad and sister Morgan) Yosemite Sam and The Gold River Adventure 1x(Me and my sister Morgan) There was lots of rides closed because of the weather!! Shows: (In Order) No Shows were playing! Food: Eat nothing at the park! Notes: -Just cold and Mark Shapiro. -One of the friendliest parks I have been to!! Hannah. My dad in the snow. My mom in the snow. Morgan and Hannah. Hannah getting ready for the COLD day! My mom and Mr. Six. Hannah and my mom on Daffy Duck's Capitol Tours. Hannah waiting tell we got of the Mine Train. Us on the Mine Train. That had snow in the seats! FUN! Hannah with the Batmobile. Hannah's toy in the SFOT snow!! Thats it! My mom forgot to get my camera to take a picture of mark! I know it SUCKS!!!
  14. Thomas Town coming in 2010. "The Largest Expansion in a Decade with 10 rides" will be announced tomorrow at 11am (Eastern Time). Picture from www.sfafans.com
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