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  1. I am sorry that i will not post anything till next week. So here's a new Schedule. Schedule: 2/28 I am going to Fiesta Texas 3/1 Construction Update 3/2 1981 Opening 3/4 Announcement
  2. ^ Thanks for the comment. Comments = More Updates Schedule: 2/23 Construction Update 1980 2/25 1981 Opening 2/27 Announcement 2/28 I will not be posting anything that day because I am going to Six Flags Fiesta Texas for Opening Day.
  3. Now its Grand Opening here at Six Flags. It was raining in the morning but it turn to be a nice looking day. The park had a great crowd. Things will be changing soon. Schedule: 2/22 Announcement 2/23 Update 2/25 1981 Update SCR6.BMP Something will be changing. SCR4.BMP America was not that pack. SCR2.BMP Flashback was pack the whole day. SCR1.BMP Raining at the park.
  4. Yea I don't have a thing with space stuff but the park looks really good. Your park is lacking water rides you should add like a river rapids in that western section. Keep up the good work.
  5. I think that would be a great addition to your park because that park is lacking some water rides.
  6. Six Flags is gearing up for their Grand Opening tomorrow. Here are a couple of photos showing test runs of rides and are new staff that will get new uniforms by tomorrow. Schedule: 2/21 Opening day 2/22 Announcement 2/23 Update Thanks. Jp SCR22.BMP Redone river SCR18.BMP A look back at America SCR16.BMP A look back at Village.
  7. I just got information that Triller will receive a new name. If you have any name ideas please comment and post what the name will be. Schedule: 2/20 Construction tour 2 1979 2/21 Opening day Thanks. Jp SCR15.BMP
  8. Hey, Since Six Flags announced, what was coming in the new section and here is an update about it. They forgot to post the new restaurant and the name for it will be called ''Uncle Sam's Food Court''. I will fixed the river up after this update and add scenery. If any concerns or whatever it is please comment. Schedule: 2/20 Construction tour 2 1979 2/21 Opening day SCR15.BMP Triller and Uncle Sam's Food Court SCR12.BMP White Water Rapids layout. SCR10.BMP Patorits Layout it is a really small wooden coaster. SCR7.BMP The Bridge to America. SCR5.BMP Riverside Dreamers layout. SCR3.BMP Flashback added their 2nd loop to the coaster. SCR1.BMP The orginal buildings with their new signs.
  9. ^^^^ and ^^^ Thanks. ^^ Yea it does look like a river than a lake, so i changed the name to Riverside Dreamers. ^ I will start working on the river coming up and I will slant the edged down to make it look real. Schedule: 2/18 Construction tour 1 1979 2/20 Construction tour 2 1979 2/21 Opening day
  10. Hey, Welcome back not alot has change but their is stuff that has been added. Six Flags has announced that they added two new rides. Flashback and Lakeside Dreamers. A new resturant ''Sweet and Sour''. When this park opens it will have two sections. The one i am showing you is called ''The Village'', and the next one will be called America. They have plan to post an announcement tomorrow, about the rides in that section. Schedule: 2/17 - announcement 2/18 - Update Construction Tour 2 1978 SCR1.BMP A look back. SCR10.BMP Overview. SCR8.BMP The new resturant ''Sweet and Sour'' SCR7.BMP Lakeside Dreamers SCR3.BMP The heart shape building is the restrooms. SCR2.BMP Flashback the new coaster. Still under construction
  11. Hey, This is my first park on here and i want you to see if you like it. This is a Six Flags Park i am creating and this will be at the year of 1978. The park will open in 1980. The signs on the buildings are coming soon. Here are some photos of whats going on during the construction. Hope you like it. Construction Tour 1 1978 SCR28.BMP The light-brown building is Ben & Jerry's and the other one is just a building. SCR24.BMP This Building is a merry-go round named Grand Carousel. SCR5.BMP Behind the Park Entrance is the Guest relations. SCR1.BMP Park Entrance.
  12. When i went to Joyland amusement park in Lubbock Texas i thought it will be fun and it was it just needs a coaster. I really thought that Greezed Lightnin' would but it didn't cause of the soil and such. But that would make a good addition there.
  13. I downloaded the park and I am building a ferris Wheel behind the Pirate Ship, on that mountain.
  14. I was on Six Flags Over Texas website and i click on Parkmap and i notice that they have a new park map. Then i went to all the others and they have a new park map. With all the new rides and such. So check it out. Thanks.
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