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  1. ^Roflmao at that last sign... But still, why does no one ever get pics of GeoPanic? I don't wanna sound like Emon00b 3000 here, just wondering. Great date-of-up Robb! AoS
  2. Why do so many people not find that Goliath One amusing? Since I do not insofar have an entry, my vote goes to Rick-Roller coaster/ When I saw that quite a few pages ago, I nearly fell outta my chair laughing! AOS
  3. I was a Vegas local for the oh-so-longest time, so this story truly hits home... I knew this was eventually coming. Despite the sheer perfection that ride had, it was rarely busy, and the value of the $6.00 tickets were probably questionable at best for the GP. But it always was one of the very damn best coasters (and launchers, to be sure) in North America... And now its leaving... My only hopes are that Adventuredome will survive (which, according to recent purchases and plans for the hotel, gets a 2:1 chance against, despite being grossly popular year in and year out with loca
  4. Seeing as it is CF, I woulda guessed that they would call it something original, like "Wood Coaster". AOS
  5. 1st post... Have fun with Behemoth guys. I've already been this summer, and the ride is like nothing else at CW. Not even the almighty SFMM Goliath can compare! AOS
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