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  1. ^Gotta accommodate those Ace members.....so like a XS. I still got2 Hours and 15 minutes to go. -Cookie
  2. POST OF THE YEAR! Coming from a Ducks fan I was dying to see that and the Kings get screwed. -Cookie
  3. Online and I got 7 hours left but no TPR members...kinda sad. lol -Cookie
  4. ^^I saw that and I was looking at it and it took me a while to figure out what it was. I felt stupid afterwards but they were pumping out the trains. -Cookie
  5. ^^We should do a time where every TPR member gets on and Take over the Claw and really send a message. -Cookie
  6. ^Oh ok I get it. I sure hope we start seeing more unique rides like these being built in the US. But can we please get a Mega-Lite? -Cookie
  7. I'd really like to see how the 50-282 model would ride. But regardless I'm excited for this ride.
  8. Met Chadster in line. Cool anyone sees a yeti named Cookie that's me.
  9. Cool pictures. I'm 33rd in line right now. Left my MacBook on to finally play. EDIT: 3rd in line and the Claw FROZE.
  10. This is the smart thing to do by Magic Mountain and glad they fixed what it should've been from the start. -Cookie "The TPR title does a lot" Iorio
  11. Glad to hear about the Kids Height requirement. My little bro can once again ride. (Maybe my title can be changed ) But now I think we know where the Green Lantern entrance will be since they're redoing Gotham Backlot. -Cookie "Title Fairy I'm looking at you since I won the 36" Requirement fight!" Iorio
  12. This makes no sense cause all other articles said both sides would be backwards til the hype died down. TO have one side running would be frankly, retarded. -Cookie
  13. So with the testing I didn't see the side arm-blockers like on ToT2 in Australia does anyone think if these are the final versions of the restraint? Cookie "Btw WCB=T-shirt time" Iorio
  14. I actually approached the park about this too. The response was: They are confident that if you pony up the cash, they will deliver a top notch event! Okay Robb, if you notice I didn't blame you. I'm just disappointed that the normal WCB shirt is $10 more on top of the $53. $63. for a day at the park is getting expensive! Remember too they always put on a great event in my opinion. I mean Robb and Neal give a lot of effort and planning to put it together and it always seems to turn out great. What surprises may you expect? Why a random hail storm might pelt you in the head while on a tour. It may be pricey but it's always a FANTASTIC event with once in a lifetime opportunities most of the time. -Cookie "Not meaning to send a chew out message here" Iorio
  15. ^^Will Ace members be attending WCB if so I'll be happy with it getting where it was in the past. But that sucker is getting up there!
  16. SWEEEEEEET! Love the train colors too! Well what you can see of it. -Cookie
  17. ^That had to do with the riders arm clearance I believe so they could test just to see how the new trains are. ^^Great to hear. -Cookie
  18. Beautiful pictures. Mammoth has always been on my to Do list but since Big Bear is like 45 minutes from me and I have a place called Mt. High 30 minutes away I never get to go. -Cookie "Love to bounce my head off the deck of a half-pipe in Mammoth over Big Bear" Iorio
  19. Opening on WCB day? I swear if TPR breaks S:EFK just like it KILLED Terminator's audio..... -Cookie
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