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  1. ^^So in this case why is the fog/mist off in Goliath, Batman, and so forth? Maintenance? -Cookie
  2. My worst injury was dropping into a half-pipe snowboarding I went up and tried a trick I shouldn't be trying (I blame Shaun White) and slammed the back of my head on the deck of the pipe needless to say my helmet cracked and my binding on my right foot somehow gave way and I broke my ankle. In the end a broken right ankle, concussion and fractured wrist. Made for an awesome video especially watching my goggles go flying. -Cookie "The Concussion King" Iorio
  3. This thing is awesome! I love the unknown factor unlike X2 where you know what's going to rotate and when. Here it's all weight and it's an awesome ride! -Cookie "OFFICIAL Zac-Spin Fan" Iorio
  4. ^ but I think it would be an awesome prank to have someone stand underneath and send the water dummy train around. -Cookie
  5. WIN! With this school schedule where some kids like me get out in May and some not out yet it seems like a real hit or miss with hitting the big mob of crowds or having an empty park. Green Lantern will really help with the crowded days though. -Cookie
  6. ^Six Flags doesn't give free tickets. I mean it's not like a giant ads come on forums nowadays. -Cookie
  7. Not that I can think of. On another note the website says Green Lantern is only available on Platinum Flash Pass. -Cookie
  8. ^You have a discover card? If so I believe you can get in what 10 minutes before the park opens? -Cookie "Correct me if I'm wrong" Iorio
  9. The whole area looks just amazing! I love the Green Lantern logo although if they don't light it up at night I'll be a tad disappointed. -Cookie
  10. If I worked at USH as a Tram driver, well 5 minutes of that song and I wouldn't be working there anymore. I think something just beat It's a Small World in top songs that make me want to shoot myself. -Cookie
  11. They never confirmed Memorial Day just everyone ASSUMED it would and you know what they say about assuming. Technically it's only been delayed once and it's a first of it's kind here in America so I think we can wait for it and stop complaining. -Cookie
  12. I'm wondering why it's delayed when the track work is complete just covering their @$$es or what? Or is this because they aren't gonna be done with DC Universe? -Cookie
  13. Question to the "Great Mystery" in the Shipping crate at SFMM. -Cookie Green Lantern's battery?
  14. ^But didn't the GL trains already arrive? Or is my avatar inaccurate? -Cookie
  15. Magic Mountain posted this to their Facebook page.....any guesses on what's inside?
  16. Wow that theming really exceeded my expectations. Heck for SFMM one of the Cacti would have exceeded my expectations. But all in all it looks great and I know my little bro and I are already planning on heading out. -Cookie
  17. ^I think X2's line will diminish as the day wares on while Green Lantern is still new. Look for example on Apocanator's opening day people would run looking for Termpocalypse and they'd see X2 and run to it. I got 4 rides walk on before the people got there on OPENING DAY. So I think where Green Lantern is the "Running of the Bulls" is still gonna go to X2 first then people will start to see oh Green Lantern's new and over there. -Cookie
  18. People isn't this why they call it a TEST? It's probably not the top speed they're just testing it. -Cookie
  19. ^Yeah just X2 has the $15 up-charge. Green Lantern will have it, I think though it won't have an up-charge I think it'll just be available on Gold and Platinum to ride. -Cookie "Calling it" Iorio
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