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  1. I don't mean to come off as an @$$ but Hanno's doing his job I don't believe there's a need to be sarcastic towards him for it and towards someone who's asking a serious question. Anyways I agree on the queue needing to be extra large. I can just see the queue being constantly full under SFMM's operations. Ride looks great and it's coming along fast. -Cookie "Don't mean to start an argument" Iorio
  2. Honestly I don't think they ever thought the coaster would take long but the reason we have to wait til June is due to the re-theme of that area. I think it'll be ready in a matter of weeks. -Cookie
  3. My god that looks awesome. Glad to see an Intamin invading the mountain. -Cookie
  4. ^This is why Pepsi sucks. In all seriousness I don't know why this would affect construction just marketing. -Cookie
  5. I've done this jump by far one of the FUNNEST things I've ever done. STRONGLY advise anyone to try it. I emphasize on the STRONGLY. -Cookie
  6. ^I believe he was talking about Riddler's Revenge. My opinion of Riddler's is it'll be unaffected since there isn't a DIRECT path from the area of Gotham City/DC Universe. -Cookie
  7. Link to a picture of the area......poles! http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/photo.php?fbid=10150225058042125&set=a.10150134721442125.325848.67502107124&type=1&theater
  8. ^In my opinion It'd be pointless during the day since the lighting effects need it to be nighttime to give it the same eerie feel. -Cookie "I could be wrong" Iorio
  9. Just found this music video all over Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook and thought I'd share. It's Funny and retarded. -Cookie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD2LRROpph0
  10. So since WCB killed the audio last year could you guys kill the pre-show this year? -Cookie
  11. I like that car. The green looks better then the red one they had. -Cookie
  12. Sad to see Robb get treated like this. I've never met the guy but hey he's a person who busts his @$$ for people giving us trips that are amazing from what I see and giving us one of the best sites that is maintained properly. Now I made my share of mistakes and I've even gotten a "time-out" from TPR but truth is if you handle it with class Robb will at least hear you out, not going on another site and bashing the poor guy. Like I said I've never met Robb but people who take it too seriously grow up it's a roller coaster internet site so have a sense of humor so we can all enjoy it. Once again Thank you Robb for the site it's my favorite by far because it's filled with awesome people I hope to meet one day. -Cookie "Sorry for the Rant" Iorio
  13. I'm 10th in line and a present is just sitting there waiting so I'm gonna go for it. -Cookie
  14. I think it will only come with Gold or Platinum but not as an upcharge. -Cookie
  15. I pre-ordered my Verizon iPhone so my Droid is now going to be traded in. -Cookie
  16. ^Since TPR likes to kill things at WCB (Termy's Audio) I hope it isn't. We might have S:EFK going forwards after the event. -Cookie
  17. Looks unbelievable. I just pray they run the ride right where the lines will be as minimal as possible. -Cookie
  18. And if anyone does, they will be banned from this site faster than Green Lantern can ZacSpin the puke out of them. Robb was in no way saying he should actually was stating the opposite. Sorry if my joke came off as something different. -Cookie
  19. ^I was gonna say the same but he said it was behind Terminator so he'd have to break the loose article policy and we wouldn't want that now would we? -Cookie
  20. ^^Great news. It's gonna look so right to see an Intamin in the park. -Cookie
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