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  1. Do you think SFMM working with Intamin could happen especially after the out of nowhere announcement of Green Lantern last year? -Cookie
  2. I usually don't mention it unless they bring it up and occasionally they'll poke fun but that's friends they understand it's like any other hobby. Heck I even took my best friend to WCB and he had a blast to a point where he's not an enthusiast but he knows who Intamin is and how to distinguish rides. -Cookie
  3. ^I'm aware of that but why have 1 group for a park with 18 coasters? That just sounds absurd. I think SFMM cuts corners anywhere they can get away with it. -Cookie
  4. Robb or someone should come in once a week and give a topic you must talk about to avoid lockers, Rings, and any other locked word on the thread. -Cookie
  5. 1 to 1 hour 30 min. I waited 2 hours last Thursday because it broke down twice. -Cookie
  6. Don't mean to go off topic here but I just got back from the mountain. It was a busy day but not Saturday busy by any means. X2 was down until 1 then the lines hovered at 15 min until people realized it was open. Every line hovered from 1-2 hours in the park. Anyways just some highlights: Green Lantern: Wow. I rode it opening day and thought it was great today I was blown away. The g-forces of the drops are absolutely incredible and my 2nd ride of the day I got an unbalanced ride as me and my friend (combined weight about 400 lbs) got two 12 year old girls on the other side so I was flipping from the start. I can see Robb and Elissa's point of Insane how it all depends on the distribution. Also I plunged into a drop upside down and I can honestly say it was the most intense 2-3 seconds of any ride I've been on more intense then Tatsu's pretzel loop and Goliath's "Helix of death". Overall it has become my 2nd favorite ride behind X2 but it's right behind. X2: No audio on both trains. No fire effects. It's still a great ride but I feel like it's old X without Metallica but regardless still fun as always. Superman:Escape From Krypton: Was running good and even saw some dueling launches but they were launching both off within 10 seconds of each other constantly so glad to see that's still working for them. got to ride in the last row (2 seat row) and it was a fun ride but not worth the hour and a half wait it became. JB's BBQ: Got to try this place and honestly it was kinda good. The portions are a good size as I got the pulled pork and it was good. Not worth $11.99 but good. The combo plate was larger then my friend anticipated so it was too much for him but compared to the old BBQ place I'd say it's just as good. Overall it was a fun day where the parking lot got to the dirt lot by Scream as well as some church groups. Glad to see the new Intamin is breaking in nicely and also the l0cker policy isn't being enforced anymore. It's just people leaving stuff off to the side like old times even on X2 so that's that. Green Lantern-2 X2-2 Batman-2 Goliath-1 Superman:EFK-1 Tatsu-1 -Cookie
  7. I'm about at the park hopefully gonna have a good day. I might post a TR but I don't know if I'm gonna take that many pictures. Other then that I'm afraid of the lines but gonna try and get another ride on Green Lantern. -Cookie
  8. SFMM does not have In-N-Out prices, if they did I don't think anyone here would be complaining about food. $1.35 for fresh cut French Fries, $1.75 for a Hamburger, $2.05 for a Cheeseburger, $3.05 for a Double Double, $1.95 for a Shake, $1.25/$1.35/$1.55/$1.75 for a soda with free refills, In-N-Out is cheap! (and it tastes great too) I'm sorry that I wasn't clear. I know In-N-Out is cheap but it was written wrong. I was trying to state that In-N-Out is one of those you get what you pay for type of places. I usually end up paying $10 a meal there so I was saying "In-N-Out prices" because what you pay for a meal at In-N-Out you only get a burger at SFMM. -Cookie
  9. Greg serves a valid point though why pay In-N-Out prices for food that tastes worse then McDonalds (Sorry Elissa not my cup of tea ) I'm just saying if you make the prices outrageous then why not make the effort to put out great food like these Theme Parks that show they take pride in guest satisfaction? Six Flags can try to compete all they want but they'll never be the type of chain of a Universal or Disney because they aren't willing to put out the effort to make it the best experience for the guest. That's the same reason why effects on rides last 1-2 years (exception to X2's audio and fire) and the reason you could make a point it's a hangout for teens not families. Personally this is just my opinion as I'm not a fan of the new park president because Jay Thomas was taking it in the right direction with how he would roam the park being extremely courteous and how willing he was to listen to the guest's input where as this Park President (name has blanked on me) has kind of been a ghost except for when she appears for ride openings. I feel if they truly wanted to they could add better food but why if you can charge through the roof when people will buy poor quality? I just wanna be clear though, I'm not expecting Disney or Dollywod by any means just I agree it should be you get what you pay for. -Cookie "just my opinion" Iorio
  10. I saw this same girl and responded to her I'm ANXIOUSLY waiting her response. -Cookie
  11. I just took a giant sigh of relief right there. Looking to go to the park today (Monday) and ride Green lantern again but two rides (Tatsu and Goliath) in 1 week down? -Cookie
  12. Right now Deer Bus by Deadmau5 is my favorite along with Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex but basically any Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia or Skrillex is up there. -Cookie
  13. Personally due to the fact my dad is a Platinum member on American we always flew First or business even when I started flying at 1 year and I was told I was good and quiet at young ages and as I got older I remember it was be quiet cause you should act accordingly to surroundings. So I believe it's not the kid it's the parent and the type of behavior the parent instills in the parent. Again Elissa and Robb have proven that with KidTums. I bet KidTums could fly first class to Europe or Asia and you wouldn't have a problem with her. So as some have said there are exceptions but how are you going to decide what a kid will do 35,000 feet in the air? I may be biased since I was a spoiled little one who behaved in those premium classes but that's only my opinion. -Cookie
  14. ^That statement makes me wanna move to Germany or Asia. Robb and Elissa do a great job illustrating it's a great place with people who can think. -Cookie
  15. ^I understand your logic but you have to think he was a double amputee with a restraint system that holds you in by your legs. If this was an OTSR restraint system he might be safe. I realize a 14 year old girl won't know that but come on how can you trust a girl that doesn't know the name of a seatbelt. -Cookie
  16. "It makes you feel like you're not tight on the ride. I mean they give you this loose leather stap thing and it feels tight but it's loose." Um a seatbelt?! The same thing that saves lives in cars? Yeah way to strike fear into people when something that unfortunately wasn't made for a handicapped person was the cause of death of a handicapped person. I still think it's sad that he lost his life like this but to get 14 year old girls who can't say anything but dramatic lies is pathetic. Again may he RIP as he was a man who served for our country. -Cookie "Sorry about that mini rant" Iorio
  17. ^I completely forgot about Riddler. I figure it makes sense that B&M would be able to make it a quick fix. -Cookie
  18. ^^Damn how long was X down for that very reason? I have a feeling Tatsu will be SBNO for a while. And ^ So they aren't worried about capacity with that single rider line a week after opening? -Cookie
  19. Personally I think the lawyers for the state of Florida are to blame for this since in America we all know you are innocent until proven guilty (*cough* O.J. Simpson) and it seems they just didn't put it all there even if they say they gave all evidence they had. No one will know what happened so a poor 2 YEAR OLD girl's murder remains unsolved. On a different not however I found it hilarious that Kim Kardashian was outraged by the verdict......guess she forgot her father's job to play to the cameras. -Cookie
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