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  1. ^While it was a bust, you did get the sense that the park was heading in the right direction. Theming, and effort. It was no Disney because lets face it Six Flags won't ever be Disney but it felt like an enjoyable park to go to. Now I feel like it's just heading back down the wrong path. However that's just my opinion. -Cookie
  2. Hey you got a picture of me on Apocolypse. I'm the guy with the red hat. lol but the reason every girl looked like that was it was my school's senior day at Six Flags. So thank you I hope you don't mind but I now have a new Twitter picture. -Cookie
  3. ^ Optimistic much? lol But in those pictures, did they wall off Flashback's area? -Cookie
  4. *Praying for Intamin* The Coaster Guy's TR just makes me think this thing is gonna be massive. -Cookie
  5. Quick question to all of you guys who went to the event, what exactly was asked at the Q&A for the SFMM Day of WCB? Cause I'd like to get some info from people who went to the event. Also is there video like the Knott Q&A? -Cookie
  6. ^When I rode it Sunday it made and my friend want off from the 2nd and 3rd loops til the brake run. I seriously couldn't wait for the ride to be over. I hope it was just a bad ride I had but its become a ride I avoid unless I have someone new visiting the park, as was the case on Sunday. -Cookie
  7. Well according to Screamscape, B&M is out of the question for Magic Mountain's 2013 project. Interesting if true. -Cookie
  8. So you'd rather have a coaster with airtime that's under 200 ft than a coaster with airtime that's over 300ft? I'm not callin you crazy but..... No, by all means I never said I'd RATHER have a Mega-Lite over a Giga. I just said that's what I think is more likely. -Cookie
  9. I doubt it's a Giga. (While I maybe called crazy and just a flat out idiot for saying this) I just have a feeling we're gonna see a Mega-Lite before we see a Giga. While I'm probably way off I'm just gonna be happy with airtime. -Cookie
  10. ^I hope your feeling is right because if it is announced for 2013, I'll wet myself. As much as I'd love to see an Intamin launch or MEGA-LITE, I'd love to see a Maverick styled ride that uses the terrain, or lots of airtime. -Cookie
  11. ^ Robb I feel a new T-Shirt to replace the Take the Tunnel shirt. -Cookie
  12. ^I'm having so much fun messing with this guy. I wanna see if he thinks Magic Mountain is really getting a 500 foot launching Aquatrax in Deja Vu's spot. -Cookie
  13. "Liking" this just isn't enough. But seriously the GP makes me wonder sometimes about humanity. Sue a park for taking out a ride they put in and that isn't your property.....sue them and I could be Six Flags lawyer on that case. -Cookie
  14. Omg this Facebook page is hilarious! They think they can actually save a ride with Facebook!
  15. ^^I'm loving the comments where people actually think they can save the ride with a Facebook comment. -Cookie
  16. Wingrider? No I think it's a drop tower but a Furious Baco or Maverick is what i'm dreaming for. -Cookie "I know that isn't happening" Iorio
  17. ^Then again Green Lantern was outta nowhere last year so you never know. Yes I realize a bigger ride we'd be seeing something but you never know -Cookir
  18. People say parks are out of room I say 3 words...Knotts Berry Farm. They continue to build and theoretically they have residence areas all around. So saying SFMM is out of room silly, but moving on I saw someone say a Mega Lite was a horrible capacity ride.....I always thought that they wee people eaters. I think this would be a great addition to the park but the US General Public would think it's too crazy. -Cookie
  19. Wow Cyclone Bay area of the park just cannot retain a ride. Just kidding. But I'm honestly not sad at all to see it go. Never a big Deja Vu fan and people El Toro is coming thanks to the Ride swap program anyway. -Cookie "Just yanking chains" Iorio
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