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  1. ^^It's Cedar Point. If they put a Dive Machine in, it will be something crazy or have some type of brand new element (at least a new element to a dive coaster). Imagine if they put a 300 foot Dive Machine in. That would be AWESOME being held at the top of the drop .
  2. ^^I never would of thought Top Thrill Dragster could of been placed where it is. CP has put rides in places that were thought to be too small or already had other rides/buildings in the way. If it were a Dive Machine, it may just not be a "normal" layout like Sheikra or Griffon. The ride would just have to be a lot more creative.
  3. Keep in mind that tearing down a wooden coaster and building a new one in the same spot doesn't do much for the perspective of the general public. Most likely the majority of the GP will think it's still Mean Streak. One word: Terminator
  4. A Dive Machine wouldn't be my first choice for CP's new coaster, but if it is I wouldn't mind. My first choice would still be some type of wooden coaster. However, it would be nice to have a third B&M.
  5. Maybe CP's next coaster will be a B&M dive coaster, or maybe he was just trying to locate a trash can and couldn't find one. Either one is possible.
  6. It wouldn't surprise me if in some way the city of Sandusky were somewhat pressuring Cedar Point to try and maintain the coaster record. It seems like every City of Sandusky entrance sign says "Welcome to Sandusky, America's Roller Coast". In my opinion, I definitely don't want CP just to add a mediocre coaster for the sake of the coaster count. I would rather lose the most coasters record and get a top ten coaster versus keeping the record and getting something like an SLC.
  7. ^I see what you are saying but I have yet to hear someone from the GP complain about the restraints or anything else with Maverick besides it being "uber scary", and the line is too long (I do that occasionally).
  8. I know, that's what I was saying. We started calling the gulls the Raptor paint crew becasue they poop on it so much. I get what your saying now. One time I overheard someone at CP that thought they were repainting Raptor white. They could not figure out why the paint was so scattered.
  9. ^^Actually it's not a bad paint job, it's Seagull poop. For some reason Raptor is a poop magnet (never thought I would say that).
  10. You should see a Cedar Point train during June. That I305 train has about the same amount of bugs as Woodstock Express. It can be quite disgusting sometimes.
  11. It's clearly Cedar Point's new 500 foot B&M launching stand-up flying coaster, which means Mantis can become floorless
  12. Or maybe he used the quarter on a string trick. I'm happy to see that they were not too wet after riding. Hopefully it will only be a few more days until STR opens.
  13. I've been saying that for a long time and I always get a ton of crap by mentioning this anywhere near CP.
  14. I do like that entrance but I like CP's the way it is. And I would much rather CP use that money for some much needed improvements (like Disaster Transport) rather than a new entrance.
  15. I was hoping those would be the souvenir cups for this year. Unfortunaty they have red, typical sport bottles. From what I was told, those are only temporary until Shoot The Rapid's cups arrive. Thank goodness. I thought Cedar Fair was getting too cheap to even have a good souvenir cup.
  16. I also got mine today and all I can say is WOW! The video quality is so amazing, the only thing I can think of that has better picture quality is the real thing. The segment that I thought was most impressive was easily Intimidator 305. I could not believe how real I305 looked. All I need now is a motion seat and a few high powered fans and I can save myself the 8 hour drive to Kings Dominion . Also for anyone who is using the phrase "InTrimidator 305", get this video as I305 is trimless!
  17. I was hoping those would be the souvenir cups for this year. Unfortunately they have red, typical sport bottles.
  18. I have only seen a t-shirt (light blue and black), a black hoodie, and a magnet. There will probably be more available on Saturday along with the ride photos.
  19. One funny thing I have noticed with most sirens (especially in Franklin and Delaware counties) that they always work during regular tests on Wednesdays, but never seem to work when needed. I think it was last year when a tornado warning was issued, the sirens stayed on too long and almost half of them in Columbus had blown out speakers.
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