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  1. They NEED to add something to these trains. Right now those are the ugliest trains I have ever seen.
  2. I cannot believe that a full queue was only 30 minutes . Were they allowing seat requests?
  3. I like Millennium Force's name change. Morning boris is the greatest name ever
  4. Dear Amazing Title Fairy, Could I have my title changed to "The Old West was ruled by Maverick and Donkeys". Thank you for your time.
  5. Dick Kinzel was there actually! No crying. Must be because he is secretly going to move 305 to CP and Millennium Force to Kings Dominion This ride looks AMAZING. Too bad I have 97 days until I get to ride . I can definitely see the possibility of 305 beating out Maverick for my #1 spot.
  6. ^ Saturday will probably be fairly busy. Last year I was at CP until 11:30 and Magnum had a 45 minute wait and Maverick had over an hour when I left. With Shoot The Rapids opening, it definitely won't be quieter. Sunday should have crowds on the lighter side with only Millennium Force, Maverick, and Top Thrill Dragster having waits anywhere close to an hour.
  7. ^ With water dummies the trains travel faster, especially when it's cold out. Today it was over 70 degrees so empty trains probably would of been enough. Better to be on the safe side then have a train valley.
  8. If you look in this picture there looks to be enough room. I doubt Cedar Point or Intamin would make a simple mistake like that.
  9. It is great Snake River Falls is getting new paint. Last year it looked horrendous in person and that was when it was surrounded by trees.
  10. Just out of curiosity, does Carowinds ever have long lines?
  11. How long was Intimidator's line? It looks to be fairly short in those pictures which is odd for opening day of a new ride.
  12. I'm really wondering if Intimidator or Diamondback is better. Just by looking at the two, Diamondback looks better but I'll wait until I ride Intimidator to make a decision.
  13. There is no way Cedar Fair would get into the whole Kentucky Kingdom thing with there current debt situation. However it is a good idea.
  14. There is no way it could be faster than Millennium Force. Besides the laws of physics, the laws of Kinzel won't permit it
  15. It's amazing how many things the park can say in one week. At the beginning of the week they said it won't operate this season, then they said it might, and now they say it won't. I am glad they have finally made an official answer and will hopefully stick with it.
  16. http://www.whiotv.com/news/22866282/detail.html Assuming this is true, it looks like we finally have an answer on the fate of Son of Beast.
  17. Too bad 305 doesn't have a 95 degree drop. That would have been insane!
  18. Unfortunately with a platinum pass you CANNOT bring a friend . I tried at Kings Island and Cedar Point, and was not successful.
  19. Hopefully I get to ride Intimidator this summer. Does anyone know if it will have a single rider line like Diamondback?
  20. At first I thought 305 would just be slightly better than Millennium Force, but now it looks to blow MF away. That airtime looks amazing. I cannot wait to ride in July
  21. ^CP also had the original Shoot The Rapids which was taken down to build White Water Landing. The new Shoot The Rapids will be CP's fourth flume, and looks to be the most thrilling.
  22. ^That almost looks like the train in the animations of the ride. Also there is no seatbelt clip on those restraints.
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