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  1. I just saw a really cool picture on the Dragster cam. This fog has rolled in within the last hour.
  2. Those OTSR's look orange in that picture. I really don't see KD putting orange restraints on a red and black train which leads me to believe that pic is photoshopped. Also if you look closely the restraint on the right looks wider than the one on the left. I don't know if thats an illusion, but last time I checked Intamin doesn't make some shoulder restraints of the same type wider than others.
  3. Everyone should go to Holiwood so I have a shorter line for Maverick
  4. ^Nothing new. My guess is we won't know anything until after the 2010 season.
  5. The new Planet Snoopy ride names have been released! http://www.visitkingsisland.com/attractions/category.cfm?ac_id=39
  6. ^Cedar Point confirmed that the wetness level could be adjusted. Hopefully they will keep the wetness down like what White Water Landing had.
  7. I cannot wait for CoasterMania this year . I am curious about one thing. Kings Island was mentioned above as having the Ride Warriors event. A few days ago Kings Island said that there would be no Ride Warriors this year on there Facebook page. I would just like to know which is correct.
  8. Untrue- Ceder Creek Mine Ride's biggest drop is about 1/2 way between the two lifts when it drops down towards the water- and this is not its first drop. I was wondering what that bridge was for in the photos- then it dawned on me that it must be to evac the ride if necessary. I said hill, not drop
  9. ^It almost looks like there wouldn't be enough space to put the larger hill second. Millennium Force blocks one end and the railroad and Frontier Trail block the other. It also could be because Cedar Point wanted STR to somewhat look like a roller coaster and all the coasters at CP have the biggest hill first
  10. It was made to look like a McDonald's just in case the Intimidator deal fell through at any point. That way Kings Dominion can have the first McDonald's: The Ride, where they sell you Big Mac's as you go up the lift hill
  11. That would suck if Six Flags had to bring back Chang, rebuild it, and get it back to operational shape. Talk about a waist of time and money.
  12. On the Six Flags website, it mentioned that after one visit you would get a pass to skip the line. It said nothing about getting a free Flash Pass which leads me to believe it is a one time use thing for one ride.
  13. I'm just glad I won't come off of Shoot The Rapids smelling like a fish
  14. I think there's a better chance of Cedar Point becoming a Six Flags park.
  15. The first hill has been finished Looks a lot bigger than I expected.
  16. Apparently it had some structural problems and was shut down by the state. I think it took up until September to re-open (even though it was still closed most of the time because of the cold temperatures).
  17. When I was at Six Flags Great Adventure in there Cyber Cafe, the Wi-Fi was free but every site besides the Six Flags site was incredibly slow.
  18. And if Cedar Point wasn't there, the indoor water parks wouldn't be either
  19. ^ CP has stated many times so far that STR is not a coaster. I do not see them changing there stance on that.
  20. Any ride on that list is better than Millennium Force.
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