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  1. ^A week ago I never would of thought STR would be better than WWL. Shoot the Rapids > White Water Landing
  2. I noticed that when I was riding STR. I have absolutely no idea what that is, and it's only in a few places during the ride. I can tell you that the boat is not connected to whatever it is.
  3. ^Same with me at CP. I was riding Millennium Force while it was 35 degrees and snowing. That was a really weird ride.
  4. I think I should make a small clarification on the wetness level of Shoot the Rapids. While you will get soaked, you won't be dripping wet like from Snake River Falls (unless the people shooting off the cannons really hate you). I was dry in less than an hour with no hand dryer assistance.
  5. Go Monday. Normally I would say avoid Monday, but in past years I have noticed that the days right after the July 4th weekend are fairly empty. However that could wait until Tuesday this year since July 4th is on a Sunday. Whenever you do decide to go, you MUST ride Shoot the Rapids!
  6. ^I think the lines were short just because there were signs at the entrances and tollbooths saying STR was still closed.
  7. ^It was kind of strange. It looked like they were putting medium sized people in the front, heavy in the middle, and light in back. However, since I was on the second boat, I only saw two boats being loaded so I'm not sure if that's how they are actually doing it. I still don't like it.
  8. Just got back from riding Shoot the Rapids. At about 11:30, the ride finally opened after the auction winners and some last minute "tweaking". I was on the second public boat and what a ride I had. The tunnel has crazy amounts of mist, the themeing is fairly well done, and it is just an overall great ride. I'm not going to give anymore away (like which side of the boat the waterfall hits) but this is definitely CP's best themed ride (I know thats not saying much). One strange operational thing is they are currently not using row 5 on any boat and are assigning rows based on the riders weight. Also STR does have a single rider line. In the category of wetness, you do get soaked, mainly from the second drop "rapids" feature and the water cannons people shoot off. The only complaint I have about STR is the way the CP managers handled the entire pre-opening situation. All throughout the two hours we were waiting, they kept saying "only 10 more minutes". Obliviously that didn't happen. I don't have a problem with waiting for the ride to open but don't go telling everyone it's about to open when it's not. Overall this is a great ride and fits in nicely at CP and was definetly worth the month and a half delay .
  9. I've been told by someone who works there that there's a very good chance it won't be open Saturday. As of the ride night at about 11 pm, Shoot the Rapids is still ready to go today . Also I was watching it test at full capacity (STR was testing most of the day) with no problems I could see.
  10. I could see Cedar Fair switch manufactures for smaller rides like Shoot the Rapids, but for coasters, Intamin all the way!
  11. ^I think Cedar Fair will continue to use Intamin rides. Yes there have been quite a few problems with their rides over the last few years, but all of the rides have completely exceded expectations. Also there are not that many companies that are willing to build the mammoth coasters that Intamin builds. S&S already drastically failed (Ring Racer) and B&M will never attempt anything like that.
  12. Hopefully Shoot the Rapids' third opening day will be the last opening day. I can't wait .
  13. ^Maybe it hits 79.6 or even 79.7 mph . In all seriousness, I'm starting to get to the point where I really don't care how fast I305 is actually going. If it's still a great coaster (or Aquatrax), I'm satisfied.
  14. ^^WildCat is NOT a skippable credit. It is a great ride and and should not be missed.
  15. ^I mean during July and August. CP ERT is jammed while KI is still empty. When I was at CP two weeks ago, Maverick only had a 10 minute wait during ERT, until it broke down.
  16. However everyone wants does it, I still wish Cedar Point ERT was like Kings Island ERT. Diamondback never has more than a three or four train wait. Imagine if Millennium Force and Maverick were like that everyday. Unfortunatly that will never happen .
  17. As much as I love Voyage, I still have to say El Toro is better. Maybe the Timberliners will change that since I'm tall and it's uncomfortable for me to sit in PTC's.
  18. ^Usually I can get Maverick AND Millennium Force plus Raptor, so maybe I am just that skilled
  19. ^^^If you get a platinum pass and get there right at 9am, you should be able to get at least one ride in on MF, Maverick, and Raptor. Or you can get multiple rides on one of the three.
  20. ^Most likely around an hour to an hour and a half. Same for Maverick and Dragster. During July every day is extremely busy, especially Saturday.
  21. This quote completely contradicts the title of the article: Obviously they are not going to fix the current boats and buy new ones, but to me it sounds like they are still just trying to fix the current boats . This whole Shoot the Rapids situation is starting to get really confusing.
  22. CP is having terrible luck so far this year from coasters valleying to Shoot the Rapids not being ready. I'm hoping Gemini's trims will now be turned off since Mantis' trims have been off every time I have rode it since it valleyed. The weird thing is Mantis still seems to be going around the same speed as when the trims are on. CP must be messing around with something.
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