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  1. ^I noticed that too. That also happened to be one of the only smooth parts before the re-tracking. Leave it to Cedar Fair to re-track a smooth section . It was sitting on top of the transfer track for about a week back in early June, probably while they were debating whether or not to put it back on the track for operation (obviously they didn't).
  2. Corkscrew has been running all three trains on really busy days (which I hate, too much stacking) and running two trains on most days (swapping which trains are running). Mean Streak's green train is sitting behind the queue with all the other spare ride parts.
  3. When it's running . Beast is absolutely EPIC after it rains. Sometimes there is even the occasional fog lifting through the trees .
  4. Dragster is open as of this morning along with Mantis which was also closed all of yesterday.
  5. When I was riding STR today, I noticed a boat with 8 very heavy people and my first thought was that boat looks like it's going to sink when it was entering the station. I'm not surprised that a full boat would sink. Hopefully they can get they can get that fixed over the winter. As for the reason of the middle row now closed, I was told that was done because it better balances out the boats than keeping the back row closed. It also keeps the wall of water that hits the front row a little smaller.
  6. ^^I can't tell either but I would guess the Flight Commander area or where the laser tag building was. ^Knott's
  7. Time in the air . I'm curious to see how Cedar Fair is going to market this in Ohio, especially in Columbus. New in 2011 at CP, Windseeker! New at KI in 2011, the exact same ride. Come to KI and spend more money to ride the same ride again!
  8. Not only that, but for being a bunch of 6 year old cry babies. I wonder if that will hold up in court? I have a message for Funtime: Welcome to the world of business. Get used to it.
  9. Steel: 1.Maverick 2.Magnum XL-200 3.Superman-Ride of Steel (SFA) 4.Diamondback 5.Kumba 6.Dominator 7.Intimidator 305 8.Bizarro (SFGAd) 9.Hydra 10.Volcano Wood: 1.El Toro 2.Voyage 3.Raven 4.Viper (SFGAm) 5.Lightning Racer 6.Blue Streak 7.Thuner Run 8.Big Dipper 9.Beast 10.Villain
  10. ^I thought the exact same thing. I guess Arrow should sue Intamin and B&M now . I really am surprised that this turned out to be the ride (For the record, I'm not being all fan-boyish here). This has got to be the worst marketing that has ever been done for a new ride built at CP. We basically knew what the ride was, minus the details, before the first teaser was released. Even Planet Snoopy and Shoot the Rapids had better teasers than this. I do have to wonder if this lawsuit does succede, if it will have any impact on the ride being built. That would really be a new level of disappointment (at least Shoot the Rapids works ). The Sandusky Register really should of waited until Tuesday to publish this article, but it is the Register (I bet CP is loving them right now) . Might as well announce the ride today!
  11. My opinion is either it's a Starflyer type ride and this is CP's worst kept secret ever, or it's something completely different and this is one of CP's best tricks (I'm leaning towards the latter). Right now it just seems too obvious to me. For example, they want us to think it's a Starflyer and then all of a sudden next Tuesday, out of the blue, the new ride is something no one has ever heard of before. That seems more like a Cedar Point marketing campaign (unless they are just slacking off this year ).
  12. Good, only one more week of this madness. On a side note, I was looking at the webcam and Shoot the Rapids is now loading people in the last row and leaving the middle row empty .
  13. After finally riding Dominator a few weeks ago, I can't believe this ride used to be two hours away from me. Unfortunatly the last time I went to Geauga Lake, I was to short to ride . Even more shocking to me is that I prefer Dominator over I305 .
  14. When I saw that, unless I was missing something, it looked like that comment just came out of nowhere . That doesn't make it anymore right to bash people for no reason. That's all Pointbuzz is good for! The new clue completely proves your point that the ride could be anything. This year's "hype" is really starting to annoy me. It's not going anywhere and its being revealed very sporadically. At least in past years, each clue would slowly narrow things down. Not this year (so far).
  15. The logo has been in use at CP, on the sides of the carousel building, for a long time. The shape has nothing to do with the Starflyer, so it's more than likely just there for the "bringing back memories" part of the ride.
  16. Nothing new, but I would rather talk about the Starflyer or the 500 foot inverted wood launched coaster than Miley's diseases .
  17. You just proved his point. And I think the idea of a backwards launching coaster would be kind of cool.
  18. I wouldnt want that pile of scrap metal if it was free! It would just take up room. In fact, I'd rather have Demon Drop back if I was a CP person. It's called a joke. Calm down.
  19. ^I don't see this being the "big" announcement considering a few of the other Cedar Fair parks are doing the same thing. The kiddie coaster is an interesting rumor though. As long as it's not the "big" announcement, and the maximum height isn't 54" , I'm fine with it. Although this is Screamscape, so tomorrow the rumor could be CP is getting Superman from SFMM for 2011 .
  20. I cannot agree more and that's one of the points I was trying to get across. Most of the GP people I talk to obviously don't know as much about the subject as us but they are not by any means stupid. In all the years I have been going to Cedar Point, I can only think of a handful of times where I really thought someone was completely clueless on the subject. One funny question I got asked was "How do I get to Magnum Force?" So I asked "What color is it?" to try and see if its MF or Magnum. He replies "Green." Turns out he was looking for Wicked Twister . I'm right there with you.
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