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  1. Most people notice the difference and the different ride experiences. That didn't quite come out the way I had wanted it to. Yes everyone is entitled to there opinions but of the people that I have talked to, hate the straight back towers as well (mostly because of the holding brake making you fall into the restraint quite hard). Also I don't think I would want to ride a "single-end impulse". That might be kind of dangerous, right out of RCT . If you would read back, most everyone feels the same way as me. Raptor was groundbreaking. However Batman was definitely groundbreaking, and and I agree definitely more so than Raptor. Things happen. If no companies took risks, coasters would be boring. For one, most everyone is agreeing with me, and second, I mis-worded one sentence. EDIT: ^^Where were you with that statement two hours ago?
  2. Yes it would of happened, but it would of taken much longer. Like you said "once we hit 200 feet". It could of been 5-10 years before a park decided to go 200+ feet had CP not done it. MF completely killed the old height record by 75 feet. The layouts are completely different and you said it yourself, "MF is Magnum without all the bunny hills and with more banked turns". That's the point. Magnum is airtime, MF is speed. Read a little closer. I said not as innovative as other coasters. Oddly enough I never heard the two compared by anybody. I guess it wasn't much of a competition. Fore the billionth time size makes a ride different and unique. Based on your statement, MF and Jr. Gemini are the same ride. They both go up, down, have turns, and are blue. I agree Storm Runner is innovative considering it added inversions. However Kingda Ka can NEVER be considered innovative. It's basically a TTD clone, just 36 feet taller and 8 mph faster. Those small of stats are not innovative.
  3. ^It's still the same type of coaster, an Intamin launched coaster. And besides, I wouldn't call two overbanked turns added to a top hat much more than a one trick pony. ^^Have you read anything over the past two pages? A coaster doesn't have to be new and different to be groundbreaking. Major height barriers ARE groundbreaking. As for some of your points: -Magnum started the coaster wars with it being 200 feet. Without it amusement parks would not be where they are today. I'd call that groundbreaking. -How can MF be the concept of Magnum if it is nothing like Magnum? -Superman/Possessed sucks compared to Wicked Twister. It may not be as innovative as other coasters but it's definitely better than Possessed. -Raptor WAS groundbreaking. Look at how much more massive it was. As I stated above, size constitutes something being groundbreaking -Dragster took hydraulic technology to the next level. It doesn't get any more innovative than that. Anything can happen.
  4. 200, 300, 400 feet had never done before, therefore it is groundbreaking. I 100% agree with you. No one around here has any idea what a dive machine is and very few know what X2 is. Considering the U.S. has one 4th dimension, CP would be a great park to build a new, smooth, and better one.
  5. If you think about it every coaster that CP currently has, with the exception of Cedar Creek Mine Ride and Iron Dragon (although it is now the longest suspended coaster), was some type of ground-breaking coaster: TTD: First 400 foot coaster MF: First 300 foot coaster Magnum: First 200 foot coaster Gemini: Tallest and fastest coaster and still one of the biggest racing coasters Wicked Twister: Tallest, fastest and only double twisting suspended impulse coaster Maverick: One of the steepest coaster drops and a new type of low to the ground coaster Corkscrew: First coaster with 3 inversions and almost the first modern coaster with a vertical loop Diasater Transport:Still is the fastest bobsled coaster Raptor: Tallest, fastest, longest inverted coaster Mantis: Tallest, fastest, longest stand-up coaster Mean Streak: Tallest, fastest wooden coaster Blue Streak: Unofficially one of the fastest and craziest coasters Wildcat: Didn't break any records but is very popular CP's coasters are all ground braking wether you want to think it or not. It's not like CP just went and took a clone and made it a few feet higher (coughKingdaKacough). Today some of these rides may not be all that great or popular but back when they opened, they were pure craziness. A coaster doesn't have to be the first of it's kind to be ground breaking. As for my ranking of Inverted coasters, it's Montu, Talon, Raptor, Batman, Alpengeist, Great Bear.
  6. When Raptor and Mantis were built they were massive for there kind. Raptor is insanely massive compared to Batman and the other B&M inverts at the time. I do agree with you when you say Batman is more intense than Raptor (overall I like Raptor slightly better) but it was all about appearance in the coaster race. Mantis was even more massive to the all ready existing Stand-Up coasters. As much as I would like another B&M at CP, there's not much they could do right now. Why do you think CP hasn't built a new wooden coaster since 1991? There's not much new to do with them. You kind of just shot down your own argument . Also Raptor had the first Inverted Cobra Roll.
  7. ^To be honest, when I rode Hurler a few weeks ago, I found it much rougher and a heck of a lot more painful than Son of Beast. Other than the Rose Bowl, I don't find SOB overly rough. The ride is just very boring, which is why I dislike it. I would say the two are about even for me . If Hurler were smooth, Hurler all the way!
  8. There's still two things that I see posing a possible problem to this being a Starflyer. One the capacity. Who would wait forever for a really high swing ride? When I was at KD, Volcano had a shorter line than Flying Ace. I will choose Volcano (and most CP coasters) over a Starflyer any day. Second, in the patent it said "paper picture frames for souvenir photographs". Can Starflyers even have ride photos? Personally I really hope it's not a Starflyer, but I not just because I want a coaster. I just want a ride that actually has some force to it. Once you get over the fact you are 300 or 400 feet off the ground, its a fairly unexciting ride (and for the record, I have been on one).
  9. ^Normally that would make sense but with the Cedar Fair rating system, it doesn't at all to me. Take Top Thrill Dragster, I305 and Backlot Stunt Coaster for example. Obviously TTD and I305 are crazy fast, high and pull high g-forces. Backlot is not high, goes 40 mph and is definitely not a high thrill ride. Yet all three rides have the same thrill rating. That makes no sense whatsoever. Paramount by far had the best thrill rating system. At KI, if I remember correctly, the rides at a 5 were Beast, SOB, Face Off, and Flight of Fear. 4 were Vortex, Top Gun, Tomb Raider and Racer. 3 was Italian Job, and Adventure Express. That was a fairly good rating system. And the one ride that makes even less sense than no sense (if that's possible) are the KI and KD Drop Tower's. They are rated at a 4. One of the definitions of a 5 rating is a "rapid change in elevation". Pure free-fall is a pretty "rapid change in elevation" to me. I guess bumper cars and free-fall are now just as thrilling .
  10. ^You could just come to Kings Island. Humans still control our hangar during Haunt .
  11. I actually kind of liked it when I was in the front. However when I was in the back, I wanted to declare war against the trims. I hated that I started to fly out of my seat then all of a sudden I hit the restraint. That drop must of been absolutely amazing without the trims.
  12. I've been on the last weekend with the exception of Halloween day and the crowd varies. The final Sunday is usually not all that busy. Keep in mind the park has shorter hours the Friday and Sunday, but overall crowds aren't bad at all. I completely agree, assuming it's not 70 degrees and sunny on Sunday. Even if the weather is good, the park won't be any busier than a June weekday, so not overly bad. Saturday will be horribly mobbed what ever the weather is and Fridays are never busy. Don't push your trip back any further .
  13. If that happened, CP would have to give drug tests to everyone upon entry . At least no one would complain about metal detectors anymore.
  14. I'm very good at reading people and their behavior, so I could easily tell they were locals. That's why I'm majoring in criminology and psychology at Ohio State. I said Sandusky was ghetto, not CP.
  15. ^I think he was just Racing For The Sky. Just not the same way everyone else was . A few years ago I actually saw two guys arrested by CP police on Millennium Force's ramp for smoking marijuana. Sandusky really is ghetto.
  16. They do every year a new ride is coming. It's already working .
  17. Screw the iPhone, I'm using a rotary phone . I bet they're just messing with us (I hope).
  18. As do I, but I wouldn't exactly be a model employee if I shared confidential company information with the world. I won't tell anyone. Maybe the "StealthBorgHawk" breakdown is just a cover so CF can make the ride spontaneously combust . Oh wait...that's Son of Beast .
  19. What's going on with Nighthawk? Or is this just some kind of Vekoma sickness? (please don't give it to Firehawk)
  20. 2010: Cedar Fair Platinum Pass from CP This is the first year in my life I have not had a Six Flags season pass.
  21. The best meal I have ever had at a park was at the Thanksgiving place at Holiday World. I couldn't believe how good and cheap it was. I even got seconds for FREE!!! Why can't more parks be like this? I can understand not giving free food, but at least make it good and reasonably priced. I have noticed from the three CF parks I have been to this year (CP, KI, KD) the food is getting better. Not anything to get excited about, but it's getting better. It's kind of hard to get any worse (I'm talking about you Cedar Point).
  22. Thanks for the mental images I'm glad you didn't have many crazy wait times (sorry you had to wait 30 minutes for Mean Streak). As for Mantis, the trim on the frist drop has been off since it valleyed at the beginning of the season. It has been hauling like there's no tomorrow when its hot out, making the ride quite painful sometimes.
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