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  1. ^They're just getting lucky (the weather site and CP). No weather source right now is consistently accurate past a day or two. That info came from one of the meteorological professors at Ohio State. I got curious a few years ago as to why all the weather guys sucked so bad so I asked some questions.
  2. I think we will see a themed ride up to Disney standards at CP before we see a good and accurate weather source . Wait, what's the Weather Channel?
  3. ^Port Clinton is about 10 miles west of Cedar Point (25 miles by road). I'm curious where the tornado touchdown actually was.
  4. Just got back from ERT. Maverick was a go, Shoot the Rapids was not. It rained very hard with consistant lightning until about 9:30. As for Pointbuzz, they have pages and pages of the most pointless arguments (it's quite entertaining sometimes). Some of them rank right up there with KDfansite nonsense.
  5. I am REALLY tempted to go put a ton of stakes on the beach just to see everyone on Pointbuzz freak out. I'll also label them with things like 500, GCI, TOGO, and OM. That would be AMAZING .
  6. ^^That would violate CP's rain policy . Maybe Ocean Motion is secretly the new ride going to DD's spot. It would bring back memories (from 6 seconds ago) and it would satisfy teens (scared teens) .
  7. ^^I'm sure it would do a little better but I still don't think it would do all that great. I do like the idea of putting Ocean Motion in Demon Drop's spot.
  8. I didn't see that coming, but I'm not totally surprised. Its been years since I've ridden Ocean Motion and I'm sure CP has noticed the same thing with most people. Every time I look back at the ride, it seems like there is never more than 10 people riding. Even if Ocean Motion did have a higher ridership, it was still one of the most boring swinging ships I have ever been on. Along with the really short cycle, it doesn't go very high at all.
  9. All I can say is wow. Those thieves are lucky I'm not the judge sentencing them.
  10. SFA right now is definitely is not all that great of a park. No non kiddie rides are being added, with some being taken out every few years. However SFA definitely has a lot of potential. The current collection coasters is fairly good, but it just needs to be expanded. I have Superman ranked 6th for me, which is higher than I305. With just a few good flats and a few good, non cloned coasters, SFA could easily become one of the top Six Flags parks. The only complaint I have from my visit last Sunday was the high five thing. I realize it shows that employees care and are friendly, but when it slows down ride operations dramatically, it needs to be stopped. An example is one ride op on Roar was doing it, the other was not. The one not doing it was done checking restraints TWO minutes before the ride op giving high fives was done. I think I speak for everyone here when I say I don't want to wait that long just for someone to give everyone high fives.
  11. Because, haven't you heard? Magnetic poles switch places when it rains. Maybe that will turn Maverick's brake run into a launch section . ^^You can only get drink wristbands if you are with a group, like M&S. Us "normal" people are stuck with the souvenir cup refills.
  12. Cedar Fair is way over concerned with their rain policy just because they don't want to get involved with a lawsuit. I've always wondered why they think they have use less trains on coasters that use magnetic braking . Go invisible rain .
  13. Coaster wise I think the order is currently Magnum, MF, Gemini, Raptor, Maverick, Mantis, TTD and down from there (I'm not 100% sure on this). When Gemini ran 6 trains, it could hit something like 3,000 people per hour. That made Magnum's capacity rate look like nothing.
  14. A lot of people still ride Gemini. Behind Millennium Force and Magnum, I believe Gemini has the highest amount of riders per season. Just because a ride doesn't have a line doesn't mean people don't like to ride it.
  15. Gemini isn't a woodie, Mean Streak is crap that nobody wants to ride, and Blue Streak is hidden in a corner.
  16. I don't know if DT was enclosed because of sand but Magnum and most other coasters have gaps between the track. DT is a completely closed trough, allowing sand that blows on top of the coaster nowhere to go. I do know that many places around Lake Erie put up sand fences durning the winter so blowing sand must be a problem.
  17. I changed my mind. The new attraction is clearly going to be a bronze statue of Tony & Tyler. Everyone knows how thrilling statues are, so I guess Kinzel was right .
  18. A new article is on the Register's website: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/cedar-point/2010/jul/11/second-sunday-richard-kinzel-cedar-fair-ceo-says-market-will-thaw The highlight is: This is the second time he has said this and I still say he is just messing with us. Would CP really go this long without a new coaster?
  19. I was finally just able to ride I305 on Thursday and Friday and I had some interesting experiences with it. On Thursday, the park was dead empty (the longest wait I had was 10 minutes for Volcano) and I got on I305 twice, in row 3 and 15. Row 3 was a very uninteresting ride with row 15 not being much better. I could not believe how much of a letdown the ride was. It felt like the train was crawling over each of the hills, giving very little airtime. About an hour later I305 went down for the rest of the night and all Friday, until about 7. Friday evening I was able to get two rides in row 15, and wow was it a different ride. While I still hate the trims, I got so much more airtime. The ride seemed to be going much faster and was more along the lines of what I was expecting. I305 currently ranks 8th for me (Just by a small amount, Dominator ranks higher than I305). It makes me wonder what happened with the ride to close it for 24 hours and cause it to run completely differently. I did notice that the red train kept stopping on the lift hill for a few seconds and when it didn't stop, it would make a weird jolt near the top. And if it makes any difference the wheel sprayers were working on Thursday but not on Friday. Also Volcano was closed Friday morning and when it opened the back row was once again closed.
  20. ^You are correct. He probably did that to get everyone talking about the new ride more, and it's working.
  21. I posted it a page back. Here's an update: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/sandusky/2010/jul/07/three-firefighters-injured-cedar-point-blaze
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