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  1. What if Intamin wasn't a company who push the limits with their rides? Think about all the great coasters we wouldn't have like Bizzaro, Millennium Force, Maverick, and El Toro. If Intamin wanted to play it safe, who knows where the amusement industry would be today. Most likely there would be no coaster anywhere close to 300 feet, let alone 400 feet. For a company who can achieve success like this, I would gladly accept any amount of downtime for the amazing rides they can create. If anybody can find a way to make amazing and incredible rides like they do without the problems, I'm sure Intamin would listen. Until then, no one has the right to bash Intamin or even Cedar Point.
  2. ^I realize all of that. I was just pointing out that a coaster does not need a MCBR to run 3 or more trains.
  3. ^Millennium Force has 3 trains and Top Thrill Dragster has 6 (only 5 run).Neither has a MCBR.
  4. ^^Remember with Maverick the height requirement was originally announced before the ride was built as being 48". After testing they changed it to 52". They probably just don't want to risk the same thing to happening (Although I can't see a flume being too hard to predict the height requirement). ^I'm not saying that it takes a whole lot of time to do full-out testing, but what if some problem occurs. They would probably want enough time to solve the problem and still have it open on time. Better to be safe than sorry.
  5. I hope they have considering the park opens in two weeks.
  6. That happens to be right where the trims are. Maybe they are adding magnetic brakes, which would be awesome (That's probably not the case, but I can hope). Or maybe Magnum will become the tallest and fastest wild mouse
  7. I just happened to come across a funny article about Son of Beast http://www.cincinnatimagazine.com/article.aspx?id=86277
  8. ^I know for a fact it is not a CF policy, according to higher up KI management. Last year on Labor Day I was able to re-ride Firehawk multiple times in a row, with people still coming into the station. I just kept taking any empty seats. The ride ops said as long as there was an open seat, I could re-ride as long as I wanted (an hour of a Vekoma was all I could handle). Also I can't think of one ride at KI that has a turnstyle. I agree with you when talking about CP but not with CF as a whole.
  9. That has got to be my least favorite Cedar Fair policy, it is so annoying and a waste of time to have less than 10 people waiting in the station or some some cases a completely empty station and being forced to walk around after each ride. I really wish they would change it to allow re-rides but I know it will never happen with how strict CF is when it comes to those kind of rules. I re-ride all the time at Kings Island, so I don't think it is a Cedar Fair policy. At CP however, becides during ride nights, I have only had one re-ride in over 10 years of visiting the park .
  10. I typically go to Kings Island around 10 times a year and I have rarely seen it down. Although I could just be really lucky.
  11. I keep hearing about the 10 minute platinum pass early entry at KD and Carowinds. How exactly does that work in comparison to CP and Kings Island?
  12. I think that's just rain water. On the last blog update on Friday, they mentioned that they were going to begin filling up the ride in a week and a half. As for Cedar Point getting some type of skip the line system in the future, it's not going to happen. I have heard from so many Cedar Point managers (not just the crazy Cedar Fair management team) that they hate the idea after the horrendous freeway system. Although I would love for it to happen.
  13. He was an important member of the Cedar Point management team. Without him, who knows how big and popular Cedar Point would be today. The problem is times have changed and he has not, which shows he needs to be replaced.
  14. ^ Looks to be at least some new scenery. There are some pics on KI's Facebook page. They have also confirmed that "guests can choose to have a 3D experience", aka pay more money for 3D glasses. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=213751&id=155893938367 It is kind of fun to watch the sandbags being unloaded from CCMR. They just throw them over the side of the station and hope they don't hit something
  15. ^^ If the ride were made any longer, it would be okay when its warm out. But what about when it is cold out? MF would either be closed at the beginning and end of the season or valleying all the time.
  16. ^ Millennium Force isn't going all that fast at the end. When it's cold out, the train travels very slowly through the last overbanked turn. With I305 it is most likely due to money.
  17. ^ Not sure about the music but the water won't happen. Apparently the water and fog from the Tomb Raider days caused too much moisture buildup in the room. This caused the ride to have even more mechanical problems. I would love for it to happen but it won't
  18. There is plenty of time. At this point most of the work seems to be cosmetic and they have 40 days left to do it.
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