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  1. Fire at CP http://www.sanduskyregister.com/sandusky/2010/jul/07/working-fire-cedar-point-possibly-2-firefighters-injured-updated-1020-pm It's directly to the left of Corkscrew (not sure if that's the building involved or if that's just base camp for the fire crews).
  2. http://www.sanduskyregister.com/sandusky/2010/jul/06/web-update-new-cedar-point-thrill-ride I guess it's officially time to forget about Shoot the Rapids. Maybe Kinzel's "hint" is referring to CP removing STR and installing a brand new Intamin flume called White Water Landing .
  3. Tell that to all the people standing in two hour lines down at Holiday World for Wildebeest. Water rides, not water slides (I would much rather CP put something like Wildebeest in at Soak City). It seems I'm the only one who actually likes STR . Hopefully that will change (eventually).
  4. ^^Pilgrims Plunge was the same way its opening year. Water rides just aren't as popular as they used to be. On June 25, the day before STR opening, it was 90 degrees and very humid. Snake River Falls was down leaving Thunder Canyon the only water ride running. It still didn't have a line. As for the seat assigning by weight, hopefully that will be fixed by next year. That's going to get really annoying soon.
  5. They called it that for nostalgic reasons. Shoot the Rapids #1 was CP's second flume, originally where Maverick is (torn down to build White Water Landing). That's CP's definition of rapids (I personally kind of like it). You can't judge the popularity of a ride by the line. The most popular ride at CP is not Millennium Force, Magnum, Top Thrill Dragster or Maverick. It's the CP & LE Railroad, the ride with probably the shortest line in the park. My guess is they will keep the back closed off for the rest of the season and fix it over the winter. This was most likely done to get the ride open asap. If you want to stop sitting in the front, all you have to do is make sure you have two people in front of you who weigh more than you do .
  6. They don't blast anywhere near your face. Maybe you should ride before you shoot STR down.
  7. We all know how Cedar Fair loves their money, so they won't just waste $10 million on a water ride if they didn't think they needed it. I'm also starting to think this will be the eventual Snake River Falls replacement, however that could be a while since it was just repainted.
  8. ^That makes absolutely no sense. Snake River Falls WILL get you more wet every time. Even if you get soaked on Shoot the Rapids, you will still get more wet on Snake River Falls. Other than the wetness factor, SRF is just go up, come back down. Shoot the Rapids has two drops, themeing, and more than double the ride time.
  9. ^While that would make sense to bring in some extra money, why build another tower? They could just as easily put it on top of Space Spiral or Power Tower. A new metal tower on the beach would look really ugly. I would be pretty disappointed if the new "thrill ride" is a cell tower.
  10. Actualy, the markings are not where the fireworks are being shot off. They shoot the fireworks off behind disaster transport. Your right, I looked at the pic wrong. And I was hoping they would shoot the fireworks off 10 feet from the side of the beach walkway . As for Manis being underrated, it is. Unfortunately, it is also a ride that you really have to learn how to ride. Once you learn that skill, it's a great and painless ride.
  11. The markings on the beach look incredibly temporary, so I'm guessing for the fireworks. As for the midway, I have no idea (new 500 foot stand up coaster with NO trim brakes ).
  12. And I thought Ohio fairs were ghetto... Monkeys riding dogs are the most amazing thing ever! We just have racing pigs .
  13. I have no idea why the trim was put in (and I agree it definitely had nothing to do with dispatch times), but I know B&M wasn't the one to say "we want a trim on Mantis". Unfortunately I have no physical proof of this as I was only told by CP ride op's and a manager. Maybe they were all out to get me (probably not).
  14. For the 13509238th time, the manufacturer puts trims on their rides, not Dr. Evil and his minions at corporate headquarters. As stated above, I know for a fact that CP put that trim in, not B&M Me see no trim (from RCDB)
  15. ^That was my first thought exactly. Maybe Cedar Fair is finally stopping their trim brake habit (or not ).
  16. ^It's been doing that all season since it valleyed opening weekend. Strangely enough it seems to be running about the same as with the trim on . Also, I too love Mantis.
  17. It looks slow from the POV (I got a little impatient with the POV), but when riding, it feels a lot faster. Unless your in the front, almost no water hits you. So in your case, you want to sit in the front (assuming you are heavy enough ). Something off topic from Shoot the Rapids I just noticed. According to RCDB, with Eagle Fortress closing, Iron Dragon is now the longest suspended coaster in the world .
  18. Hopefully the geyser wasn't "adjusted" in the last few days.
  19. ^Weird thing is when I rode that geyser completely missed my boat .
  20. As long as you don't sit in the front you won't get soaked like on Snake River Falls.
  21. ^^Along with the cool temperatures for the last few days, they are filming the new STR commercial today.
  22. I think it goes a little faster than in the POV but it still goes pretty slow. However when your on the ride, you really don't notice it because there is so much stuff to look at .
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