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  1. I don't like SOB for one reason, and it is not the roughness. It's just a boring layout for me.
  2. Are you really excited about the potential for a kiddie coaster? No offense, just wandering. Sarcasm. If I want kiddie coasters, I'll just go to Kings Island.
  3. Chaos sits on a piece of land just big enough for a kiddie coaster which is conveniently located next to Planet Snoopy. New for 2010, a kiddie coaster
  4. I don't think they will get rid of Chaos. I have seen that photo used in many places including on the Six Flags site.
  5. ^I clarified that with them. They specifically said it was a safety problem, not mechanical.
  6. I was just at SFA today and Superman was closed all day with a train stopped about half way up the lift. We asked at guest relations why it was down and they said for "safety violations". Anybody know anything more?
  7. In my opinion, SFKK is better. SFA just sucks (no offense to anyone who does like the park). The rides SFKK has just seemed overall better than the ones at SFA. I also thought that the ride operations were slightly better at SFKK.
  8. It seems like everything that went wrong with Mantis, they fixed on Chang (Even I think Chang is better). Also how does the park run during the state fair? Is it a pay per ride system and does Six Flags still run the place?
  9. ^If they were going to CP, why would they go all the way to KD and then have to go up to Sandusky? And besides, the yellow of the supports doesn't go with the likely construction site on Millennium Island.
  10. ^That seems like a very big mistake for Cedar Fair to make, so I'm not sure I believe it especially when the only sources are KD employees. The supports could of just been moved to a different location on KD property.
  11. ^^What about SFA and SFKK? I don't see anything happening there.
  12. One of the biggest problems with Soak City are the lifeguards. There not bad at all (in fact great) but they are attached to their whistles a little too much. When in the wave pool, if you get 5 seconds without a whistle being blown, you're lucky. Hurray for 100 posts
  13. My favorite are the S&S Double Shots. They are so small but so very powerful. However I am not a fan of the larger ones like Power Tower for some odd reason.
  14. Here's a pick from the FunCam of MF testing. http://www.funcoast.com/funcam Link to FunCam.
  15. If anybody is planning to go to Cedar Point in the next few weeks, don't get your hopes up for Millennium Force to be running. Yesterday the cable apparently snapped. Last time this happened the ride was down for about 2 weeks. There are rumors saying that it was actually a catch car problem, and if that is the case who knows when the ride will reopen.
  16. ^^The day Cedar Fair lowers a height restriction that low is the day I win a million dollars
  17. The only time I would say TTD was the tallest and fastest coaster again would be if Six Flags closed KK just because they felt like it, not for mechanical reasons. So in my opinion KK is still the tallest and fastest coaster.
  18. I will be there on June 18 and 19, so it better be open or I'll just climb to the top and slide down
  19. I think most general public people love the parks. I talk to tons of people and they always say how much they love the rides and the parks. Between CP and KI, I have mentioned Six Flags quite a few times and I get laughter most of the time. That's when the queue line discussion of how bad Six Flags is begins.
  20. Nice TR. I was also there and it was a great start to the season. I rode Mean Streak in the morning. I could not believe how painful it was. When I rode Son of Beast a few weeks ago, it was smoother than MS yesterday.
  21. And if weren't for Magnum, a lot of the coasters we love and know today would not exist.
  22. Ride in the front seat or back car on Blue Streak. Don't forget about Mean Streak's amazing airtime
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