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  1. Exactly.... That understandable. If anybody here wants moody coasters, take a trip to Kings Island. Just about every coaster there is moody (Firehawk just decides it doesn't want to work half the time).
  2. LMAO! I always love it when people tell me stuff like this... "Well, in order to get the REAL experince you need to ride it at a certain time of day, in a certain seat, when the moon is out, and a witch doctor has cast a spell on the train..." C'MON! GIVE ME A F**KING BREAK! If the ride only delivers said "amazing airtime" when the stars are alightly properly that IMO is a MAJOR FAIL on the part of the ride and how it was designed. Magnum can be very moody so this is one time it is a fact, even if it doesn't sound believable. I have had some rides where Magnum feels almost as smooth as MF and I have had rides where I really thought Mean Streak was smoother. It really does depend on when you ride it.
  3. ^^Try riding Magnum early in the day before the trims are on in seat 2-1. It is not horribly painful and you get to experience the airtime Magnum should always have. One way to cut down on the amount of leg crushing is to pull the seat belt as tight as possible and not jam down the lap bar. Helps me a lot. By the way, I have been on Magnum 120 times and it is still my 2nd favorite coaster (behind Maverick of course).
  4. The new sign is great but I am concerned that this will draw more people to the ride, causing longer waits for me
  5. I had the same thought but I did find a way around it. Either sit towards the front of back, or try not to pull the lap bar down as far as it can go. When I sat in the back, I had a good inch and a half between me and the lap bar. On the first drop I really felt like I was going to fall out (Millennium Force's first drop seemed tame compared to this). That made it an amazing ride.
  6. It looks like a fun ride to me but seems a little to short, along with being a capacity nightmare.
  7. http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/fun/blog/index.cfm This auction is to be the first rider of Magnum's 20th anniversary year, so I don't know why they are calling this a first rider auction. Personally I really don't like this because I was planing to get on the first ride of the season. Also a sign the season is coming The Sky Ride is running!
  8. Great photos. I really liked the close up of the lift hill. Just a quick question, do they close Diamondback for the fireworks like they do for the Beast?
  9. I ended going on it 2 times today. The first time was during ERT and I was off by 9:45. I sat in seat 7-1 and I was somewhat disappointed with the ride. There was not two much airtime and it just felt slow. The second time I went on we started waiting in the middle of Nick Universe. It took just a little over an hour. We sat in the back this time and it was a MUCH better ride. I also loved that in the back you can reach your hand around and touch the water. Overall it is a great ride but the trims were on WAY to hard.
  10. At Fall Freakout last year, one of the rides managers said more theming would likely be added once the ride itself is more reliable. Even without the theming this is a great ride. The ride program is amazing which makes this my favorite flat anywhere.
  11. Diamondback's sign is up and looking good! kidiamondback.com
  12. I just caught something on the webcam that I cannot tell what it is. You can see it right through Mantis' dive loop. This thing is in the general direction of the construction.
  13. ^My theory is once the train stops, people decide to take out cell phones. When the train begins to move they freak out and drop them. The nets make it so the employees only have to grab one thing instead of having to clean up a bunch of pieces on the ground
  14. You can also access this on any cell phone with internet access and m.cedarpoint.com. I have heard about the possibility of this system being used for wait times.
  15. If you look at the 2009 park map http://www.cedarpoint.com/_upload/pdf/2009_large_group_catering_guide.pdf (The map is somewhere in there) many of the bush looking things have been removed along with several buildings throughout the park. The map also has many other changes like MF's lift, TTD's train, and WT's train which makes the map much more accurate. So maybe the tree removal is for 2010 (I can hope, can't I).
  16. ^Its at Zoombezi Bay/Columbus Zoo (called the Sea Dragon) which also has some other cool rides. The Ohio State Fair usually has 3-4 coasters and runs from July 29-August 9.
  17. Great photos! And with Wicked Twister, there were many occasions throughout the season that I saw maintenance working on that tower so this does not surprise me.
  18. I really don't think WOF will be sold. Cedar Fair has put too much into that park in the last few years. When Cedar Fair gets rid of a park they tend to just not touch it (I am referring to Geauga Lake). Same thing with Six Flags. The parks that are on their chopping block, they have done almost nothing to in the last few years (SFA, SFKK). If Cedar Fair does decide to sell a park, I bet it would be only CGA.
  19. I would love for that to happen once a year at Cedar Point but I think there's a better chance of a B&M Flyer coming to CP.
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