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  1. Walibi Holland Going into this trip, Walibi Holland was one of the parks I was looking most forward to because of the improvements since my last visit. Previously, there was the beloved Goliath surrounded by a subpar supporting coaster cast and an unimpressive flat ride collection. Ten years later there was certainly a huge change in the coaster collection with the addition of Lost Gravity and Untamed and improvements to two other coasters. I definitely expected to have one of these new coasters dethrone Goliath as king of the park. They were both great and Untamed was my favorite coaster in the park. However, unbeknown to me the park had added a ground breaking VR simulator that no one talks about. I asked the person leading us on the coaster walk back about this building that said Neurogen Clinic. He started laughing as he tried to explain the ride, but what I got out of him was that the storyline revolves around you reliving your memories with a really trippy portion with you drinking and sampling drugs. Either this guy was completely lying or this could be a phenomenal experience. Since we had plenty of ERT on all three major coasters I figured I would give Neurogen a try if the line allowed. I got into the a line at what was stated as a 20 minute wait with about 12 people ahead of me. After 5 minutes of not moving, "doctors" in lab coats started leading patients into the building about every 2 minutes. There was a second line that people started entering and apparently you can pay to reserve a spot in the line. I ended up waiting 35 minutes before entering. I entered a clinic waiting room and was asked to take a seat, while high tech ads from the TVs touted Neurogen's promise to increase brain capacity by at least 20%. I then proceeded to walk down a hallway through scanners that read and recorded my memories. At the end of the hallway I signed in and selected a background (Waterfall or Seaside). It turns out that it doesn't matter which one you choice. Afterwards, a new doctor led my into an observation room where I sat in the simulator chair that looked like a real comfy dentist's chair. I was fitted with a VR headset and the action started. SPOILER ALERT IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED ON YOUR NEXT TRIP TO WALIBI HOLLAND DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING One computer voice talked about memory sequencing and memory bubbles floated across the screen, another computer voice implied that there might be an issues with memories being swapped. The visual then settles on one memory bubble. Computer Voice: "Earliest memory, 4 months old" I was lying on my back in a bassinet being rocked back a forced and this woman's head lower the me and says "Don't worry I won't let anything happen to you" I'm pretty sure they were pumping scents into the room, as it smelled like a nursery at the time. Instead of fading to black memory bubbles appear again. Computer Voice: "Next memory, 4 years old" Now I'm on a seesaw facing a boy. As I rise up in the air he gets this devilish grin and jumps off the seesaw at the bottom and I crash to the ground. I'm crying, the boys mother comes out to scold him and I have to take solace in the same lady from the first scene saying everything will be OK. I assume that is supposed to be the mother of whoever I swapped memories with because I sure don't recognize her. At this point I realize, I'm not even sure if I'm a boy or a girl. I never get to see a reflection of myself. Then the scene transitioned into another memory bubble. Computer Voice: "Next Memory" Now I'm standing in front of three boys who push me to the ground (I must be in middle school). As they mock me a young girl pushes through the boys yelling at them to stop and she tells me it will be OK. Then her face and body start morphing into a young lady. We (myself and the young lady) are now standing and she as leading me into a night club. As we approach the bouncer some guy hands me some pills. We are dancing and my friend is approached by the guy that gave us the pills and they start dancing. I head to the bar and a big hairy bartender gives me four flaming shots. We head back to the dance floor and I watch as my friend is being groped by the pill pusher. Apparently someone is behind me dancing as I'm feeling hands on my back. Then the walls start to melt and there is a big man painted in gold dancing in front of me. Then I see four happy penguins dancing but they turn into 4 angry alligators. Then my friend yells "what was in those pills" as the screen fades, so I assume I passed out. Now we are in the back of a taxi and my view is really fuzzy. My friend is frantic telling me to stay awake it will be OK and she starts yelling at the driver telling him to drive faster to the hospital. Then she reaches around him grabs the wheel and turns left as we are going over a bridge and we head right into the headlights of an upcoming truck. The crash violently jolts my chair and the screen goes dark, so I must be dead. Then the screen comes back on and I see my friend trying to open the back door of the cab to let us out as the cab is filling with water. And just to make it authentic I'm being spritzed with water. Then all of a sudden the car is full and the screen fades to black, so I must be dead. Then I start hearing beeping and medical talk and I see that I'm in an emergency room. Doctors and nurses are looking over me and I have a oxygen mask on. Then there is scrambling around as I flat line, but I can still see the action and someone cuts my shirt open to resuscitate me. Curiously I look down to see if I'm I have breasts but I can't see that in my view. I still have no idea what sex I am. Then the paddles of life shock me and resurrect me. And now the ride is finally over. SPOILER ALERT OVER No matter how much I tried to persuade others to ride this gem no one would follow me, so I went back to ride it again by myself. I guess riding Untamed 30 times instead of 29 times was better than the greatest experience of your life. Either that or I suspect people didn't believe me. So while I was again explaining the ride to trip participants prior to the Untamed line clearing for ERT a park employee heard my conversation and interjected saying how much so many employees liked Neurogen, because it is so different and odd. I felt vindicated but some said they still didn't believe it. Neither did I, that's why I did it twice. Anyway, anyone who read all of that will now be subjected to crappy photos. So nice to arrive at an unopened park for ERT. The park is artsying up the main street area. Great for solving a system of equations using graphing (sorry for the math joke) Not a standard paint job for this car model. We rode this to start the day and debating the theme the rest of the day. Some settled on nature run wild, some fixated on untamed love, I was just glad the designers ideas were not tamed. We got a lot of pictures from restricted areas during the walk back tour. Including the giant infield (Bobbejaanland's Fury and Typhoon could probably both fit inside Untamed's layout) Recycled Track and the old train are used in the queue. Twisty If you saw a picture of us in front of the LOVE sign, this guy took the photo NERDS!!!!!!! My favorite piece of Untamed themeing I remember when this opened the locals weren't quite as impressed as those who traveled from afar to ride. I loved the ride really couldn't think of anything to complain about . I would rather ride this than a big, long coaster that has no forces. And the third great coaster at this park was one I rode before and it still runs great. It really carries its speed and then ejects you over the hills. Low to the ground on the turnaround I rode Speed of Sound to try the restraints, quite an improvement. Outdoor Rock n Roller coaster with special guest Hanno taking one of 5000 photos on that day. We also had EB join us at Walibi Holland. Hanno brought his camera, EB brought homemade candy and snacks for the group. EB > Hanno Hanno again, but on the left is the park employee who made my day and made my trip but ruined all future rides by introducing me to...... NeuroGen - How can anyone not be intrigued by the building? The wording on this sign is just perfect. After experiencing the attraction's content it makes more sense why you must be over 13 years old to ride This is the real reason wait time can increase significantly. You can buy a ticket to cut the line and I think only 8 people can experience the ride at a time. Although I dogged the park's flat ride selection, Merlin's Magic Castle is a good madhouse, just ignore the graffiti. At lunch the park served Kroketten (and other stuff) I love Kroketten. While Dutch amusement park desserts may be just as unhealthy as funnel cakes one can dream otherwise. I do prefer my waffles without worms. The stupid fountain walked right in front of the ferris wheel as I snapped the shot. The fountains are so f'n rude in Holland. Speaking of f'n let's buy a t-shirt And just so your lady has a matching shirt.
  2. Definitely looks less janky than the current zipline coasters, but I loved the terrifyingness of the bouncing track at Forever lorida
  3. RCDB is already showing a new Zamperla coaster for 2020. I have not read anything else about it yet. I'm about to do some online research. EDIT: I found the article https://www.amny.com/things-to-do/luna-park-contest-1.34977727 Coney Island's Luna Park wants customers to name its new attractions By Shaye Weaver shaye.weaver@amny.com Updated August 26, 2019 2:17 PM If you have a knack for naming things, you could be part of Coney Island history. Luna Park, the seaside amusement park known for the Coney Island Cyclone and Steeplechase, has enlisted the public's help in naming three attractions planned for 2020. Through Sunday, Sept.1, Luna Park will be taking name ideas for a new roller coaster — and the person whose name is chosen will get VIP access with 10 of their friends to Luna Park for a day. Located next to the Thunderbolt, the coaster will be "massive," with many "thrills, twist and turns," according to lunaparknyc.com. It will be a steel coaster that gives riders a semi-circle, panoramic view of Coney Island. Luna Park does not currently have a rendering of the roller coaster. Last week, Luna Park solicited names for its forthcoming log flume ride, which will have 12 boats (seating six riders each) that offer a semi-circle/panoramic view of Coney Island before it plunges riders down at more than 30 mph for a big splash. Two weeks ago, it took names for a new ropes course, which will be set within a circus-themed area that will allow visitors to climb and zip line. Each contest was open for one week only. "We are excited to offer the Coney Island community and amusement parkgoers the opportunity to name our upcoming attractions," said Alessandro Zamperla, the president of Central Amusement International Inc., which owns Luna Park. "These competitions engage the community and allow amusement fans to directly impact Luna Park’s legacy. We look forward to seeing all the submissions." Contestants must be 18 and older to enter and be a citizen of the U.S. and submit an original idea. VIP access to the park includes unlimited rides and food. Winners will be notified via email by Oct. 23.
  4. Interesting about the Platinum Pass pricing as SeaWorld San Antonio has changed policy on this a few times over the past 8 years. I had a San Antonio Pass from 2009 - 2012 when it was around $225 for a two-year Platinum pass. I did not renew in 2013 was I lost my job and when I looked into it again in 2016 there was a disclaimer that you had to be a Texas resident to buy the Platinum Pass at that price. That disclaimer was still listed last year, but at Least one person on TPR said it was not enforced, and since the disclaimer it not there right now they must have changed approaches again. Although the pass does still need to be redeemed at San Antonio first.
  5. No, not too in-depth, we want to keep the Park Index as accurate as possible.
  6. Based on what you wrote, I would say they are very unreliable.
  7. Yes, that must be it. You know I'll be writing about NeuroGen shortly, since no one else braved the line to find the excellence.
  8. There is a difference between writing about it on TPR and filling out a comment card/letting the park know.
  9. All summer I've been containing my excitement for this project until progress occured. Bushkill Park did open this summer with the 5 kiddie rides as mentioned previously. But I have always been more concerned with Chuck Burnham's work on the Funhouse and the Pretzel. Progress continues to happen behind the scenes, but visible progress than can be shared at this time has been slow. Go Green Get Clean Power Washing has been donating their services to the park and helped out on the pretzel cars. Thank you Go Green. The pretzel cars also traveled to Jim Thorpe to have some body work addressed by a welder. Thanks to Colleen's cousin John Cory's continued dedication and tenacity in fixing the structure of the Funhouse has it near the point the restoration. Chuck is having a Web Page created through a writer who has knowledge these classic attractions. I'll provide that link (which will also be the source of much information fo rthis tread) when it is live. Telephone poles have been installed to run power to the Pretzel ride pad location. Power washing of the pretzel cars Installation of a telephone pole for power lines Those white bricks are the remainder of the old Pretzel building This picture of the Funhouse facade, is already one month old and looks even better today.
  10. Did they fix the spot at the bottom of the Rolling Thunder hill? It was really brutal there back in June. I've never heard anyone mention the bottom of the RT hill being rough before. Do you mean the bottom of the turnaround hill.
  11. Toverland A lot has changed in the world over the past 10-15. I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb to say in the world of amusement parks Toverland has made the biggest changes. On my first visit in 2006 I encountered a small FEC that was primarily focused on playgrounds and physical play areas. On my second visit the park had introduced its second major outdoor coaster and Troy gained the park some worldwide notoriety. Over the following ten years the park continued to grow into a full fledged amusement park but has maintained it playful heritage. Many non-local enthusiasts do not realize that Toverland is owned by Gelissen Group, the only other holding of Gelissen Group is Gepla BV. Gepla BV is responsible for finishing and furnishing of buildings and supplies and assembles total solutions in the form of wall and ceiling systems. The imagined finishes in Toverland have also been realized by Gepla's craftsmen. If you read up on the company it is clear that Toverland will continue to grow and their buildings serve as a proving ground for Gepla's talent. Some of the designs in the newest park areas (Magic Valley and Avalon) may remind enthusiasts of other parks, but in the information age practically every new design gets inspiration from someplace else. For whatever reason, I just wasn't feeling myself this day at Toverland and my aging body had no desire to challenge Toverland's play areas. I remember spending a lot of tie indoors just chilling out. I thought I took more pictures and the ones I took are just off. The former amusement park in a box has a proper entrance now. Let the inevitable comparisons begin. and let the comparisons continue Not going here for the unlimited ribs was my biggest regret of the day. The Flaming Feather is not as blurry in real life. Toverland's playful heritage continues in the new outdoor areas, where you have the opportunity to take a more challenging path if you wish. After walking on cobblestones for so many days you wouldn't think this would present a challenge. Oh yeah, there is a big new coaster here It was quite enjoyable Merlin's Quest is a boat ride that interacts with Fenix and even has a dark ride section Swinging Pirate Ship themed to a scorpion is unique I'm usually not too excited about BobKarts but the new version now has theming and was an upgrade over the original Chuck and Brad both enjoyed it too No play areas for me this time The original amusement park in a box It appears the coaster is in the middle of nowhere More of the "original" design work
  12. Cyborg is a fucking A-lister in DC's eyes and he has been in many more TV shows than just Teen Titans. He's a member of the goddamn Justice League. Grid has been in a few video games and he will likely appear in the upcoming Cyborg movie. I'd rather have a Grid ride teaching the public who he is, just like how Cyborg is getting more and more prominence these days which was the REAL reason Six Flags themed rides after him. And now you're gonna go after me because I said I wanted a Black Vulcan ride. Black Vulcan is nostalgic for all the people who watched Cartoon Network in its heyday and all the 40-50 somethings who watched Saturday morning cartoons. It can work. You are very disturbed, seek help. You're welcome.
  13. Isn't the S&S Free Spin even lower capacity? And I don't remember hearing anyone say that coaster was an issue. Yup, of course people complained when Total Mayhem (now The Joker) was announced, You had to make multiple posts similar to this in the SFGAdv thread. Oh god. Please. Don't. Say. "Low Capacity" again. Otherwise it's going to be another 768 pages of why it isn't a low capacity ride. I really wish people could hear how incredibly stupid they sound when they keep claiming it's a low capacity ride. Two examples for you: Tempesto and Batman! Seriously, other than peak hours or peak days, I haven't heard about Batman at SFFT getting insanely long lines! Where is this info about it being such a horrible low-capacity ride coming from? I'll tell you - stupid roller coaster enthusiasts, that's where.
  14. but THREE WORLD RECORDS I'm with you on 9 out of 10. I always liked the bathroom but felt creepy using it, like it should only be for kids.
  15. Hasn't Bill already given you the rundown? As someone who has eaten good pizza (Macks), don't expect Cesari's to be close to that level. If you get there early before the park opens rides, get a French Toast meals at the International Food Court At Totem Treats, I like the corn nuggets, my niece loves the fried pickles (not my thing). Cheese on a stick has not been the same for 3-4 years. Still good, but not exceptionally since they made changes. Across from the Satelite ride pad is frozen sweet tea (if that sounds appealing) Fresh grilled corn in the husk, opposite the log flume
  16. I saw an interview with Alan Schilke where he stated RMC wanted to sell more raptor clones, but parks were requesting bigger models. And he said in fact the next one would not be a clone. So we'll see I guess.. This means nothing to SFGAdv unless you can prove which one is the next one. The next one might already be sold or planned. I mean, why speculate at all then? If we cant use random tid bits here and there to come up with a hypothesis. The following is speculation: SFGAdv is one of the premier SF parks. The have not receive a custom coaster installation in years so I think the coaster will be custom. Also, a Wonder Woman/Railblazer clone is probably to low in capacity for SFGAdv. I'm not saying it is not OK to speculate, if you knew SFGAdv was the "next" RMC that would be speculation, I'm just pointing out that only Alan Schilke (and those working with him) knows what is next since the time he made the comment. Yes, SFGAdv has craft beer, but if Boldy eats his foot he gets ADA benefits to cut every line.
  17. That's only part of it, they had the nerve to tell the masses it was a roller coaster also.
  18. I saw an interview with Alan Schilke where he stated RMC wanted to sell more raptor clones, but parks were requesting bigger models. And he said in fact the next one would not be a clone. So we'll see I guess.. This means nothing to SFGAdv unless you can prove which one is the next one. The next one might already be sold or planned.
  19. More telling in the article is the analysis of Saudi Arabia's ambitious $100 Billion tourism goal for 2030
  20. Efteling This was my third trip to Efteling. Before we get into the comparisons to Disney, let me state that I'm not a huge Disney fan. Although I like dark rides, I prefer the gritty ones, not the sanitized ones. With that said I have always enjoyed Efteling. The park is still beautifully manicured, but they have been adding more exciting and thrilling attractions since my first visit, while still holding on to their heritage. I owe a bit of gratitude to the Efteling team member who took some of his personal time to walk us around the Fairytale area and explain some of the stories, point out some eggs and sort out the chronology of additions. We had four hours in the park the first night and ERT on most coasters the following morning, so the group I was with took the park at a very leisurely pace. Here is part of the park entrance, since I always stayed at the park hotel, this was the first time I walked to the front of the park to witness the WOW factor. I have no idea what the plaque says I was more interested in the support structure of the front entrance. I'm a big fan of old school dark rides but Symbolica blew me away, not as good as Pooh Hunny Hunt, but very fun and re-ridable. Although the interactive part could have been better Just as I was about to get a grand tour of the castle... Efteling's mascot and court jester, Pardoes shows up He parts the staircase and takes everyone on the special tour. I was able to ride all 3 tours in 5 trips through the single rider line (single riders can not pick their tour) Many felt the best part of the ride was when the animatronic whale cracked the glass in front of the vehicle I enjoyed the King's feast even though the dancing part wasn't as good as Pooh's Hunny Hunt Baron 1898, is a fun a well themed Eurofighter I don't think the Flying Dutchman would "fly" at any other major park, but it works for Efteling BTW - this is the rescue boat in case something goes awry on the Flying Dutchman I can not believe they rebuilt Python, nor the fact I rode it again. It is much improved over the original. An inside look at Villa Volta - damn Goatriders Droomvlucht (Dream Flight) was the parks first big ride, but I prefer Spookslot What do Efteling and New York Mayor diBlasio have in common? No respect for Asians. The park has an awesome carousel with an antique paper feed calliope This view from the Flying Island shows how large and well shaded the park is. First Aid Station ATM Restaurant Menu I'm still not sure if we were stealing the eggs or protecting them. I tried to enjoy Raveleijn show I picked front row seat so no one would stand up in front of me Except someone had other thoughts on the topic. Thanks for the wonderful parenting! Yup, she stood up for the whole show. Luckily horse on fire emerges from the right side. Good night all.
  21. Canobie Coaster/Heartline Coaster - thanks for the updates
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