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  1. I think you underestimate the market and how many people there are in the area that would be willing to pay that price. I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being even more than that once they transition out of previews. But what's their competition? Coney Island? $42 for an all-day wristband. Great Adventure? $58 for a day, $72 for the year. Sorry, I just don't see the draw other than "open in the winter." For the first few years Luna Park was about $40 for 4 hours. The new hotness factor does carry a premium. They should charge higher to start out because there will be high demand in the beginning and higher prices will stop the place from being overrun and have a bunch of complainers online. As far as the lack of promotion at this point, it is possible that American Dream is dropping the ball on this and not the theme park people. Either way someone is dropping the ball.
  2. Legendia I am so glad I waited a for extra years to visit Krakow and this park for a few reasons. The main reason is that I feared writing the old name of the park, Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko, for years. The other benefit of waiting was to experience the best Vekoma coaster to date and an award winning trackless shooting dark ride. I had not seen photos from Legendia for years until Lech Coaster was built. After visiting the park and speaking with the park representative it is clear that the park is willing to invest money in the park to upgrade the quality of the rides. Unfortunately, that means a few difficult to service veteran rides need to be sacrificed, but based on the latest additions it is worth it. Most of the TPR group left to park after 4 great hours to visit Auschwitz. While it sounded like a fun side trip, 7 of us decided to stay behind at Legendia for 2 more hours. I would love to say that the 7 of us got to ride the Zyklon Galaxi that was not operating in the morning, but it never did open. And that's OK, because I got to ride Bazyliszek about twenty more times. The park is essentially built around a lake. It's better to be early and wait for the gates to open, than to be late. The main street area was redone a few years ago and looks great. Nice big coaster across the lake. More on that later. What's that? Just a beach set-up in a tent This is the Royal Ballroom, OK OK it's just a Chance Trabant Some parts of the park have already gone through recent beautification efforts Other parts of the park and rides await their fate. It is easy to determine which rides are on their way out. As the park expands, a sign for next year's rapids ride. The park plans to keep this iconic house built classic ride. Maybe they can figure out how to get the ride up to speed and slow down quicker. Diabelska Pętla was just an uncomfortable ride for me. Dream Hunter Society had some mechanical issues early in the day. But got its act together. Unlike Scary Toys Factory which never did open. Before Brad and Chuck headed to Happy Funland Auschwitz we had some laughs in the hall of mirrors. After the others left I mostly walked around taking pictures of the remaining rides I really wasn't in the mood to ride much Another ride I don't expect to have a long time remaining in the park I'm still not sure if the flume ever ran with passengers during our visit. I usually ride this but decided to dedicate my time after the photo lap to one ride. If was a tough choice, but this ride was not the winner. I spent about an hour in this ride vehicle and repeatedly walking through the line admiring the details that this small park put into their dark ride I completely missed this the first dozen or so times through the queue My highest score of the day. One final cool thing the park did. The people in the purple shirts are park employees that roamed the park interacting with kids. I saw them juggling and teaching juggling and also playing games with kids.
  3. For the time being, they are focusing on Facebook updates, the website is far down the chain of items to fix.
  4. A nice update from the local newspaper. Not mentioned in the article, Chuck set-up a mini haunted house featuring some of the props that will go into the returning pretzel dark ride. https://www.lehighvalleylive.com/news/2019/10/what-a-ride-spinning-twirling-nostalgia-return-after-12-years-to-bushkill-park.html What a ride. Spinning, twirling, nostalgia return after 12 years to Bushkill Park. Posted Oct 11, 2019 By Rudy Miller | For lehighvalleylive.com For more than 100 years, kids rode the rides at Bushkill Park in Forks Township. What made the rides so remarkable this summer was the 12-year lapse that preceded their return to operation. Three major floods, Herculean cleanup tasks and the myriad distractions from smartphones to indoor water parks didn’t keep patrons from returning to the tiny amusement park to take advantage of the newly restored, historic rides. “There aren’t many parks that go to the brink of extinction and come back,” said Jeremy Carrington, Bushkill Park’s director of operations. It took more than a decade to bring back the rides. The park started modestly this summer with just five rides mostly geared toward youngsters. Carrington envisions eventually opening 15 to 18 rides. The park owners knew they were on to something when thousands of patrons rushed to the park for a one-day-only open house of working rides in 2017. Then-park manager Neal Fehnel estimated 3,000 people came through the gates but Carrington puts that number closer to 5,000. The turnout was much greater than expected, but could patrons be expected to show up weekend after weekend for a whole summer? They did, Carrington said. “Attendance has gone up every weekend we’ve been open,” he said. The park averaged about 1,000 riders per weekend. It was only open Fridays and Saturdays and will remain open on the weekends through the end of October. There are bigger and better parks, but they don’t have the memories that stir grandparents to bring their families to Bushkill Park. “It’s not so much that you can put your kid on a ride. It’s that you can put your kid on the same ride that you rode and that your grandparents rode,” Carrington said Thursday. Few parks have been around as long as Bushkill Park. One elderly man and his wheelchair-bound wife came every weekend this summer for an ice cream cone, Carrington said. “He would wheel her down and together they would take a train ride,” he said. Others have come from out of state looking for Bushkill Falls and are charmed by the off-the-beaten-path park they stumble upon. The park is making a comeback thanks to a staff of five retired carnival workers using their collective talents to reverse-engineer the dormant rides. Some lay caked in mud after three successive floods in 2004, 2005 and 2006 that nearly put the park out of business. As workers restore the rides, they uncover pieces of history. Chuck Burnham is painting the funhouse. Once known as the “Barl of Fun,” the funhouse was covered in layers of old paint. Burnham burned away the layers to arrive at a lead-based coat. In lead paint were the words “Hilarity Hall” spanning the entrance. Bushkill Park It turns out the “Hilarity Hall” funhouse is registered through old insurance records dating back to 1927. Burnham dates the paint used back to 1918, making the funhouse the oldest in the country by his reckoning. When he was invited to restore the house he moved to the Lehigh Valley from Connecticut and has lived here ever since. “We have a real gem here,” he said. His vision for the funhouse includes nods to various eras of its use. To the left of the entrance, he recreated the image of a maiden standing on a circus ball that lay hidden for decades under layers of paint. On the right side, he could find no such hidden image so he recreated his own version of the “barl," or barrel of fun as the house had come to be known. The “barrel” refers to the large rotating tunnel inside the house. Over the center of the entrance he painted a 1960s-era sunburst clock with backwards numbers. It will eventually say, "Enjoy yourself. It’s later than you think.” Workers like Burnham aren’t in it for the money. “They’re here because they want to be here. They love the atmosphere of the park and they want to see us open,” Carrington. Bushkill Creek floods are a constant threat. The land was drained more than a hundred years ago to make way for a transit stop. The amusement park opened in 1902. Carrington said the owners have learned to cope with the floods, to make the rides more waterproof and make water-sensitive motors easier to remove. A flood in 2018 put the park to the test. Rather than lament, the workers rushed into the waters to learn how to adapt to the conditions. They figured out water was coming through drain pipes and are modifying those pipes to better control future deluges. Bushkill Park flood “We learned a lot from being in the actual water,” he said. They took advice from Knoebels in Elysburg, an amusement park also prone to flooding. As the water retreated, Bushkill Park workers power-washed and pumped out wet areas and were ready to reopen quickly. It’s not too late to check out Bushkill Park yourself. The park remains open three more weekends. Halloween in the Park is slated for Saturday, Oct. 19. There will be food trucks, a craft fair, pony rides and a pumpkin patch. Carrington knows there’s a long way to go before the park is fully restored but he’s happy with his progress. “Almost all the feedback we’ve gotten is positive. They tell us, ‘It’s looking good. Keep up the good work,’” he said. See for yourself Bushkill Park’s rides are open: 5 to 10 p.m. Sat., Oct. 12. 5 to 9 p.m. Sunday., Oct. 13. Noon to 10 p.m. Sat., Oct. 19 (Halloween in the Park. It features food trucks, a craft fair, pony rides, and a pumpkin patch). 5 to 9 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 20. 5 to 10 p.m. Sat., Oct 26. 5 to 9 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 27. What’s open? The swans. The ride is original to the park and easy to maintain. It’s a favorite with the youngest patrons. The Cops and Clowns ride. It was brought in from Dorney Park. A portable kiddie ferris wheel. The train. A red kiddie track ride. What’s (hopefully) coming next year? The funhouse. The dry boats, so named because they don’t run on water. A “wet boats” ride, where the boats actually float on water, is also slated for repair at some point. The kiddie coaster. This ride is original to the park. It’s among the last of its kind. The park received a grant to restore it. The whip ride or the Merry Mixer. Year-round fun The skating rink is open all year from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays, 8 to 11 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, and from noon to 2 p.m. Sundays. The rink has been open for the past three years. It went up in 1926, making it the oldest rink in the nation, according to Carrington, who cites a report in Rinksider magazine. There’s an adjacent hall with a snack bar to host birthday parties at the skating rink. Parties start at $250. Find out more about the park or kids’ parties by calling 610-258-6941 or checking Facebook.
  5. Abu Dhabi's investment fund Mubadala has purchased the Looping Group (Groupe Looping). Properties purchased include UK - Pleasure Woods Hills, West Midlands Safari and Leisure Park Germany - Fort Fun Netherlands - Avonturenpark Hellendroom Spain - Isla Magica Portugal - Parque Aquatica Switzerland - Aquaparc France - Bagatelle, Mer de Sable, Grand Aquarium in Saint-Malo, the Grand Aquarium of the Val de Loire, Mini-Châteaux, Cobac Parc, Planète Sauvage, and Zoo de la Flèche https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2019/10/dutch-amusement-park-hellendoorn-part-of-package-bought-by-abu-dhabi-royals/ Dutch amusement park Hellendoorn part of package bought by Abu Dhabi royals Dutch amusement park Hellendoorn has been partly acquired by the Abu Dhabi royal family, after it and 14 other European parks were sold to the group’s management and state investment fund Mubadala, the Financieele Dagblad said at the weekend. The 15 parks, under the label of the Looping Group, were owned by Belgian and French investment funds and had combined turnover of €110m a year, the paper said. The new owners aim to make the parks more attractive by improving accommodation, expanding the zoos in the package and buying new parks to add to the stable. Little is expected to change at the Hellendoorn park, local media said. Many Dutch amusement parks are in foreign hands. For example, the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk, the Neeltje Jans park in Zeeland and the Linnaeushof playground in Bennebroek are owned by Spain’s Aspro Socio company. Companie des Alpes owns the Walibi amusement park in Biddinghuizen and Ergon, which was part owner of the Hellendoorn park before the sale, acquired an interest in Slagharen earlier this year.
  6. The Rye Playland scrambler incident was not standing up. the girl was not sitting upright, she was lying on the seat and slid under the restraint door. The Old Mill accident at Rye was a kid standing up getting out of the boat.
  7. Of the CF parks I have been to lately, the addition/partnering with quality chains has offered better food than served by generic food stands at Six Flags or Cedar Point. Chick-fil-a chicken strips (KD, CP and KI) are far superior in taste to "Flags Famous Strips" Chickie and Pete's additions are popular at Carowinds, Cedar Point and Dorney and I don't even like Crab Fries Famous Dave's at Cedar Point Marina Tom and Chee's at Kings Island Cedar Point, Valleyfair and WoF still have Panda Express Pink's is overpriced but offers interesting options Do any Six Flags parks have Starbucks?
  8. Energylandia I was really excited to not just visit Energylandia but also to be in a new country. I was looking forward to walking around Krakow, as I hear good things from a co-worker and others who have visited. Krakow pictures will be posted at a later time. I can certainly enjoy a large park that only has two very good coasters under certain conditions. Lines have to be managable on the major coasters, well at least we got quite a few rides on Formula, even though the theming was cheap the ride was great. Hyperion started out on the wrong foot because of the weak understanding of ERT by the park and our host, and the supersized queue we had to walk through. I started riding in the back on the outside and felt quite a lot of vibration, I got smoother as I moved out towards the front and with an inside seat. I liked it but didn't love it. However, after these two coasters Energylandia was missing many of the complimentary things that round out a park. I have no doubt that the creators visited other parks, but they did not take into account the intangibles that make a park work coherently. 1 - There was a lack of thrill rides in the flat department, but I guess that happens if you stuff a family coaster into every corner. Maybe the park is just trying to not cater to teens. 2 - There was only one dark ride and it was a catastrophe. 3 - The park had no charm. Most operators just seemed to be going through the motions without emotion (props to the Formula crew though). Only saw the park mascot near the front entrance, although there were some stilt walkers around the park. 4 - The clientele just didn't appear to be very happen (maybe that's a Polish thing) 5 - Love the attempt at a wait time ride board, except the times were ridiculous. Every major ride was stated as 0-3 minutes, except Hyperion which showed 10 minutes most of the day (even though it was much longer) and Booster was was truly reflective of the wait time. 6 - Stunt show story line was senseless. OK, the stories are usually silly, but this made no sense in any language. The park certainly shows that more is not always better. A few good things to say about the park. There are a good amount of family rides. Food was very good and lines were short, but we ate at off times. Beer and pastries were plentiful throughout the park. The new section with Zadra is much better designed than the rest of the park. Consistent theming and spacious walkways. On to the photos and captions This must be the place Big coaster out front Most of Hyperion is "outside" the park My favorite coaster in the park Not good, but at least they have Formula. so locals will know not all Vekoma's are horrible (or they can just go to Legendia.) The park bought a surplus of fiberglass dragons and placed them everywhere The Jr. Boomerang was fun, it would have been more fun if the line was 40 minutes shorter. Many on the trip hated the wild mouse, I found it no different the typical wild mouse. Oh, hello there Worst shooting dark ride ever Just because Dragon Coaster was re-rideable does mean I have to re-ride it. A coaster not themed to dragons. The Space area of the park made me laugh as the park just put the word Space in every ride name. Booster becomes Space Booster Space Gun, at least the signage looks cool The stunt show was pretty lame. It involved gangsters and a street gang trying to steal their briefcase. The street gang treated the crowd by playing with fire and juggling while not trying to get the briefcase. The chase occurs in front of a prison. So naturally the prison escapee and police become involved in trying to get the briefcase, also. The non story line made me long for Neurogen. I only rode the Wacky Worm to get a closer look at the superb theming. The park had multiple stilt walkers, but I fear that angry looking Polish men in the park were going to punch out one of them. Soft opening for the Dragon Zone, as if there weren't already enough dragons in the park The area looked nice The SLC even looked nice when viewed from the Dragon Zone There are two family/kiddie coasters in the Dragon Zone, but many can now ride Zadra, we missed it by a few weeks. I had a beer at King Arthur's I never saw the park mascots far from the front gate / exit area. Ir I return to Energylandia it will be for this.
  9. ^Good point about City Museum I rarely see it at parks outside of heat exhaustion. I just think of all the alpine slides I have been on. Outside of Scottish Steve and TP Dave at Mitsui Greenland I've never seen an accident. At Action Park there was an incident every 15 minutes on there alpine slides. The cliff dive was crazy, once you got to the top of the 20 foot jump, there was no turning back you had to jump. Then you were lucky if the person after you had the patience to wait for you to clear the area, which they usually didn't. Ride ops on the slides tried to stop by from going to soon to bunch up but it more like a suggestion. But at least on the water tube slides if someone stopped ahead of you had to only worry about the collision not worrying about road rash or flying out of the trough. Don't get me wrong, I loved my visit but I also felt invincible in those days.
  10. While reports of the Action Park are generally sensationalized it was more dangerous than a typical outing to an amusement park. Just not from a life and death standpoint. Everyone I know who went to Action Park has a story to tell of seeing someone getting hurt or injured. Granted many of those accidents were brought upon by the stupidity of someone not obeying the rules.
  11. Drievliet and Duinrell The next day was practically a rest day for me. I had been to both parks previously and I only rode two new rides (both at Duinrell). I'd first like to briefly describe Duinrell. Duinrell promotes it self as a Holiday Park, with an amusement park. This was very prevalent on the day we visited as people were not only filling up the campgrounds, cabins and bungalows (Duingalows) but also setting up sites in the amusements area. Apparently it was a special weekend event at Duinrell. For those that don't know camping is a big deal in Holland. I went into a giant sporting goods store in Amsterdam a week earlier and more than 50% of the store was about camping (and ancillary activities around camping). The amusement ride selection at Duinrell is limited and later I found out, rides are free to anyone Holidaying at Duinrell, so the lines were longer than usual. I didn't even bring my camera into the park as I expected to ride the one new coaster and rest for the remaining 3 hours. Drievliet was another story. This park crams so much into a tiny area. We were pretty much walked onto each coaster after ERT on Formula X. I found Formula X a little rougher than years ago but still a real fun ride. We tried to unbalance our Twistrix car but I wouldn't spin. Then I tried to enjoy the flat rides. One area of the park that was previously themed to space is now all about the ocean. Also, these tea cups were willing and able to spin. The park had 5D movie, which I had not seen at any previous parks so I let every know and reminded them of the last showing (I did not want a repeat of everyone missing it after Neurogen). There was sign out front stating the small capacity of the theater and advising people to arrive early, I got there 15 minutes before showtime and got a seat. However, as the theater reached full capacity I saw Erik and Smisty turned away and then another TPR group turned away. I'd love to say how great it was, but only slightly above average with one good jump scare and an interesting way to get wet with water. Don't let the park entrance fool you, there is no Greek or Roman theming. Fuzziness provided by Samsung. The "front" part of the park has a few major Huss rides with a nautical theme. These Huss rides had a "space" theme during my previous visit to the park. At least I think this is a Huss model Formule X is a really fun compact coaster I only rode it twice on this day, as I said earlier I was just very tired this day. These were probably the best spinning tea cups of the trip. A 5D movie, I'm in. I'm really a sucker for these things. I entered the theater 15 minutes before show time and there were only about 10 seats left. I saw others (possibly Erik, Smisty, AJ, Andrew) arrive after I was seated and they were turned away due to capacity. The longest line of the day was for the flume, but I never think it is a good to travel with wet clothes, so I didn't take a chance. Classic dark ride vehicle The park does have play areas for kids. and slides for everyone to enjoy Both wet and dry There are a decent number of family style flat rides Gold Curse While the theming throughout the park is not complete, many rides have a pirate theme. But the mascot's are as baffling as Untamed's theme. Very open to interpretation. Next we're off to Poland for two (or maybe three) nights.
  12. A few years ago when it was for sale for $15 million the brother of a friend looked into purchasing it to diversify his real estate holdings. The financials showed the park to be reasonably profitable (close to $1.5 Million annual profit), mainly due to the waterpark. A decent percentage of attendance was from groups sales (camps, schools and outings) with the biggest concerns of sustainability over time and the land being more valuable than the park. The shame is what Hellcat became, as it was a lot of fun opening year.
  13. ^I'm not sure how I want to handle the PNE rides but thanks for including them. You really want me to include those balloon rides in the Park Index. LOL! Not doing it, not me. Again thanks for all the photos.
  14. Below are some new photos Also, if you happen to be in the area, they are doing a little Halloween in the Park event on October 19 from 12-5. Most of the activities will be for kids and Food Trucks will also be at the park. https://www.facebook.com/events/493651864737101/ Chuck and Jeremy sending the Pretzel cars off the shop for rehab. John Cory jacking the last post in the funhouse and that means reflooring can begin. Colleen gets in on the painting action Chuck addressing the funhouse's ticket booth. latest visual of the facade View of the kiddie rides from the roof of the funhouse.
  15. Phoenix is classy. It only gets the best wood. LOL! Don't get me wrong it's a great ride, I think this is just very indicative of how which ever rides have the most ridership will fare better than those that haven't. For example Millennium force is my personal number 1, but it's surprising that it still ranks so high, but I think it's mostly because more people have ridden it than other newer coasters. You are not looking at the big picture. Phoenix is helped because some voters could fall into the following mindsets I don't think these new creations by Intamin and RMC are "true " wood coasters I have a large frame and Phoenix' buzz bars are very accommodating My favorite coaster has to be rerideable and some of the newly engineered wood coasters are too intense to re-ride.
  16. I 100% believe that Larry's re-telling of the attraction will be better for me in every way than actually experiencing this attraction. Even if it is still there on my next visit I will not do it because I know I would be disappointed after what Larry has built it up in my mind to be! I'll make sure to retell it every time I see you! Anxiously waiting for NeuroGen II
  17. I got very lucky a few weeks ago on my visit, 3 rides on the Flyers without a snap nazi ride op. First time I've done that in years. And there is a difference between whipping the sails (which can cause the sails to tear) which is prohibited and snapping (which is not prohibited).
  18. The divergent direction by Walibi Holland and Walibi Belgium regarding capital improvements is interesting. Walibi Belgium is taking a more family friendly approach. although their Intamin is coming
  19. ^ as in people with their own agendas When you run into people who admit they voted for Beast because it used to be the best, that's a problem. Even with the improvements in geographical diversity, non-US is underrepresented. Voters are asked to pick what they think is the best even if they have not tried any of the choices. I remember myself and a few frequent TPR trip participants being sent ballots around 2008 and many of us wrote in candidates since the choices were so US based. In future years, some of the write-ins were added to the ballot and did quite well.
  20. Walibi Holland Going into this trip, Walibi Holland was one of the parks I was looking most forward to because of the improvements since my last visit. Previously, there was the beloved Goliath surrounded by a subpar supporting coaster cast and an unimpressive flat ride collection. Ten years later there was certainly a huge change in the coaster collection with the addition of Lost Gravity and Untamed and improvements to two other coasters. I definitely expected to have one of these new coasters dethrone Goliath as king of the park. They were both great and Untamed was my favorite coaster in the park. However, unbeknown to me the park had added a ground breaking VR simulator that no one talks about. I asked the person leading us on the coaster walk back about this building that said Neurogen Clinic. He started laughing as he tried to explain the ride, but what I got out of him was that the storyline revolves around you reliving your memories with a really trippy portion with you drinking and sampling drugs. Either this guy was completely lying or this could be a phenomenal experience. Since we had plenty of ERT on all three major coasters I figured I would give Neurogen a try if the line allowed. I got into the a line at what was stated as a 20 minute wait with about 12 people ahead of me. After 5 minutes of not moving, "doctors" in lab coats started leading patients into the building about every 2 minutes. There was a second line that people started entering and apparently you can pay to reserve a spot in the line. I ended up waiting 35 minutes before entering. I entered a clinic waiting room and was asked to take a seat, while high tech ads from the TVs touted Neurogen's promise to increase brain capacity by at least 20%. I then proceeded to walk down a hallway through scanners that read and recorded my memories. At the end of the hallway I signed in and selected a background (Waterfall or Seaside). It turns out that it doesn't matter which one you choice. Afterwards, a new doctor led my into an observation room where I sat in the simulator chair that looked like a real comfy dentist's chair. I was fitted with a VR headset and the action started. SPOILER ALERT IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED ON YOUR NEXT TRIP TO WALIBI HOLLAND DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING One computer voice talked about memory sequencing and memory bubbles floated across the screen, another computer voice implied that there might be an issues with memories being swapped. The visual then settles on one memory bubble. Computer Voice: "Earliest memory, 4 months old" I was lying on my back in a bassinet being rocked back a forced and this woman's head lower the me and says "Don't worry I won't let anything happen to you" I'm pretty sure they were pumping scents into the room, as it smelled like a nursery at the time. Instead of fading to black memory bubbles appear again. Computer Voice: "Next memory, 4 years old" Now I'm on a seesaw facing a boy. As I rise up in the air he gets this devilish grin and jumps off the seesaw at the bottom and I crash to the ground. I'm crying, the boys mother comes out to scold him and I have to take solace in the same lady from the first scene saying everything will be OK. I assume that is supposed to be the mother of whoever I swapped memories with because I sure don't recognize her. At this point I realize, I'm not even sure if I'm a boy or a girl. I never get to see a reflection of myself. Then the scene transitioned into another memory bubble. Computer Voice: "Next Memory" Now I'm standing in front of three boys who push me to the ground (I must be in middle school). As they mock me a young girl pushes through the boys yelling at them to stop and she tells me it will be OK. Then her face and body start morphing into a young lady. We (myself and the young lady) are now standing and she as leading me into a night club. As we approach the bouncer some guy hands me some pills. We are dancing and my friend is approached by the guy that gave us the pills and they start dancing. I head to the bar and a big hairy bartender gives me four flaming shots. We head back to the dance floor and I watch as my friend is being groped by the pill pusher. Apparently someone is behind me dancing as I'm feeling hands on my back. Then the walls start to melt and there is a big man painted in gold dancing in front of me. Then I see four happy penguins dancing but they turn into 4 angry alligators. Then my friend yells "what was in those pills" as the screen fades, so I assume I passed out. Now we are in the back of a taxi and my view is really fuzzy. My friend is frantic telling me to stay awake it will be OK and she starts yelling at the driver telling him to drive faster to the hospital. Then she reaches around him grabs the wheel and turns left as we are going over a bridge and we head right into the headlights of an upcoming truck. The crash violently jolts my chair and the screen goes dark, so I must be dead. Then the screen comes back on and I see my friend trying to open the back door of the cab to let us out as the cab is filling with water. And just to make it authentic I'm being spritzed with water. Then all of a sudden the car is full and the screen fades to black, so I must be dead. Then I start hearing beeping and medical talk and I see that I'm in an emergency room. Doctors and nurses are looking over me and I have a oxygen mask on. Then there is scrambling around as I flat line, but I can still see the action and someone cuts my shirt open to resuscitate me. Curiously I look down to see if I'm I have breasts but I can't see that in my view. I still have no idea what sex I am. Then the paddles of life shock me and resurrect me. And now the ride is finally over. SPOILER ALERT OVER No matter how much I tried to persuade others to ride this gem no one would follow me, so I went back to ride it again by myself. I guess riding Untamed 30 times instead of 29 times was better than the greatest experience of your life. Either that or I suspect people didn't believe me. So while I was again explaining the ride to trip participants prior to the Untamed line clearing for ERT a park employee heard my conversation and interjected saying how much so many employees liked Neurogen, because it is so different and odd. I felt vindicated but some said they still didn't believe it. Neither did I, that's why I did it twice. Anyway, anyone who read all of that will now be subjected to crappy photos. So nice to arrive at an unopened park for ERT. The park is artsying up the main street area. Great for solving a system of equations using graphing (sorry for the math joke) Not a standard paint job for this car model. We rode this to start the day and debating the theme the rest of the day. Some settled on nature run wild, some fixated on untamed love, I was just glad the designers ideas were not tamed. We got a lot of pictures from restricted areas during the walk back tour. Including the giant infield (Bobbejaanland's Fury and Typhoon could probably both fit inside Untamed's layout) Recycled Track and the old train are used in the queue. Twisty If you saw a picture of us in front of the LOVE sign, this guy took the photo NERDS!!!!!!! My favorite piece of Untamed themeing I remember when this opened the locals weren't quite as impressed as those who traveled from afar to ride. I loved the ride really couldn't think of anything to complain about . I would rather ride this than a big, long coaster that has no forces. And the third great coaster at this park was one I rode before and it still runs great. It really carries its speed and then ejects you over the hills. Low to the ground on the turnaround I rode Speed of Sound to try the restraints, quite an improvement. Outdoor Rock n Roller coaster with special guest Hanno taking one of 5000 photos on that day. We also had EB join us at Walibi Holland. Hanno brought his camera, EB brought homemade candy and snacks for the group. EB > Hanno Hanno again, but on the left is the park employee who made my day and made my trip but ruined all future rides by introducing me to...... NeuroGen - How can anyone not be intrigued by the building? The wording on this sign is just perfect. After experiencing the attraction's content it makes more sense why you must be over 13 years old to ride This is the real reason wait time can increase significantly. You can buy a ticket to cut the line and I think only 8 people can experience the ride at a time. Although I dogged the park's flat ride selection, Merlin's Magic Castle is a good madhouse, just ignore the graffiti. At lunch the park served Kroketten (and other stuff) I love Kroketten. While Dutch amusement park desserts may be just as unhealthy as funnel cakes one can dream otherwise. I do prefer my waffles without worms. The stupid fountain walked right in front of the ferris wheel as I snapped the shot. The fountains are so f'n rude in Holland. Speaking of f'n let's buy a t-shirt And just so your lady has a matching shirt.
  21. Definitely looks less janky than the current zipline coasters, but I loved the terrifyingness of the bouncing track at Forever lorida
  22. RCDB is already showing a new Zamperla coaster for 2020. I have not read anything else about it yet. I'm about to do some online research. EDIT: I found the article https://www.amny.com/things-to-do/luna-park-contest-1.34977727 Coney Island's Luna Park wants customers to name its new attractions By Shaye Weaver shaye.weaver@amny.com Updated August 26, 2019 2:17 PM If you have a knack for naming things, you could be part of Coney Island history. Luna Park, the seaside amusement park known for the Coney Island Cyclone and Steeplechase, has enlisted the public's help in naming three attractions planned for 2020. Through Sunday, Sept.1, Luna Park will be taking name ideas for a new roller coaster — and the person whose name is chosen will get VIP access with 10 of their friends to Luna Park for a day. Located next to the Thunderbolt, the coaster will be "massive," with many "thrills, twist and turns," according to lunaparknyc.com. It will be a steel coaster that gives riders a semi-circle, panoramic view of Coney Island. Luna Park does not currently have a rendering of the roller coaster. Last week, Luna Park solicited names for its forthcoming log flume ride, which will have 12 boats (seating six riders each) that offer a semi-circle/panoramic view of Coney Island before it plunges riders down at more than 30 mph for a big splash. Two weeks ago, it took names for a new ropes course, which will be set within a circus-themed area that will allow visitors to climb and zip line. Each contest was open for one week only. "We are excited to offer the Coney Island community and amusement parkgoers the opportunity to name our upcoming attractions," said Alessandro Zamperla, the president of Central Amusement International Inc., which owns Luna Park. "These competitions engage the community and allow amusement fans to directly impact Luna Park’s legacy. We look forward to seeing all the submissions." Contestants must be 18 and older to enter and be a citizen of the U.S. and submit an original idea. VIP access to the park includes unlimited rides and food. Winners will be notified via email by Oct. 23.
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