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  1. For me, I really hate rides in which they squish more than two people in a row (except for B&M's). Especially if there's not a lot of room in a whole row, or if they have a whole bunch of heavy restraints on the ride. For me, the winner of this type of ride goes to: The Looping Starship at Valleyfair! Ever been on a ride like this? The Looping Starship at Valleyfair!
  2. Alright. This is going to be one sweet collection for Valleyfair! That S curve drop will be one sweet deal! Maybe this coaster could attract more people, by giving them a good reason to go to Valleyfair!
  3. What a strange, but creative activity for all the family to enjoy. Thinking to myself right now, I would probably take the challenge, because I really don't like long lines (although if I had the chance, I might just think twice about it.
  4. Sweet. Kraken is my favorite ride. And yes. The Kraken's head is left of the picture (you can't see it in the photo's above). But it's there.
  5. Alright! After three years of "Standing but not Operating" status, the three hundred foot Morgan is back into operation. I guess we should give Wild Thing at Valleyfair!, a thank you?
  6. Have you ever had a restraint that would push down on you (such as a B&M restraint), because I think it's just awesome. But sometimes it can be a pain. Such as a "Looping Starship" ride. I'm just wondering, have you had this happen to you before? If so, is it a sensation of joy, or is it just pain? For me it's a sensation of joy. The Looping Starship at Valleyfair!
  7. You mean "Valleyfair!" will get a nice coaster for 2007. Thank you for that message. It gives me more hope for this new attraction to be a GCI woodie, instead of a B&M, misc. I just hope that it would have great airtime.
  8. I was hoping for this to be a B&M inverted coaster (and I still am, also considering we don't know what this ride is yet), but I would probably still like what we got (unless it turns out not to be a coaster, or even a thrill ride). If this is a wooden coaster, then let's hope that it isn't another bad woodie. Hopefully, it won't be. I just wonder if it would be a compact woodie or not, if it was. A Custom Coaster International, Inc. coaster (similar to New Mexico Rattler ), for Valleyfair!. But I do not believe they are around anymore. But, that's just me thinking ahead.
  9. Well, announced today on screamscape (from where I read it first), it looks like their is some piles of wood somewhere. http://www.screamscape.com/html/valleyfair.htm Not to be the smart one or anything, but I think Valleyfair!'s getting a GCI woodie (but you can never know until the official announcement is made. It could turn out to be something different ).
  10. *Sigh*. This is sad. S&S is a great company, and one of my favorite too. It's sad to see this happen. Hopefully, it will somehow get fixed. My avatar is also sad.
  11. I say S&S is a company that goes beyond the limits (such a great company ). But I do have to ask how do the trains slow down right before that jagged curve?
  12. Wow. This is sad. I wonder why and what in her heart (if it was the cause) made her collapse.
  13. Well to me, I can't really see the outline of a track very well (maybe not at all). But what could this track become of?
  14. Yes. It's true about waiting for about a whole year or so, and the first coaster you ride will have pretty intense airtime. Even if it's an Arrow Corkscrew (I'm not kidding) .
  15. Lol! That would be funny! *Sigh* I was hoping for it to be a B&M Invert (But we don't know if it will be or not yet. Do we? ).
  16. Wow. That's terrible news. Think of the audience at the performance. Just sad.
  17. I will have to agree with you (even though I have never been on either Xcelerator, nor Top Thrill Dragster ). But B&M coasters are the comfiest seats I have ever been on. Morgan Trains aren't the most comfterable seats out there on the other hand.
  18. Wow. I had never thought of a B&M to be rough. Unfortunatly, I have never ridden a coaster alone before. Although I was almost alone once, when I was riding the Pepsi Ripsaw at the Park at MOA. I sat in the front seat, and there was one person in the far back of the train. But it kind of felt like it though (it also felt nice with that gentle breeze in the front, and the chlorine smell of the park. ).
  19. I am going to Valleyfair! this next Friday. And I will take some photos of what I see. I live about 45 minutes away from Valleyfair!, so I do not have a season pass. Meaning that I wouldn't be able to give updates on the project. For this new attraction we have been discussing, no, we don't know what it will be. And they've also picked a good spot to keep this project away from the public's eye. We also have to put the "Valleyscare!" event into consideration.
  20. ^ This topic is not about the park. This topic is about the coaster. We want to know more about this coaster, and the coaster company.
  21. I would do anything to visit an amusement park (unless it's a small amusement park with only a small kiddie coaster) The farthest I've traveled to an amusement park, is from Minnesota, to Disney World Florida (by plane).
  22. This type of coaster you're talking about is a little strange. But I did find something about this type of coaster on the internet. Scroll down to where it says "camelback", and the second feature to be shown will be the bizarre "Inverted Technologies" coaster. Here's the link: http://www.coasterglobe.com/features/quickreference-tableoftheelements/index.cfm (thanks to www.coasterglobe.com for supporting this information).
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