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  1. This is my Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 masterpiece creation, the Horror You can watch a video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1Adp2n_pTY Pics: The train just about to launch out of the station. This is where your mind plays a trick on you ( Watch the video and see what I mean). It also gets very dark after the sun sets. The crazy layout. Let's take a look inside. Yup The entire ride is inside a box.
  2. Dang, now I really wish I had No Limits 1.6. Oh well.
  3. I'm trying to insert the values of the parabola so that the beginning of the segment starts at a +73 degree angle. I hope this clears up what I'm looking for.
  4. And how do you figure out the elementary formula? Please take me through step by step.
  5. Aah. To make a neat helix, use No Limits Elementary. Download the helix swiss army knife for a more advanced helix.
  6. Wow Neat job. I tried to make a recreation of Deja Vu twice recently, and failed. I'm impressed by your recreation. Neat job once more!
  7. ^ A smooth parabola, in which if you divided the parabola into just two segments, the middle point would be at the top of the parabola, and the three coordinates of the middle point would be at the same height.
  8. Wow. I'm overwhelmed. I should have been more broad. How do you make a good parabola?
  9. I'd like to see more Vekoma SLC's around the world.
  10. I need help calculating a parabola in No Limits Elementary. How do make a good parabola? Advise would be appreciated.
  11. ^ Goliath513 is right. Let the park handle them. No harm is done to you. You might even get a little chuckle out of it. Does anybody remember the incident of line jumping that happened at valleyfair a few years ago? It was almost the same incident as this incident, except security didn't reach the scene to break it up fast enough.
  12. Wow. The first drop is like a half nonagon. Ouch!
  13. Neat. Thanks for the update. It's good to hear Renegade is running again. Anyways, since Renegade will most likely be open for your trip, I strongly suggest be one of the first to get to Renegade, so you don't have to wait as long to ride. That's probably the only advice I can give you, because the lines for all the rides don't tend to be long. Have a good time.
  14. If you're going this week, you won't get to ride Renegade, because it is down for repairs.
  15. I have and older brother named Dan, and he's diabetic.
  16. Nice trip report. I agree with Renegade. It's an awsome coaster! I was looking to see if I was in the background or something in one of your pictures, and then I remember I went on opening day. A day before you guys went!
  17. For all those who would be interested in having the last image as a wallpaper, I have posted a larger size of the picture for everybody to enjoy. Valleyfair Wallpaper.zip Hope you enjoy!
  18. More photos: I end this trip report, with this beauty! Yeah. I bought a Renegade souvenir, because I love it! I think it likes you! Scary Calculus Kid! Outside the entrance now. It's time to go home. The Corkscrew! Yeah. It's one rough ride. Yeah. I gave Renegade a double thumbs up (notice how the ride messed up my hair). We rode Renegade one more time before the park closed. As you can see, someone blocked the entrance after we got off.
  19. More photos: Yeah! We broke the rules......but then, who doesn't? Hey High Roller. I like Renegade more than you! The train flies by really fast! This is a picture for all those perverts out there. It's no fun waiting for 45 minutes to ride. But it means no more Wild Thing for today. I found the ghost train! It's stopped at the mid course brakes. I'm not sure what's going on.... Look! There's the train! Wait, where'd it go? Oh, right, it's a ghost train! Another shot of the ghost train! Also, there are six cars on the train, you just can't see the sixth, because it's a ghost train. A myth out there says you can't see the last car sometimes since the crash last year. What's this? A ghost train! On Wild Thing!
  20. More shots: The main entrance, In my opinion is better than Balder's. Back to Renegade! Yay! High Roller! A nice coaster, with split second airtime. I also tried the new camera system on the Corkscrew. But they weren't selling any videos. Only one Turbo Drop tower was operating today. Have I told you how neat Renegade is? Another highlight! If I didn't know better, Mike was eating his hand. It's Freshman Calculus and Erik. And Freshman Calculus is bored because of Excalibur. This is probably the best picture you can get of Excalibur. Excalibur, with nearly no lines at all.....Again! Yeah. It looks better in the other pic.
  21. Nice video Robb. I just rode Renegade, and it is fantastic. btw, I noticed you're the only one riding Renegade, from the shadows.
  22. More photos: Renegade's hot! That's me, and my friend Mike (aka, the freshman that's in Calculus). The ride operator was so kind, he took a picture of us!...And we took a picture of him. But you won't be seeing him, he doesn't want to be seen. btw, I'm on the left. Yeah! Same here! Happy riders! Why do I have the feeling I'm going to die? Nice Power Tower! Nope. Riptide was not open! But that's ok. I wasn't in the mood for claustrophobic flipping until your legs turn purple. It's that bad Morgan hyper coaster. Even though it might not be the best, it still gives off the most intense airtime of any other roller coaster in the park. Hey Freshman Calculus person! I think Steel Venom is jealous because he's not the newest roller coaster anymore. I like getting wet. I guess I Dan and I have different ways.
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