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  1. Wow, looks like a great coaster and park, which I have to admit I did not know existed. (Thanks TPR!)
  2. Love the station shots of Tornado - what an awesome-looking element. Thanks for sharing Jake!
  3. It may not be the biggest but it looks like one of the baddest. Nice job RMC!
  4. Good to know! I will deff try, (no good enthusiast can pass up a ride if they have the chance!)just I figured if something needs to be skipped that may have to be the one, but several have said everything in a day is very possible Yeah I concur it's amazing what darkness and a bit of themeing can do for a mouse, Exterminator is a really fun ride! But if it's down to a ride on Exterminator or a re-ride on Phantom's Revenge, go for the latter. That ride blew my socks off!
  5. Whatever coaster design/type they go with, this seems like a very wise move by Sea World to me. I really enjoyed my visit to Sea World Orlando in 2013 and would love to get back there someday soon.
  6. Wow, the ride still looks utterly mad. How is it nowadays in terms of roughness? (I haven't ridden since 2010 and know it's gone through a lot of reprofiling over the years.)
  7. After all these years it still looks like a truly terrifying coaster to me. Fingers crossed it gets a buyer.
  8. A coaster that gets eaten by a dragon can only be a good thing! Good to see Poland getting a big theme park.
  9. What a wonderful exhibit of all things Ghibli - thanks for sharing. If Ghibli ever created a theme park based on their movies it would rival Disney for sure.
  10. So...many...random roller coasters! I'll get to Japan one day! Great trip report.
  11. Thanks for sharing. I've always been intrigued by Connyland and their weird shuttle coaster (and why Switzerland, home of B&M and Intamin, don't really have much in the way of coasters!).
  12. WOW, great to see Bullet live again, awesome!
  13. The new Medusa looks GREAT! As does the rest of Six Flags Mexico. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Great update of a unique-looking park! Look forward to following along the rest of the trip.
  15. Lovely photos Marcel! I enjoyed my trip to the Aussie parks a few years ago and it looks like they keep getting better.
  16. Looks like a fun coaster on a small footprint, and those are among my favs. Nice job Knoebels!
  17. WOW. This looks like the ride to finally get me back to Magic Mountain. Great to see Scream getting some new paint. I still wish they'd put some grass under the ride though!
  18. Ah, summer fun with TPR... Banshee looks like a solid addition to the Kings Island line-up. I love how Robb and Elissa made a donation to a church to get everyone to Stricker's Grove! And how I miss Carrabba's! Very nice update.
  19. Thanks guys! Lovely, high quality footage, very enjoyable to see as one clip.
  20. 1. We most often watch movies via digital download. 2. There are very few streaming services available to us in New Zealand, so never, alas. (For e.g. the only way to get Netflix is to use VPN software to change over to an American IP address; this situation is slowly changing with a couple of local providers - such as dying DVD chains - setting up their own streaming services.) 3. I still buy DVDs if they're on sale, but can't be bothered with BluRay anymore. We can download high quality movie files easily enough. 4. We used to use a media player - but our new Samsung TV has taken over this function. Still use the media player on holidays. 5. I only watch YouTube on my PC or phone and just short clips usually.
  21. The Happy Valley parks look great - thanks for sharing. I always love photos of Chinese riders with their hands firmly down!
  22. Great coverage of Coney Island Chuck! I too am a fan of the Spook-a-Rama - one of my favourite memories of the North East Trip in '11. The next time I'm over there I must explore NY better.
  23. My birth year, 1978, saw three bona fide coaster classics open! Loch Ness Monster Shock Wave - SFOT Mind Bender - SFOG Happy to say I've been on two of these.
  24. Enjoying your TR Neil. We're hoping to get to Europe (and Germany especially), but gotta save those pennies - your TR is definitely helping.
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