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  1. Awesome! And Filet-o-Fish Fridays should be starting either this week or next.
  2. There's nothing to block behind Mermaid - it's all trees that back up to the Redwood Creek Trail area. This picture gives a pretty good idea of where the DVC building starts and the trees that are directly behind Mermaid.
  3. I think I have a different view due to the proximity of the trucks - generally there is one within a couple miles of the stretch of the 5 I drive home on every night. For me, it's not difficult nor time consuming to track a new one down every few days. If it were farther, after a couple times I would probably feel the same way and stop going to them. My only festival experience has been to was at the Pond where most trucks ran out of food early in the day and lines were at least half an hour. I haven't really tried going to another but maybe the trucks have started to get a better idea of what to expect at these things and the experience has improved.
  4. Hopefully they have some later plans for that area. If they used all the areas your mentioned, plus Corn Dog Castle, Seaside Souvenirs and the space behind it - it would be a HUGE attraction pad. The only problem might be blocking the views of the lower level DVC rooms directly behind Souvenirs.
  5. When I first looked at the tiramisu, I could have sworn it was Mac n' Cheese with some sort of crusty brown topping. That all looks so awesome - I'm hungry now.
  6. On his Facebook, Robb pointed out the sight www.roaminghunger.com It consolidates all the tweets in one page to make it pretty easy to find where all the different trucks are going to be.
  7. It was a little cold, but otherwise yes quite nice. If you were in the semi-finals of the All-Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament and were asked by your crazy sensei to take your semi-final opponent as opposed to trying to win, would you?
  8. I had a Pliny the Elder at Blue Palms in Hollywood , which would have been great if not for the bitter taste of missing out on their keg of Pliny the Younger by about 48 hours
  9. Don't you mean "Future Los Angeles Laker" Dwight Howard?
  10. Looks like D. Williams is going to New Jersey. Favors, Devin Harris, 2 first rounders & cash for Williams. I like the move for Jersey, but considering he hasn't signed an extension and will be a FA in 2012 - they better pray they can convince him to stay of they just through away everything. As for Mello, I think any time you have a chance to grab two of the 10 all-star starters, you have to do it. They weren't going to do anything in the Playoffs this year anyway, so if they can surround them with a decent free-agent class and a couple draft picks - they could easily content next year.
  11. I just started using The Sims 3 create a world tool. I always get bored with the actual Sims gameplay pretty quick and focus on lot design, so the idea of creating a whole world is appealing. The learning curve seems to be kinda steep, but I've gotten to the point where I can make a multi-leveled terrain looks fairly realistic so I'm optimistic.
  12. That was the problem - Arte made these grand proclamations that they were going to go out and spend whatever it takes to land a huge free agent. Then they got outbid for everyone they went after. That left them to either panic & make a move like they did or yet another year of hoping their pitching and prospects would deliver. I don't think they thought they could sell their fans on that (and judging by the drop in attendance last year, I don't blame them) so they rolled on Wells. It was a total short sighted move that will marginally improve them this year but do nothing for the long term.
  13. They didn't have such a good start to 2002 either and look what happened then. Looking back at that roster, it's shocking that they were able to win the World Series. Sadly, there's no more truck-loads of steroids being delivered to the locker room anymore so I don't think we'll see a repeat of that. The starting pitching is fantastic, and adding lefties Downs and Takahashi is really an upgrade over Scott Shields for middle relief but that's pretty much where the optimism ends. They really didn't fix ANY of the offensive problems they had last year. They still don't have a high OBP guy to lead off and platooning Izturis, Wood & Callaspo at third is horrible. They made a panic trade for Wells, taking on a huge contract and thinning out an already weak bench (not to mention, if Pujols tests free agency I bet they would kill to have that $86 million not tied up on an aging, under-performing center fielder). Having Morales back will help, but they are still a small ball team without the right pieces to pull it off.
  14. Even worse is this "14 days of Valentines" crap that has started popping up.
  15. One - I broke my nose in high school. I had the flu, woke up in the middle of the night to go throw-up, mid-heave I passed out, cracked my face on the toilet - a few seconds later I woke up in a pile of my own vomit and blood. Not good times. I never did go to a doctor and still can only beathe out of only one nostril.
  16. Might as well bump this...pitchers and catchers report today! This is the only short period of the year where the Angels look like World Series contenders, then the offense shows up and it all goes to hell. Oh well...baseball is here again. Happy day!
  17. I'll take a 12 hour Black Eyed Peas halftime show if I was promised that there will be a full football season next year. Things are looking grim
  18. I had a Pigskin Pale Ale from Beer Valley, which oddly enough was the only beer in the house I didn't drink on SuperBowl Sunday. Not bad at all - a perfect beer for working out in the yard on a sunny Feb. afternoon.
  19. I love their coffee. Stores around here have just started carrying their grinds, it's great not to have to drive 15 minutes out of my way for their superior coffee.
  20. I really hope it is before then...The thought of Memorial Day crowds mixed with hundreds of thousands of APs all gunning for LM is frightening.
  21. Sometime in the spring. My guess would be close to a big holiday weekend. Sometime in May. It sounds like it's in flux because that, Star Tours opening and POTC 4 premier party are all scheduled for about the same time.
  22. It's amazing that cities like NO and Pittsburgh can muster up so many people for these parades (more people then the population of the entire city), yet when the Lakers win the NBA Championship, only about 300,000 people show up out of their almost 10 million population. We can't help it that Championships are so routine out here
  23. But at the next PPV the elimination chamber is the draw, especially with the Smackdown chamber going to be for the title. There has been a history of non-traditional contender matches for the EC. Right now, Lawler is probably one of the top 5 faces in the company so why not? Miz can beat him, draw even more heat for beating a 57 year old, beloved WWE HOFer and move on to his WrestleMania program more molten than ever. Plus, Lawler can still work - as shown last night on RAW. It's better that Cena/Orton vol. 57.
  24. It's at Urban Lights in Los Angeles. It's a concrete slab with 200 lampposts that all light up at night.
  25. I don't know why, but I've been on a kick of hugging just about anything and taking pictures of it recently. Call it winter boredom, I suppose.
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