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  1. Speaking of Donuts, has anyone accumulated a useable amount by free methods? Do they start adding up at the higher levels or is the only real chance you have to buy something cool through purchasing donuts and scratchers?
  2. If anyone has got turnips to sell, my town is buying them for 593 bells right now. I'll have my gate open for about the next half hour or so to let anyone in.
  3. Went through the whole list on the front page and finally added everyone. Acceptance would be greatly appreciated. I started late & just got up to level 17, so I'm hoping getting more friends will help speed up the process a bit.
  4. I'm pretty sure it will be available to anyone, much like the Squidport update. So you can essentially have 3 separate zones (Squidport, Springfield, and Krustyland) to work on concurrently. For the Squidport update, do you just have to purchase one of the beach sections of land to open it up to build or do you have to be at a certain level?
  5. That all sounds so awesome, but sadly I am so so far away from that. Just built Moe's Tavern and got to level 15. I'm at the stage that is seems a lot of you have passed of just compulsively checking this all day long to level up as soon as possible. Must get caught up for Krustyland.
  6. Thank you! You have saved my fat fingers from accidentally mashing away my donuts yet again.
  7. Opening up my gates right now for probably a couple hours. It's raining, so hopefully there's another Coelcanth out (last time I ended up catching two) Also have peaches and coconuts on the trees right now. edit: bah just stopped raining. Closing up to go to the island.
  8. Do the villagers actually donate to the projects? I've fully funded all of mine so far! They do, but its almost nothing! By the way, can you confirm my friend request? I never have the patience to wait for them. I funded half of my bench (I was too scared to jump right in and fund a bridge, so I figured I couldn't mess anything up with a cliffside bench), went fishing for a couple hours, got frustrated when I came back to no more donations so I just paid it off. I just about freaked out when I caught a Coelacanth this morning. Some previous games it's taken me YEARS to get one. This time I lucked out on my first rainy day.
  9. Gonna have my gate open for the next hour or so. It's raining, and I've been catching a ton of fish I hadn't yet. Also have a bunch of peaches if anyone needs them.
  10. You have to go into the store, connect to their wifi & hope that they actually have their Nintendo Zone activated (which, looking at the ACC community, it seems like lots of stores don't). Then go to the post office and there's an option to connect & download. I've tried one Best Buy already and wasn't able to get it. I'll be going to the more popular one in town later tonight and hopefully that will work.
  11. Just got the game last night and am loving it so far. Here is my info. I'm going through right now and adding everyone who has posted their information so far... Name: Chris Friend Code: 1907-8795-4644 AC Name: Chris City: Bellow Fruit: Peaches
  12. I'm super late to the party but I just joined. DevilSaint78 Gonna start adding people, but it you wanna add me and save me some typing - that'd be cool.
  13. I don't see anything about it - probably just rides going down for normal reasons and people assuming the worst.
  14. If there is more than one WOC that night and you don't mind seeing it late, I always recommend trying to get a FP for the 2nd or 3rd show. Generally, it's far less crowded and since they have to clear out the people from previous shows, you're stuck in a holding pen for much less time than seeing the first performance.
  15. As horrible as it would be for TPR people to have to go through it, all I can think is how amazing of a trip report "TPR stranded on a Karnival ship" would be.
  16. That's a really odd design for a stadium. With the jumbotron taking up one whole side, I would guess a good portion of seats on the far side would be a pretty terrible view. But no question - this stadium would be built with Super Bowls in mind.
  17. Heck yea - this was great last year. The pancake mix I got was out of this world.
  18. Taking a quick look over that picture - it looks like the typical food truck crowd out here. They'll wait two hours because it's cool and new and they can hop onto Facebook and tell their friends how superior they are to them because they tried it first.
  19. The problem with Mermaid was that as soon as people heard the ride system, it was being judged against the quality of Haunted Mansion as opposed to the plussed up dark-ride that it really is. But I do love the ride too and usually ride it multiple times because it's the best ride at DCA that doesn't have a really long wait on a busy day.
  20. I'll be there Me too - did you guys get the Trapped add-on for the end of the night?
  21. Just be careful that you don't let the racers fastpasses sell out, that can happen on the weekends. Whoops...that's what I meant. Do all that AFTER getting Racers FPs instead of getting them and then hopping in line right after.
  22. Instead of riding Racers first thing, I would say go to Luigi's (if you're interested) and then book it over to Toy Story. Ever since CarsLand opened, Toy Story is basically a walk-on for the first hour of the day. Saves a ton of time as that line won't get less than half an hour for the rest of the day. From my experience, some of the longest Racers lines of the day are right at opening. Ride it with your fastpass later and then if you wanna go again, do Single Rider - which will be shorter than the line will be early.
  23. Plus it would come with the added benefit of kicking out that atrocious "Dancing with Disney" thing they have in there now.
  24. It'll probably be crazy either day. If anything, all the So Cal passes are blocked out the 20th so it might not be AS nuts. Hitting Racers first would probably be the best plan. If you're interested in the other two Carslands rides I would Fastpass Racers and try to get to those early cause all reports is that they are sloooow moving lines. Also, the queue of Racers is supposed to be pretty detailed, so it's that's something you'd be interested in Fastpass wouldn't be the best idea. As far as WOC, I tell everyone to see the 2nd (or 3rd if they have it) show. The first show you have to wait around forever in the viewing area, while the later shows are much less standing around and typically less crowded.
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