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  1. I know it's probably dreaming, but I just wish they would bring back the food trucks like they had for Glowfest. The Greek truck they would bring in totally smokes the crappy nacho & hot dog "truck" they have set up back there now.
  2. I think it just shows that no matter what cruise you choose to go on, if you have good people to go with and go in with the right mindset - you can have a blast. I have a 4-Day Baja Carnival cruise coming up in April and after reading all this - I can't wait.
  3. Yea, From the time Fantasmic filled at 10pm to the time it ended, the park was really busy. Once that let out and thousands of people were just left with no real objective, plus all the people super hyped up who had been trying to get in for hours - that's when it really got nuts.
  4. Yea, it was pretty crazy. When there was no restaurant or ODV without a 45+ minute wait to buy coffee, we knew it was time to call it a night. The craziest thing was the huge line to BUY tickets still at 2am. There's no way it was shorter than an hour and everyone who was leaving for the night was shocked that they were still selling tickets. Then once you bought tickets, the line to get in was almost all the way back to DCA. When I went back around noon today, there were tons of tired looking people still in their "Pulled an All Nighter" shirts, which really makes me wonder how many people didn't even go home and maybe napped in the car for a couple hours.
  5. Three cheese Monte Cristo French Toast? Oh yea, that will be mine at about 2am when those late-night muchies hit.
  6. Whew - After I sent it I was thinking there is probably a small section of the population who would enjoy a Vinylmation ice cube tray...glad it found one of the few who would
  7. Woke up today to find my package waiting for me downstairs! The poor box looks like it's been through hell to get here. Awesome stuff from Tennessee - after looking at the Aretha Frankensteins website, so I so ready to bust into that pancake mix.
  8. Have everything packed up, ready to go and will be dropping it off after work. Unfortunately, the post office closes so damned early these days so it's won't go out until tomorrow morning, but it will be in the Priority Mail Drop-off box tonight.
  9. In the "Don't wanna break my TV by throwing a Wii-mote through it out of frustration" world, strategy guides are a must.
  10. Only 64 days until pitchers and catchers report and I can ignore the soon to be depressing Lakers basketball season!
  11. That was a ridiculous haul the NBA was asking from the Clippers for Paul. The Clippers offered 4 or the 6 lucrative pieces they have and the NBA turns around and says "nah...we want all 6." It really makes no sense, unless the Hornets are pegged for contraction when Pauls contract runs out at the end of the season. I don't know how well Odom is going to handle all this - he's already pretty much broken down crying on national radio about how betrayed he feels and I could see that sending him into a funk all season. He's made it clear for years that he only wants to play in beach cities. Add to that all the Kardasian "why is everyone saying I'm a problem, honey?" drama he is dealing with. I hope Dallas enjoys their 32-year old, emotionally broken, unhappy living in Dallas reigning 6th man of the year...
  12. I'm in - as I get older and good Christmas presents become things like new socks and underwear, it's fun to participate in random gift exchanges where you get randomly cool stuff.
  13. Just bought an Xbox360 4gb w/ Kinect on Amazon with a $50 Amazon credit for $199.98. I already have an XBox, but no Kinect so between the $50 credit and flipping the 4GB system on EBay - I figure I'll end up with the Kinect for pretty much free.
  14. Not even three years. If they lose a whole season, they are never getting back a big majority of their fans. To deprive fans of a league that is at it's highest level since Jordan with the momentum coming off of last season is a crime.
  15. It was the same for us in there. Almost no monsters until the bedroom and then they were everywhere. That was the one area that actually "got us" as there was a new monster surprising us every time we turned away from another one for about 10 straight corners. Our favorite maze of the night.
  16. We went last night and the park was completely empty. We hit every maze, rode Calico & Sleepy Hallow, saw Ed Alonzo & the Hanging, rode Ghost Rider, Pony Express (my first time) & Xcelerator (also my first time) all by 11:30. There was no line for any maze, and most of them we walked through by ourselves (which made for a pretty great experience). The longest wait for anything was probably 10 minutes for Ghost Rider. It had been a few years since we had gone, because we had a pretty bad experience on a peak night but a Sunday night early in the month seems like the way to go.
  17. I guess so. I'm going to be at Haunt tonight so I hope to be able to see a reduction in trash cans. Isn't it funny all the parks around the country are talking about new coasters or new major attractions next year, and we are talking about how many trashcans they are removing. I'll be there tonight too and I'm sure now I'll get the crap scared out of me by a monster while I'm paying attention to the number of trash cans in the area.
  18. Three hours? Maybe during Ghost Galaxy, but even on the busiest of Summer days, I never see that line over 2 hours MAX. Space and Indy are the two that I would never ride without FP, especially on warmer days. Those hour long, outdoor, switchback queues are brutal.
  19. Angels starters have given up a total of 4 runs in 20 innings through three games and the team is 1-2. Offseason money well spent on middle relievers! Ugh.
  20. While the park is still open, too! Plus, it seems now with the one feeder line that entering the park has become EASIER than it was before they shut down half the turnstiles. Hopefully it can stay the same once they have to route everyone back behind Soarin' when the street really starts to get torn up.
  21. Am I reading this wrong or are you a crackhead? Ha! Yea, it does come off that way. That's what I get for posting on a Sunday morning when my body feels like it's still 7am...
  22. Ever since they made the 20 piece chicken mcnuggets $4.99, it has been BAD for the waistline... It's basically like putting a discount crack dealer down the street from me and telling me to go at it.
  23. Average Reaction Time: 0.292 Gender: M Time (Of day) Test Is Taken: 4:10pm Age (if you don't feel comfortable, post an age bracket): 27 Do you play video games frequently (More than or equal to two times a week): yes
  24. Although it is getting to the point where it sells out within a few days of each batches release, but Bootlegger's Brewery makes a fantastic DIPA (Knuckle Sandwich) that is as good as all of those. I suggest trying to hunt some down if you're into IPAs.
  25. Ooo I have lots of randomly named Yahoo accounts from over the years that still work. Mwuuahaha
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