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  1. My tile is finally ready for anyone who is in a clicky mood.
  2. I told myself I wasn't going to get into this one, too. And then Tapped Out has been down and I needed something to do during lunch. I'm hooked.
  3. I've settled on 4 hour tasks during the day at work. I'll set them right before I leave home in the morning, check on them during lunch and re-task them and again towards the end of my day before I go home (and I don't feel like doing any more work anyway). Then some time during the night after dinner I'll put them on 12 hour (or 8 if I'm late with it) and they'll be ready to start again the next morning. I've caught up to everyone else WAY quicker than I expected to using this method.
  4. Finally passed my last fashion check (with a bit of time traveling since modern clothing is pretty limited) and the Gracie store should be opening up tomorrow! Waahhooo! Now I'm gonna really have to start grinding out bug catching on the island to say for all the super expensive stuff I just opened up.
  5. Finally spent a few of the donuts I'd collected during Halloween and purchased Squeeky Voiced Teen and Hans Moleman. It's already totally worth it with the last 24 hours of "man getting hit with a football in the groin".
  6. Does anyone know when exactly the Halloween stuff ends? I know it's November 7th but is that midnight tonight or all the way through tomorrow? I need about 800 GOO more for the next bonus and I'm hoping I still have two more cycles of visiting towns to do it.
  7. I take back everything bad I've ever cursed under my breath at the Mystery Box. Just won 10 donuts! I also clicked on your tile, Ernie and got 600+ XP.
  8. I'm totally in for another year. I give no help in what to send to me. Something random that you enjoy and think someone else would also is the best.
  9. ^^ I'm probably going to have to do the same thing. I only have 7 villagers (well 8, but Truffles is moving out tomorrow), so the only way to get the whole creepy set tonight would be to create a 2nd villager, which i don't really want to do. Going back and doing it again tomorrow will hopefully get me the furniture I need. The whole experience was a total grind by the end. It's frustrating how Jack reacts just like the other villagers this year (running towards you), so you have to talk to almost everyone on the off chance that it could be him. My town was overflowing with candy from the amount of charade games I had won. Also had to Quit and restart a dozen times for all the villagers to have cycled to being the one inside their homes to go scare.
  10. TSTOTIPS.com has the rumor up. No spoilers on the front page.
  11. My poor town is being neglected because I've been spending all my free time on the Simpsons Halloween update. I finally got back on today and almost all my flowers had died. Sad to say I am no longer a perfect town.
  12. ^ Cool I'll add you tomorrow morning when I get on.
  13. I'm a super early player so I never see anyone online. I get up to take my girl to the train station, then usually get an hour or two of playtime around 6:30am PST. Then usually a half an hour on my lunch and that's about it. I got my third Gracie check today and passed easily so only one more to go! I've had a villager exodus in the past couple weeks and I'm down to 7. They were all original animals from when I started so it was kinda sad to see them go (especially because I hadn't gotten pictures from any of them...Grrr)
  14. You guys are all awesome. I logged on this morning and find almost every one of my buildings haunted & my town completely packed with gremlins. By the time I'd clicked on everything I'd made over 500 GOO.
  15. Has anyone else had an issue with getting the same spooky items every day? For the third day in a row the Spooky Wall Lamp and the Spooky Wallpaper have been in my store, and the masks seem to just alternate between skeleton and werewolf.
  16. I've gotten two of the wall lamps to start off. I figure I can trade/sell any extras I get for something I might have missed.
  17. So apparently your basement doesn't count for HHA points. I've been going crazy the past couple days trying to figure out why I wasn't getting the 25,000 point bonus for a complete set. Last night I re-organized my whole house because I want my backyard wrestling room in the basement, moved all my astro stuff into my side left room and woke up to find my HHA at 55,000. Woohoo!
  18. Right Now my plan is for... - Astro Room - Green Room - Modern Wood Room - Kitchen (which is mostly done, I just need the Roost Cafe gyroids - Library - Backyard Wrestling Room
  19. I FINALLY completed my first furniture set today - the Astro set! I've had 8 out of the 11 pieces of it for forever, and someone who I street passed at Disneyland yesterday had the rest. They also had a ton of the Modern Wood set and now I'm only one piece away from completing that, too. I'm way too excited to wake up tomorrow morning to go check my HHA score.
  20. I just got my first request (for a Fairytale Bench) yesterday. Other than that I've had the same experience as you. I assume that the towns I visit that have all the crazy public works projects must have time traveled, because I make it a point to interact with all the villagers every day and I've gotten almost nothing.
  21. I feel like I just tapped the full potential of this game by unlocking Ralph Wiggum. I've been clicking on him for the last 5 minutes giggling at everything he has to say.
  22. This is Bella. She's had this bed since she was a baby and refuses not to sit in it even though she doesn't fit anymore. And this is Willow. Pissed off cause I put her in an Ultimate Warrior headlock.
  23. World domination room? This I need to come see.
  24. I just wish you could at least set them all out and have them go off at the same time. Lighting 10 roman candles at once in my village plaza is something I could get behind.
  25. So all those fireworks that I'd been buying at TIY for the past week are basically useless? I attended the firework show last night expecting to be trading them in for something, but Isabelle just gave me more of the same for free. Damn Nook scams.
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