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  1. If they do go with new trains, it doesn't mean OTSRs, couldn't the U-Bar style work on Xcelerator?
  2. I see one bent fin, and is that the catch car at the end of the launch? Or is my mind playing tricks on me? Did you see the red train, or is it at the recycling center?
  3. If the line for Terminator is like that when I go next, I must, will, and force myself to ride it 15 times!
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Wicked Twister is over 200 feet and is thus the world's first hyper inverted coaster. Oh you're right! OK, the FIRST B&M Inverted Hyper. ^^Yeah.
  5. You left out Firehawk, Silver Bullet, Patriot, Most of Dragster, one of Xcelerator's trains (was retrofitted with a red coat of paint shortly after opening). Is Dunn-Edwards giving them some kinda discount on red paint or something? Yeah I guess so, I was just naming ones from 2007 and on, though Firehawk came in 2007, but its not a brand new ride, so I didn't count it.
  6. Maverick, Diamondback, the new KD coaster, and this one!!! CF loves red tracks! My vote goes for something like Diamondback, but I am still hoping for a "T-Express" of B&M hypers more than anything, probably not going to happen...Going to just have to wait and see...
  7. Vekoma strikes again! Probably bad a time but... Thats why they are called veKOMA, they spell it with a "k" to throw us off.
  8. I just did this a few days ago, I waited 10 minutes to find a kid that didn't have a parent to ride with to go on Road Runner at SFDK.
  9. I'd take it, because it'd be nice to have a good solid airtime coaster in California.
  10. I want KBF to get a hyper, probably not going to happen, but maybe if its something twisty like Raging Bull, but of course I want 5 airtime hills I want our California Airtime Curse OVER! EDIT: KBF has a lot of room actually. SFMM has showed us that with Scream
  11. I know, if they add a B&M flyer, 4/6 coasters (including the kiddie) will be B&M. Now I love B&M as much as the next guy, but I think that's a little overboard. I would take BBW over a flyer any day, honestly. But that's me. I know a lot of people really love them. Tatsu was great, but I just don't see what the fuss is about. Yeah, well maybe it will be a woodie... who knows. But assuming from BE's love for B&M's and 2 Flyers coming out a few years apart, is why I think a flyer will take BBW's place. Maybe it like the big daddy of flyers like Alpengeist is of Inverts.
  12. For some reason I keep thinking a B&M Flyer will take BBW's place. Since BG seems to really love B&M, and a flyer seems to be the B&M to get with Tatsu coming out in '06 and Manta in '09. Just have to wait and see...
  13. Best Steel: X2 Best Wooden: Terminator Worst Steel: Kong Worst Wood: Ghostrider or Pysclone, neither are/were enjoyable.
  14. Maybe they don't go over 230 with the exception of Silver Star because of reliability? But I'm sure that will probably change because of Robb's 500ft dive machine! But who knows maybe the new Carowinds coaster will top Silver Star....
  15. Sad to see an Arrow go... I just hope parks can keep their Arrows running, got to keep the Arrow spirit alive!
  16. Overrated... hmmm.... Goliath (SFMM) its liked by the GP, its got fan boys, *cough* CreditCrazy *cough* Atem I think your cough is contagious, but its only got one real part that makes me want to keep riding it, the helix. Easily the best part of the ride. Goliath also pretty nice speed, but its sadly ruined by the MCBR . But Goliath lacks in some areas, it's drop is rather "weak",tall, yes, steep, no, hell the lift is almost has steep as the drop. It also lacks what California lacks the most, airtime, its got SOME airtime, but not that much. Goliath is a decent/respectable ride, but it just doesn't live up to the "hyper" hype (lame pun was intended) like when I think hyper I think of airtime and turns, rides like Bizarro, Goliath has one but not the other.
  17. Viper at SFMM, great ride, sure it has it's rough spots but its fun from start to finish, the hangtime on it is amazing!! And Silver Bullet at KBF, while it is not the most intense B&M out there, probably the tamest or close to it, it is still a very fun coaster, the helix is the only real intense part.
  18. ^^Good point, Six Flags probably has a lot more than revamping rides on their mind. Like for example trying to stay in businesses.
  19. ^Have you been on it lately? It makes a Vekoma look smooth not really, but from start to finish it rattles like CRAZY.
  20. ^Well it was probably longer than Scream, I can guarantee that. But it would see pointless to me because it would be like trying to revamp Gold Rusher or something. Just put Scream out of it's misery, tear it down, and get me that 500ft dive machine!
  21. Scream getting a revamp. I want those parking lot strips redone! But Scream isn't a ride I would put $10 million into, I would put the $10 million into a ride that is popular, like with the other SF transformations they did X, Ride of Steel, and Medusa. Why waste money on a ride that is basically not even there.
  22. X2's are probably my favorite that I've been on, because there is nothing next to your head. But the best ones are probably the B&M Hyper clamshell, especially on the new stadium style, lots of room, plus the restraints look good for airtime!
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