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  1. Crap. Hopefully they can get it running sometime in the next 2 days. I missed StormRunner because of a breakdown, and if I miss KK I will be very sad. I blame the Intamin cable.
  2. I went to the park today and KK was closed all day long. There was a crane just outside of the station. Anybody know more about this?
  3. ^ It shouldn't be too crowded. But then again it is a Saturday. If you want to ride everything about once, a flash pass probably won't be needed. If you want to get some re-rides in and don't mind spending more cash, then go for a gold flash pass. I mean if you're coming all the way from Switzerland, I would assume you would want to get re-rides. A platinum one is probably not going to be worth it at that time of year.
  4. ^ Try to avoid going on weekends during the summer. Though if you have to go on a weekend, I would recommend a flash pass. If you go during during the week, you might want a flash pass if you want re-rides. If you want to ride everything once and be done, you should be able to ride everything in one day. Also souvenir bottles are a MUST during the summer, HIGHLY recommended! Best days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday IMO during the summer. I might be able to help more if I had more knewledge about your trip. Like how long it is, want to spend as little as possible, ect.
  5. Yay! Now I know I am not alone on this! I get the ankle thingy almost every time I ride Batman. It sucks walking around with that feeling, but I love that it is so intense that it can do that. Batman is a really an awesome coaster, and I'd say ride it again! Sucks that B&M hasn't made a ride recently that can match the intensity of Batman. (At least I think, haven't been on many new B&Ms)
  6. I went yesterday, it was so-so crowded. One train operations on a lot of rides. But there was some cheerleading thing that caused to be more crowded than it should have been for a weekend in May. ^It shouldn't be too bad, but Montezooma will be closed. You should get a lot of rides in, even with one train operations. On the other hand I got a GOOD ride on Ghostrider, well good for Ghostrider, it was so good for Ghostrider's standards I actually rode it again! Got 3 rides on Xcelerator yesterday, felt so good to feel the launch, and the airtime over the tophat!
  7. OK, this whole six month, one month thing was REALLY stupid on Knott's part. If there is that big of a time-gap in between the time to check the cable that smart thing to do would have been to do at the one month mark. I mean Knott's had to know that the cable snapping is a possibility with TTD's cable snapping a few years back, its common sense to check the cable at the one month mark. But the part that is extra stupid is they went PAST the six months, almost a whole extra month...Better safe than sorry. One the other note I am probably going to KBF this weekend, because on May 16th (orginal KBF trip date) Montezooma will be closed. All in all I am happy to hear that Xcelerator is back open, and now I am ready for some AIRTIME!!!
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MP4XFRPA7Lc&fmt=18 Go to 1:38 and it talks about the launch. Also there are POVs in the video, but its from History Channel so I assume its OK for here.
  9. Don't get killed, mugged, or kidnapped I guess would the best tip I could give you
  10. KBF's website now has Xcelerator closed till April 30th. http://www.knotts.com/public/visit/schedule/index.cfm (scroll down) I am now questioning if it will be open for my visit in May...
  11. I only went to the SFMM part. All I can say that was probably my BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST day at SFMM I've ever had. It was crowded during the day, but who cares the whole event was just so awesome. I must say that Colossus racing was so much fun!!! The Terminator soundtrack was awesome, it was really cool that they did the custom soundtrack just for us the whole day was just AWESOME BEYOND WORDS. Thank you everyone who made WCB at SFMM so awesome!!!!! I wonder how they can "top" the one next year
  12. ^ My school has Spring Break during the 5th-9th. So that might not be a good thing, because its all of the High Schools and Jr. Highs in the SCV have it that week. (Unless there is some other school disctrict that I don't know about)
  13. Shwing! Tough that I can't make it out to WCB at KBF, I hope it is open for you guys that are going. Only 74 more days till I get to ride it again (assuming the cable doesn't break again)
  14. I went last weekend Terminator and X2 were running two trains. ^I went to X2 first one time, waited like an hour before the ride ACTUALLY opened. And a quick question. When I went last weekend, my brother got his souvineer bottle and they said they weren't doing the wristbands anymore, is that true? I find it kinda weird that we went in January and they gave me one...
  15. ^That night was cool, but I didn't get to ride X2 at all that night. That guy who got his sweater in X2's wheel ruined it.
  16. SFMM will keep X2 for a while, so they can have the bragging rights of having a "5D" coasters.
  17. Doesn't Viper have the tallest loop in the world? If so, possibly another reason SFMM should keep Viper?
  18. ^Well I'd also KBF TOTALLY beats SFMM with launching coasters too. Xcelerator's launch is just stunning, and Monte's is really good considering its age. Pony is meh.
  19. ^I went about 3 weeks ago, it rain. Only Superman closed, but it wasn't raining too hard.
  20. ^I'm still going, I mean I have nothing to lose, except a 10 minute drive. EDIT: Weather.com shows 30% chance of rain in the day 0% at night. MSN says 0% pretty much all day long, so I am hoping MSN is right
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