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  1. I thinks its a floorless or a sitdown. Not sure what park it'd be going to, but I don't see it begin anywhere in the US, but, SFMM is supposed to get another new coaster in 2010, maybe its that? Probably not.
  2. Launch looked nothing short of amazing, the layout look alright, the launch is what is going to make waiting 2 hours in line worth it. Also, was it just me or did anyone else here the NoLimits station sounds....
  3. This is sad, I've lived no more than 10 minutes for SFMM all my life, and I went 9 years with riding a single coaster!
  4. Yeah I saw this on RCPro. I am just think how mad SFMM must be. They spent $10million on making X into X2, I don't know if the trains are okay, I am amusing not, but I could be wrong, if I am right, then there are 2 of the 3 trains gone, and if they operate it with only 1 train, the line will be forever! I think X2 will down for a while it just opened back up and now we got to wait again!!! Anyway can anyone say X3?!?!?!?!?!?
  5. Um... 1)X2 @ Six Flags Magic Mountain 2)Medusa @ Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 3)Riddler's Revenge @ Six Flags Magic Mountain 4)Tatsu @ Six Flags Magic Mountain 5)Xcelerator at Knott's Berry Farm 6)Scream! @ Six Flags Magic Mountain 7)Silver Bullet at Knott's Berry Farm 8)Deja Vu @ Six Flags Magic Mountain 9)Batman: The Ride @ Six Flags Magic Mountain 10)um I guess Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain I've only been to 3 "major" parks. Hopefully next year I will go to Cedar Point and King's Island
  6. ^^ I know that SFNE's SRoS is a million times better!! I just wanna try something new! Plus its on the way to KS and BGE.
  7. ^ So I've heard that SFA is horrible, but I wanna try my first Intamin Giga coaster, my first Vekoma Flying Dutchman, and my first Premier LIM.
  8. I got a GREAT idea! How about this trip? 1st stop: Hershey 2nd stop: SFGAvd 3rd stop: SFA 4th stop: KD 5th stop: BGE How does that sound?
  9. ^ I really only want to go to SFA, because its on the way to KD and BGE.
  10. ^I get in for free though! SFMM season pass. I really only want to go to this park for Joker's Jinx,Roar,Batwing,and SRoS
  11. ^ I don't really mind weather, I live in SoCal it get like 120 everyday in the summer.
  12. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK! I am starting to think that people aren't really getting the story! So just follow the time line 1) *For sure* Six Flags Great Adventure 2) Either Six Flags America/ Six Flags New England 3) If I go to Six Flags America *we will be most likely be going to Busch Gardens Europe* If we go to Six Flags New England *probably Hershey* 4)If we go to Six Flags Great Adventure/Six Flags America/Busch Gardends then we will probably go to Kings Dominion So just look at this it shows the parks and in order Trip 1: Six Flags Great Adventure/Six Flags Amercia/Busch Gardends Europe/Kings Dominion Trip 2: Six Flags New England/Six Flags Great Adventure/Hershey Park So I hope that helps!
  13. ^ SFNE's SRoS looks like the best SRoS! But I think that SFA might be a better choice, for Busch Gardens Europe!!!! I'm going crazy to ride my first Dive Machine!!!!!!!
  14. OK! For the next summer, I will most likely be going to Six Flags Great Adventure! While there, we are going to going to try to hit up more parks! But out of those parks I can't decide witch parks to go to! The parks that I get to choose from are Six Flags America and Six Flags New England. As a little side note if I go to Six Flags America, I might be able to go to Busch Gardens Europe. If I go to Six Flags New England, I will be able to go to Six Flags Great Adventure and Six Flags New England more days. Number of trips in the time there: Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags New England: 2-3 days at Six Flags Adventure 2-3 days at Six Flags Adventure Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags America, and Busch Gardens Europe 2-3 Days at Six Flags Great Adventure 1-2 *Probably 1 day* Six Flags America 1 Day at Busch Gardens Europe
  15. I haven't been on any great water rides but the best one I have been on is Perilous Plunge.
  16. Go here for Raven pictures, sorry the pictures are too big for this site link: http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=636224 Either comment there or here but you have to see this ride! Raven Teaser will come out tonight on youtube!
  17. Deja Vu was the smoothest Vekoma I have ever been on! And the most intense! Love the first drop
  18. I maybe going to both parks. I forgot that I could use my SFMM season pass at SFDK. So depending on how much it costs to get in CGA I might be able to go to both!
  19. Um...... I am going to Northern California for about one week over the summer. And I have a choice to go to Discovery Kingdom or Great America. And I can't decide witch to go to. So I need your help to come up with my final desision.
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