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  1. Only been on 2, Scream and Medusa (West). Scream is meh, parking lot theme, rattles like crazy, just not that enjoyable. Medusa is my favorite, awesome drop, smooth, fun roll over/sea serpent, its just better to put it into simple terms. Medusa is a very a good re-rideable coaster, where Scream it only is if everything else has a 2 hour line.
  2. SFDK, I went last year and had a blast! Its like Sea World + Zoo + Amusement Park. Plus not to mention its got more solid coasters, Medusa, V2, and Roar, while CGA has well Flight Deck or whatever it's name is this week.
  3. If the layout posted 2 pages ago is the real layout, it looks like an edited version of Diamondback, which is good and bad, good because it will have airtime, but it looks like it lacks turns, it'd be good if they did something like Ranging Bull turn wise, and Diamondback and Behemoth airtime wise, basically the T-Express of B&M Hypers.
  4. Out of the 5 B&M I've been on, Tatsu's pretzel is PURE INSANE, the G's are amazing but thats only for one part of the ride, but the most consistent intense B&M that I've been on is Batman the Ride, my feet get numb when I get off that baby, its amazing!
  5. Do we need to bring an email confirming we bought the tickets or anything?
  6. But lets hope its everything MF should be and isnt. AKA Actually have airtime, directional changes and overall less boringness. ^Exactly! Why does everyone think MF is so good anyway? When I rode it I was like, wow this is pretty dang boring! I like Raging Bull sooooo much more! Thats one of my favorite B&M's but then again.... B&M is my absolute favorite Mhm... thats what I was talking about... But anyway, is anyone on board with my Western theme predicts, I mean its all CF has been doing lately with red tracks. When is CF going to get me my hyper coaster at KBF, I mean California only has one, and its not very good.
  7. I hear this, "It is so awesome, awesome airtime, everything, best ride in the world!" and this, "It looked so good, but it wasn't, there was no airtime, just not my type of ride."
  8. Whats with CF and red tracks lately? I already see a western theme Just hopefully this one will be good, I hear mix reviews about Millennium Force, I am still in shock that KD is getting this, it just doesn't seem the park to have a 300ft+ coaster, but it is now...
  9. Well I've waited in longer but, 1 hour for Pysclone, the first and only time I rode it, WAY too rough, I mean it was basically wait 1 hour to get beat up.
  10. ^ ... It was a joke, I don't really know what this ride is... You gotta steal my awesome cheerleader style too
  11. Give me a "V" - V Give me an "E" - E Give me a "K" - K Give me an "O" - O Give me a "M" - M Give me an "A" - A Give me a "H" - H Give me a "Y" - Y Give me a "P" - P Give me an "E" - E Give me a "R" - R Put it all together and what does that spell? "Vekoma Hyper!" YAY!!! They will test out those new B&M, I mean Vekoma four seater trains.
  12. The track doesn't look like an Intamin at all, I'm seeing a Premiere, but we'll have to wait and see.
  13. I found a POV on SFMM's website, so I know its TPR and legal friendly http://www.sixflags.com/magicMountain/rides/TerminatorSalvationTheRide.aspx Click on the "Video" button
  14. Maybe they were on their way to Carowinds, but wanted to take a stop at KD and ride some rides?
  15. Maybe those supports were meant to go to Carowinds or something...
  16. I got a few quick questions about Termination Day, my mom bought 2 tickets under her name for my brother and I, but where it asked if you are bringing multiple guests she put my brother and I name's, so does that mean my brother and I get in or what? Also my mom paid on paypal and it said the tickets are being mailed to us, is that right, because it said that you need to check in still.
  17. I wonder what songs they're going to play, or if it'll be just the Terminator Soundtrack...
  18. Yeah I only had to go on Saturday because on Sunday we needed to get my brother's new bed, I only go on Sundays and if I'm luckey on weekdays during the school year.
  19. Yeah I also happened to be there and it just sucked, flat out sucked. After not going to SFMM on a Saturday in more than 2 years, I now remember why I go Sundays. Anyway since I don't need to post any Deja pics because I would be that SEXY beast in the one Atem posted. Anyway I never really got to take any pictures because we walked on everything and my friend complained last time I went with him, so I only took pictures when he stopped to text. I haven't seen Tatsu's line like this since it first opened back in 2006. Rode Deja 4 times this morning, thought we'd check it out again. But we came across this line. I bet these guys love crowded days, more people = more food I have NEVER seen Riddler's line this big. Atleast I got a somewhat cool picture. Hum.... No Goliath today. Lets go check out the empty part of the park, well atleast on most days. Ok, if Scream ever has a line thats your clue to LEAVE! And so we left at around 4-ish.
  20. Whos that stud in that Vu station picture? EDIT: I wonder who the nerd is in that picture?
  21. I am so going next year, I couldn't go this year because I'm moving.
  22. Just the very few supports that are up already look better than Psyclone. Can't wait for next weekend to go see it for myself.
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