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  1. Was there today. Superman kept breaking down repeatedly. But still managed to get in 3 rides. But I'm really happy with the "upgrade"! A so-so ride was turned into a pretty damn good ride. Not top 10 worthy, but still a blast! I was amazed at how high the ride was going, the car was praticly kissing the @$$/bottom of the brakes! Just hope SFMM can keep running it this high for years to come!
  2. Was Log Jammer opened today? Last time I went I was so sad to see it was down. Didn't get to spray people on it!
  3. Ok, I got to ask seeing as it is snowing. But what is SFMM's snow policy?
  4. http://www.sixflags.com/magicMountain/rides/APOCALYPSE.aspx Terminator offically named Apocalypse.
  5. Pretty sweet video. But I am stunned at the quality. I can't watch it in 1080 because my computer shows it really laggy but in 720 it is just so clear. Which makes me now have to ask...What camera was this shot with?
  6. Its like a very light rain at my house. Which is about 10 minutes away from SFMM. It was raining a lot harder two weeks ago when I went and they stayed open, but the rain was on and off. Its probably closed because the rain is not supposed to stop all day.
  7. Hmmm teens at SFMM. My favorite memory of a teenager at SFMM was when in 2006 in July when Tatsu's line was around 3 hours long. I saw two teens hoping the gates that seperate the normal path to Tatsu's line. Hard to explain, but they were successful. But it was funny because one of them fell backwards.
  8. From what I recall seeing Superman (obvious), Deja Vu, Log Jammer, Roaring Rapids, and Sierra Falls (RIP) were closed.
  9. ^We played those 'claw' games. Near Tidal Wave and across from Johnny Rockets. My brother looks too happy in that picture or a rain drop hit his eyes as I took it.
  10. OK, went to the park today. So here are some pictures/updates. Thomas Town signs have been removed. The old Sierra Twist site. Ladies and gentlemen we have yellow track! Another view Stupid tree. But here is where the blue starts going up the tower. Sorry for quality. But as you can see yellow is on the launch track. Old trains. Sorry for quality again. Deja Vu getting some work done. And I will end this of a picture of my brother and the iPod nano we won at the park! Best 5 bucks ever spent!!!
  11. I am thankful for not having the Intamin cable attack me. Also I'm thankful for airtime.
  12. ^I think that it was busy because I am like 99.99% sure that the LA unified school district is out this week. I could be wrong though. Great to hear about Xcelerator's second train. Progress is progress! Hopefully I can go to KBF one more time before the season is up to get one more use out of my pass.
  13. I ride X2 on the outside most of the time and I don't think its really all that rough. It can be smoother sure, but it isn't that bad. Agreed about Gold Rusher at night. Totally different ride. Although it doesn't pack the big thrill that other coasters at SFMM do, its really cool to be going past trees and being near the terrain in near complete darkness. Same thing with Ninja.
  14. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sierra Falls!!! It is the best water ride at SFMM EDIT: So now what are they going to do with the dug up section of the original location of the roller skater.
  15. Kong 8/10? HATED that ride. Thanks for the reviews on some of the shows. I will need to check out the Land Creatures show next time I am at SFDK.
  16. Ok that Superman repaint is probably going to be rather ugly. Probably was bolded because I don't know how it will look, but imaging it seems ugly/eyesore-ish to me. ZacSpin looks pretty cool. And Mr. Six or whatever its name shall be is a credit. Looks like SFMM is going to have a awesome year in 2011.
  17. Viper is a great ride when its running good, even if its running bad, I still enjoy it. People who think Viper is bad probably missed out on Pysclone. Now that was BAD!
  18. Wood 1) El Toro 2) Ravine Flyer II 3) Terminator 4) Lightning Racer 5) Roar (SFDK) 6) Beast 7) Wildcat 8) Blue Streak 9) Ghostrider (It might move up, if I get another good ride on it) 10) Racer (Red) Steel 1) Bizarro (SFNE) 2) Maverick 3) X2 (My baby forever) 4) Diamondback 5) Magnum XL 200 6) Xcelerator 7) Nitro 8) Millennium Force (Sorry MF fanboys) 9) Top Thrill Dragster 10) Raptor
  19. I blame the more evil brother of the Intamin cable! I blame the Vekoma cable!
  20. Best moments: Maverick's first airtime hill just sends you FlYING. El Toro's Rolling Thunder hill, my thighs hurt the next day. Incredible might be an understatement. Bizarro (SFNE) the two that run next to the lift were just fantastic, it was very strong, and long lasting! Xcelerator going down the tophat in the back is great! Magnum was amazing on the "return trip" I said "Oh sh*t!" on all of the hills. Best coasters with airtime: The ones above. Diamondback in the front had ejector/really strong floater on the big hills. The small ones was weak floater at best. Still an awesome ride. Ravine Flyer II fantastic! Very strong airtime that lasted quite a while on most of the hills.
  21. Thats exactly what happened when it broke down on me. Well anyways I loved the pictures, and I look forward to maybe one day visiting Hershey again.
  22. Nice pics Steve! I liked the sunset one of StormRunner's tophat. Just a question, what day did you go on? Just curious to see if this problem was going on the days before or after. I went on the 26th and StormRunner was down from 11am - 8pm. Then it opened back up for I wanna say 3 trains to run, then it closed down again for the rest of the night. Just 2 more trains and I could have gotten on and got the credit! Guess it gives me more of a reason to go back to ride the star of the park.
  23. 1)Medusa (West) Very smooth, fun, an the zero-g roll is just amazing! 2)Bizarro, WAY better than Scream, it was weird riding it because I've been on Scream so many times that I was expecting it to suck, but very smooth, and just a fun ride! 3)Batman (SFNE) A little rough, but I enjoyed the layout. 4)Scream flat out sucks.
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