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  1. Is it going to be like the Q-Bot where you "reserve" your place and can ride at a certain time? Or is it like the old SF Flash Pass where you just walk up whenever you want?
  2. Don't worry about the crowds. I've been to the park twice and even on the crowded day I went, I got on all the coasters, with two re-rides on Medusa and V2. A LOT of the people check out the shows, which I recommend if you can. Which shortens the lines. SFDK might not be the best place for rides, but there is a TON of things to do.
  3. Hmmm I may just have to go to the "mountain" this weekend and try GL again now that they ae apparently doing uneven loading. And of course take advantage of what should be an empty during the summer.
  4. I'm not really sure, but what it sounds like is Platinum Pass holders get a "front of the line" pass to certain rides. I think I remember reading about I305, Dominator, and Drop Tower being on the Walk on Wednesday menu.
  5. KI and KD are very similar parks. But what it seems it comes down to is Diamondback vs I305. And 99 out of 100 people will tell you I305. So I will be one of the 99 people and say KD. Plus the KI FoF sucked and the KD one is supposed to be way better. And since you have a Platinum Pass and you go on a Wedensday you can use the "Walk on Wedensday". Hope this helps. Have fun!
  6. I love Log Jammer, but if it comes time for it to be removed I hope its replaces by something that hugs the terrain like Log Jammer does.
  7. Wow 3D! That was pretty awesome. I look forward to seeing more 3D stuff in the future!
  8. Some "gangsta" dude in line for Green Lantern. "Yo why does the one side keep spinning more than the other?" Going yesterday reminded me of how much I hate SFMM in the summer got cut 7 times for GL and had little kids get off Road Runner and them run around and cut us 3 times.
  9. Just came back from the park after going from 7-9. Got on GL and it was an interesting ride, but was fun. I have a bruise on my leg from the restraints though but other than that no complaints. It was worth the hour wait and I look forward to riding it again.
  10. Tilt-A-Whirl. Yay hopefully Buccaneer won't be my favorite flat at SFMM anymore.
  11. I think something a long the lines of Maverick would be good. Its got almost everything you could ask for in a coaster packed into one. But of course with the new straps.
  12. TTD, it had been down all day till about 1. So we got in line when it was near the bleachers and 10 minutes later it broke down. Which actually probably worked in our favor because it was broke down so fast after openening a lot of people left. This made about half the people inside the queue leave, which is where we waited for 15 minutes before the ride started working again. 40 minutes later we made it to the ramp and it breaks down again. Probably a good 30-40 minutes later it opened up again. Thankfully those kind mid-west folks are nice to talk to and they kept us company and assured us once we got it would be worth it! So about 10 minutes later we are on! It wasn't the waiting that was so bad but the humidity, I was not used to it at all. But anyway after we got off they launced two more trains before shutting down because of rain. It was raining harder than I've ever seen before (SoCal person so we don't see it much) and 10 minutes later it was clear again. So we got in line for Magma after that downpoor and they launced a train that barley made it over the tower and I told my brother "5 bucks next one rollsback" and sure enough it did! Four trains short of a rollback which is what is probably sucks the most looking back at it. Sorry for my lenghty post.
  13. This. Get the gold flash pass, its a little pricey, but this thing SAVED MY A$$ at Great Adventure. Most of the coasters where 2 hour waits when I went but I got all the credits and a ton of El Toro rerides! For about an hour or so all I did was reserve, scan, reserve, wait a few minutes to get on, ride, then get back in line! BE SURE TO REVERSE AGAIN ONCE YOU GET IT SCANNED SO YOU CAN GET RIGHT BACK IN LINE ONCE YOUR OFF THE RIDE. And when I went Kingda Ka kept breaking down every 20 minutes or so, but the flash pass got us on. It may see like a lot when you're handing over the money for the flash pass, but its MORE THAN WORTH IT at the end of the day when you've done an El Toro marrathon.
  14. My Xtreme Pass from SFMM last year had a parking pass on it and it worked at SFGAvd and SFNE.
  15. Go. I've been a few times when its raining before and it scares everybody away. After all, rain in Southern California = Our version of Hurricane Katrina. The only closure I can think of was Viper. Which for like 10 minutes of them running empty trains. But the times it did rain the park closed early.
  16. I haven't been to the night ERT. But probably would have if there wasn't a tornado watch on the night the ERT was. But assuming that the night ERT was like the morning ERT you should give it a try! Its not as good as TPR ERT (of course!) but its something. We did Raptor, Iron Dragon, and Millennium Force in about 50 minutes during the morning ERT. But that was with hotel guests there.
  17. Bizarro (SFNE) El Toro Nemesis Maverick I305 Park name: Alton King's New Adventure Point.
  18. Too bad I can't make it this year... But a nice afternoon with my grandma is just as good as WCB right?
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