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  1. No, I'm on 94. I'm hoping to get my 100th on this summer! Are you in love?
  2. ^I really do think that she is changing the way that people see pop music. For so long pop music has been such a fake genre where someone else does all the work for the artist (writing, producing, ect.) and they are just a face. Gaga writes and co-produces every one of her songs and is a great piano player. Not to mention that she designs a lot of what she wears. She also sings live (and is good at it), which is a thing that a lot of pop singers don't do. I respect her a lot. If any other pop artist would have made a song called Telephone, we would get a literal interpretation of the song where they are in a club with flashy lights and no storyline talking on a cell phone. She may not be doing something countless others haven't done, but in the age we're in now, she is a nice pick-me-up.
  3. Okay, so Lady Gaga's new video Telephone came out this past week and I want to hear your opinions. The video is a continuation of Paparazzi, so you should probably watch that one before you watch Telephone. I love it! Both Paparazzi and Telephone were directed by Jonas Akerlund, and you can tell that he really understands her vision. I think that she is revolutionizing the pop industry in a way that Madonna did. The way she uses music, film, fashion, and technology to create these art installations is simply amazing. Okay, I'm done raving now. What do y'all think of it?
  4. It seems like last year was just a rough transition to PARC Management. Now that the new season is ahead of us, it looks like they've gotten past last year and are making good plans for this year. Oh, and I can't wait to try my first Flowrider!
  5. Woah, this is definitely not what I was expecting the rehab to be like. My only concern is that the public won't be able to tell the difference between the old and new Giant. They will just see the giant wooden structure and assume that it's that crappy ride that they rode last year. I would imagine that they would have to do something to distinguish how it has changed. New name maybe? I also wonder how they are going to do the whole 95 degree bank and where. I will be following the progress on this for sure. It's going to be interesting to see how this new design changes the ride experience.
  6. *Adventuredome *Cedar Point *Celebration City *Dollywood *Knott's Berry Farm *Magic Springs and Crystal Falls *SeaWorld San Antonio *Silver Dollar City *Six Flags AstroWorld *Six Flags Fiesta Texas *Six Flags Magic Mountain *Six Flags Over Georgia *Six Flags Over Texas *Six Flags St. Louis *Stratosphere Tower *Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom *Worlds of Fun
  7. I tried watching the show, but I couldn't handle the amount of douchebaggery. --Nagro5 "Fist pumps!"
  8. ^I hate that stupid rumor. I hate all stupid celebrity rumors.
  9. Although I'm a bigger fan of Gaga, I liked Pink's performance better. It just seems like I was expecting more from Gaga. The whole show has just been kind of boring...
  10. I would love to see more photoshop contests! I have no talent in that, but apparently other people here do. Although I can't do photoshop, it was fun to see what other people could come up with.
  11. Is there any reason why you guys will need the The Professional Amateur Videographer Forum and the Exclusive Content For Registered Cool People forum after the switch? They're locked right now, so the users can't make any posts in those forums. It just seems like something that's just there for no reason. If you don't need them anymore, I would get rid of them. I mean, if you need them you can just ignore what I said.
  12. My channel is http://www.youtube.com/nagro5. I don't have any videos though. I'll probably add some eventually.
  13. Yeah, they're for serious. I mean, I've seen it on TV and I don't think they'd be willing to pay for the charges to televise if they weren't serious. I thought the same thing as you did at first, but I don't think they're kidding. Hey, at least it's...entertaining.
  14. I want these people to do my taxes... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxA5gRiB-os
  15. Here is some stuff I got: -Bolt on car grill -$320 worth of American Eagle gift cards -Trim kit for the inside of my car -Signed Ace of Cakes: The Book -Lady Gaga Heartbeats -Roller Coasters IN THE RAW Volumes 3 and 4 -Water balloon slingshot -$100 Visa card -Window tinting -$100 worth of Best Buy gift cards -Floormats -Digital picture keychain -$40 of iTunes gift cards -Some other small things I'd say that I had a good Christmas.
  16. I got gummy worms and a SoBe from my grandma one time. I know it's the thought that counts, but I don't think it counts when the thought is in the gas station on the way to a Christmas party...
  17. Lady GaGa is amazing. Bad Romance is the best song on Fame Monster. Lady Gaga is my love! My favorite song from The Fame Monster is either So Happy I Could Die or Monster.
  18. I did read the thread, but I seemed to have misunderstood that it was on your wall. Sorry.
  19. Hey Robb, are you wanting to see other peoples status updates only? If so, just click more under the filters on the left side of the page and move status updates to the top of the list then click less. Now when you log on status updates are the only things that will show up. The only downside is that when people add pictures, videos or other things like that you'll need to click on that specific filter to look at what people have added recently. Hope that helps!
  20. Here are some of the ones that I like the best: *Dictionary.com app- for all you smart people and such (or the ones that just can't spell) *Dog Whistler- THE best way to annoy your friends *Flixter- Rate movies, get showtimes from nearby theatres and buy some tickets, it even can connect with the Facebook app and your Netflix account. Yeah, it's pretty much awesome. *Food Network- For ACErs only *iTranslate- Easy and simple. Just type something and it will translate it to any language you can think of. *JellyCar- It's a car made out of jelly, that's all you need to know. VERY ADDICTIVE *myhomework- Helps you keep up with your school assignments and when they're due. *Photoshop Mobile- Don't expect to win one of TPRs photoshop contests here. It's just a way to touch up some photos quickly. *Shazam-Don't know a song? Just tag it and it will figure it out for you. It gives you the option to buy the song, watch it on YouTube, gives you an album review, and a biography of the artist.
  21. Haha, that's great! Six Flags preserving history? Go ahead and tell us the real reason now...
  22. Glee is only my new favorite everything!
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